Youth Basketball Camp Coming Soon to SoHum

Basketball through the hoop

[Photo by Airman 1st Class Kerelin Molina via Wiki Commons]

Press release:

Basketball Season is around the corner & our Thanksgiving Break Camp is back!

Our coaching staff is ready to get the ball bouncing and the players ready for another exciting season!  Participants will be working on skill building, shooting, passing, defense and more through drills and scrimmaging.

Redway School Gym

Monday, November 20th – Wednesday, November 22nd
$100 per player
Players Grades 3-7
Players need to pack a lunch and water
Sign-ups are available at the Blue Moon


  • Wow… a $100 and no lunch provided…. and no water provided… .huh ?
    Doesn’t sound like a real school sponsored event ..

    Who is “our coaching staff” ? Is this one coach supervising several 10 year old boys ALL day ?
    Give us details.

    Oh NO…. it’s another “Press Release” ?? Sounds like it is a personal AD for someone.
    Are they renting the gym ? Do they have liability insurance ?
    More free advertising. I’ll be looking for this AD in the Independent.

    Ummmmm… I thought a “Press Release” was initiated by the “Press” or some known Corporation, and not an individual. Maybe a “Press Release” should have a qualifier and state exactly who sent you the info… ?

    Just a thought….

    • The day I get money for a post, I promise I’ll let you know–hasn’t happened yet and I don’t ever plan on taking money to place a post though I have been offered money to do so. But when Dee Nelson, who is not one of my advertisers but is a community member who cares about kids, asks me to post about a basketball camp for youth in SoHum who don’t have enough opportunities, I will post it. If this bothers you that I post what interests me and I don’t charge you for it, perhaps you have too high of expectations?

      Also, the camp is charging less than $5 per hour. You can’t get a babysitter for that so lighten up.

      • Kim, why are you attacking me ? I’m just asking questions about an event that I feel needs some clarification, and just some simply answers
        I’m totally surprised your not concerned about my questions. I’m concerned about their welfare and your concerned about babysitting…
        Maybe instead of a quick attack on me, how about a little research into my questions….

        Kim, take a deep breath, it seems like you feel everyone is attacking you…. they are not. Many people on here do have good questions and some are from Ed Voice. Please keep up the good work.

        • The camp is put on by the Southern Humboldt Youth Basketball League. It is not a school sponsored event, but we do pay to rent the space from the school district. The fee we charge helps to cover the liability insurance policy we have, the gym rental, basketballs, jump ropes, etc. My apologies for not naming the coaches but I wanted to get the information out ASAP because it’s coming up quickly. Mike Bates, long time volunteer coach, is our head coach for the camp and he has recruited coaches from the junior high and high school level along with alumni of the league to help. Kim has helped the league tremendously by getting information out to the community free of charge so that parents and children that will benefit from the program are made aware. You seem to have time on your hands, consider using it more productively by volunteering, we are always looking for more help.

          • Thank you Dee.
            That totally answers my questions and concerns. Can I recommend that you re-post the announcement with that information. I think the mention of who is involved is good marketing and possibly mention some of the skill sets that would be introduced to younger players by coaches.
            (and why are you attacking me…. damn. “you seem to have time your hands……” thanks for the insult)

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