[UPDATE 8:01 p.m.: CHP Releases Info] Loaded Big Rig Rolled 100′ Off Embankment on Hwy 101 Near Leggett

About 2:55 p.m., a loaded big rig went off Hwy 101 south of Leggett, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The rig reportedly is approximately 100 feet downhill from the road. An ambulance is responding to the scene as of 3:07 p.m. but isn’t there yet.

The truck and its cargo are off the road but there will be emergency vehicles responding to the area so please be alert.

UPDATE 3:54 p.m.: 

Accident scene

[Photo by Joe Rial]

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, one southbound lane of 101 is closed and one person has been transferred to Chico by air ambulance.

UPDATE 8:01 p.m.:
Press release from the California Highway Patrol.

On 11/14/2017 at approximately 1450 hours, a 2017 Peterbilt tractor/trailer combination hauling lumber driven by John Michael Turner was traveling south on US-101 southbound, south of the South Leggett overcrossing. Turner allowed the combination of vehicles to drift off the west road edge down a dirt embankment causing the tractor trailer combination to overturn and the lumber to spill onto the embankment. One lane of US-101 southbound was closed for emergency vehicles. As a result of the collision, Turner sustained major injuries and was transported to Enloe Medical Center by Reach AirAmbulance

Cal Fire, Leggett Volunteer Fire Department, City Ambulance and Reach Air assisted with medical aid and Caltrans assisted with traffic control.

This incident remains under investigation by the Garberville CHP Office and DUI does not appear to be a factor.



  • Hope The driver is OK ,does anyone know who it was ?

  • I feel like there have been more and more accidents involving big rigs lately, but perhaps i never noticed them before

  • Timely. This comes on the heels of the Richardson Grove “Letters” submission and discussion. Food for thought.

    • The trucks involved in accidents are already ones that were looking to go through the grove areas. What’s the difference? The same amount of stuff gets off loaded into more smaller trucks to get through so there are more chances for accidents.

      • Yeah, but if the smaller trucks are already having accidents – and not at Richardson Grove, won’ t the larger trucks be even more likely to have accidents, and bigger accidents at that?

        • I dread running across the future bigger trucks in my stretch between Leggett and Laytonville. Lots of curvey road and lane reductions and already a dangerous section.

          • Has anybody looked to see how many car wrecks there are in this area? you risk your life driving any of the roads here like shelter cove,hwy 36,Alderpoint etc.I guess truckers are not allowed to make a mistake or have something break on there truck while trying to make a living. Its pretty bad when you get hammered on for trying to make a living.

          • Try some of the rigs on Hwy 36 in the hairpin turns for size if you want a real nailbiter!!!

    • Yes let us live without trade. We can grow victory gardens to replace supermarkets.

  • Whether it be a hauling truck or another vehicle all these accidents are human error
    Or inexperience drivers or malfunctioning vehicles. Taking your eyes off of the road for a second can cause an accident like texting or talking on the phone or anything when your not focused on driving safety. Having lived in the Richardson grove area
    For many years most of those accidents were drinking related or going too fast. That’s not a good reason to widen the lanes.

  • The whole point is to keep the rubber side down and between the white lines. Failing either one of these is a bad thing.

  • Just slow down,please. I learned to drive on the family farm, and Sacramento freeways in the 70s. Life was slower for sure. Recently I have had to return to the freeways of our great state, and have noticed how fast everyone seems to think they need to go. Well that just is not safe. Seems folks coming around here think they are driving the 101 or worse yet 80 in the Bay Area and can get away with speeds like they are used to where they have come from while driving these roads in the Emerald counties. They twist they turn they have cliffs. People die, domn’t mess around drive for the coditions.

  • This is my cousin, hes been driving for over 20yrs. We are just glad he is alive, an no other was hurt. Prayers please.

  • I’ve noticed many recent accidents are the result of drivers falling asleep.. Both trucks and cars.. Some have been fatal..

  • Wow another “Professional” off the road!!

    • I believe the word you’re looking for is expert. A professional is in fact a person connected to a profession, such as John Turner. I wouldn’t expect so much from you, as you find no problem being an ass while a man is fighting for his life.

  • John is a family man and a caring community member. Politics have a place and time. Please be considerate of his family paying attention to the media. Although many of you have fine points and opinions about truck wrecks, please don’t attach them to his accident. It can be hurtful and disturbing for loved ones.

  • I myself live in Chico CA where this man was taken to. Enloe Hospital is top notch. Prayers for his recovery.

  • He is awake and alert in spite of his injuries. So wonderful to hear healing vibes!!! <3

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