City of Arcata Says All Construction Activities That Cause Soil Disturbances Must Have Erosion Control BMPs in Place

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

City of ArcataWith the onset of the rainy season, the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department advises builders that all construction activities that cause soil disturbances are required to have appropriate erosion control Best Management Practices (BMPs) in place. Beginning October 15th, BMPs must be installed and properly maintained to prevent soil and other material from leaving construction sites and assure that only “rain goes down the drain.” Stormwater runoff from construction projects can have a significant impact on our region’s water quality. The implementation of BMPs protects Arcata’s creeks, wetlands and Humboldt Bay from stormwater pollution.

Erosion and Sedimentation Control Measures

Typical BMPs include installing silt fences; minimizing amount of exposed soil; applying vegetative cover/mulch on exposed soil areas; protecting stormdrain inlets; covering or seeding of all dirt stockpiles; applying sediment controls such as fiber rolls, straw wattles, etc.

For more information regarding the erosion control measures listed above, consult the Arcata Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual. It is available at the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department, the Arcata Library, and online at the City of Arcata website, The BMP Manual available at the City website is now searchable. The exact webpage address:

The City’s Environmental Services Department also has a “Construction Site Guidelines for Water Quality Protection” brochure that provides an overview of construction site BMPs. It is available at the City’s “Business Stormwater Pollution Prevention Practices” website under the “Contractor

or Developer” category. The exact webpage address: The brochure can also be requested via mail by contacting (707) 822-8184 or

If you see dirty (turbid) water coming off of a construction site, please notify Environmental Services by phone at (707) 822-8184 or email


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