At Least Three Dead and Multiple Wounded at Elementary School in Tehama County

At approximately eight this morning, a man reportedly shot through the windows of Rancho Tehama Elementary School. “At least three deaths,” says the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office. However, the school is reportedly not the only scene where shots were fired.

According to the Record Searchlight, a Tehama County deputy said, “Multiple shots were fired in Rancho Tehama, with multiple victims. I am told the suspected shooter is deceased from law enforcement bullets.”

Several children have reportedly been medevacked to Mercy Hospital in Redding.



  • Please Kym can you get more information?

    • he’s crazy and neighbors have said he’s been shooting his gun a lot lately, like several magazines at a time. its breaking news on the main stream media.

    • Go to the link; also it’s on CNN “push.”

    • tired of all this

      Steve, if you are on a smart phone or a computer you have the same access to information that Kym does.
      Don’t you think she works hard enough?
      Good grief man, show a little initiative

  • Kym see fox news…national news

  • Praying for all involved

  • This is the 317th mass shooting in the United States so far this year, according to 645 children under the age of 12 have been injured or killed by gunfire this year.

  • Horrible. NRA gun nuts will no doubtedly claim this would have been averted if everyone could carry. I’M SICK OF THIS!!!!!

    • Gona go there already eh?

      • We all should be “going there”. Congress supports the right of the mentally ill to have guns. Wackos are everywhere, and nra, militia, and second amendment creeps support their right. The last few massacres were perpetrated by men with histories of domestic violence. Don’t even think we’re going to shut up about it!
        The status quo will only get more innocents killed!

        • Trump reversed the mentally ill gun ban that Obama created.

        • Absolutely there are a MYRIAD of TOUGH Gun Laws already in place but sadly they are seldom if at all enforced if they were MAYBE this tragedy could have been avoided NO GUNS for the mentally disturbed PERIOD!!!! Enforcement of even SOME of the laws already in place as well as tougher sentencing might have avoided some at least of the Mass Shootings we have have had lately!!!! How many more innocents must die before something rational is done???!!!!!

        • you can’t regulate crazy, they live in their own world. where’s the social connections with others?? see something, say something in a timely manner. perhaps intervention could be made preventing these horrors

          • I mean unless they are committing a crime what can you do to them? Its not against the law to be crazy of to have a lack of social connections. I certainly don’t want a world where a person is investigated by the police simple because he is a loner or doesn’t conform in society’s eyes. After all these incidents I see a lot of armchair quarterbacks saying there should have been some kind of intervention.

      • Huh? Nice stall tactic.

        I gusss if the killings become frequent enough society will never be allowed to “go there already,” while waiting for the appropriate moment to voice concerns with gun control.

      • On this we agree: it takes a human to pull the trigger unless it’s rigged like the one Walter White did up inside his trunk on the last episode of Breaking Bad. Been a proud gun and other weapons enthusiast most of my life as I grew up in the good old days when being Conservatives and Liberals didn’t matter but instead, it was all about doing things right. After all, there is a right and a wrong.

    • Who thinks the NRA or God will change their minds about gun rights no matter who or how many die?

      It’s protection mode for the population at large. Especially the kids. The kids give up their right to life as it is secondary to the right to guns. We should thank the children for their sacrifice to us (or pray thank them if they are currently dead).

      We need an amendment that guarantees Kevlar clothing for all US citizens. Rights to Guns needs the Rights to Kevlar.

      Once we have Kevlar Rights we can attack back. A real Rights War. Gun Rights vs Right to Life

      Not kidding here… The Kevlar Amendment

    • what the hell does this have to do with anyone’s right to legally carry and defend themselves against a psycho just like this? And at a disadvantage because they can only have a 10 round mag, why would you say something so stupid? A responsibly armed person could have SAVED LIVES! No mentally Impaired people and criminals should NEVER be allowed to buy guns but guess what! They do!

  • Horrible.
    The gun industry loves this, gun sales skyrocket after shootings. Thats why no rules will change, the lobby is too strong and the industry now oversees the govt agencies thats supposed to keep it in check.

    These are acts of terrorism regardless of skin color. We need to demand they are named appropriately!
    Let us not forget this happens all the time in poor communities all over our nation that get barely any publicity.

    ♡♡Sending luv to all involved!♡♡

    • Maybe if people learned to respect each other and stopped forcing their views down each others throats judging each other and in general beating each other down for their feelings or beliefs on differant subjects we wouldnt have so many people losing their shit and commiting these acts. The reason the laws wont ever be changed is because they can not be without opening the box to change every other right we have based upon current leaders or popular thought at the time. If we made it a point to attempt to talk and not down talk to people that are struggleing with changes , or their problems who knows how many of these would have been avoided. But instead we rush on with our lives judging away and when things like this happen we say dam we need more laws we need to lock people up. Never once attempting to figure out how they could have been treated differantly so that they wouldnt even thonk of doing such things . Flame on judge away, it just proves my point

    • SAD but SO TRUE!!!!! There area myriad of gun laws on the books already but No One seems to be able or have the desire to enforce them!!!! I f some of the LAWS already in place were enforced this likely NEVER would have happened!!!! But they weren’t & now more children are dead or wounded because of laziness or whatever the reason for the NON Enforcement of all the laws currently in place to prevent Whack Jobs such as the one who did this horrible thing!!!!!

      • I appreciate your idealism. Unfortunately these types of in cedents cannot be prevented without infringing upon the rights of others.
        A free and open society will always be subject to acts of this nature.

        • As long as there are 2 or more human beings alive, violence will be a possibility.

          I live within 20 miles of Rancho Tehama Reserve, my nephews ranch is 3 miles from Rancho Tehama Reserve road. One of my nieces was present, in kindergarten class, when this happened.

          This was a domestic dispute gone seriously wrong, not an intentional school shooting. The shooter was a felon who wasn’t legally allowed to be in the same house as firearms and/or ammunition, much less possess them. Lot of good that law did!

          He was paid a visit by the SO yesterday due to a neighbors complaint. He killed the neighbor so again, lot of good that did.

          After killing his neighbor for ratting him out to the cops, he stole a pickup and drove around shooting the place up. Pretty much breaking more “laws” than one can imagine.

          I realize our country has a problem with people using guns in the commission of a crime, that’s also against the law.

          Think about what I’ve written so far, nothing the shooter did was legal. Murder, felon in possession, grand theft auto, open carry, concealed carry, loaded firearm in the truck, shooting from a moving vehicle, drive by shooting, gun within 1,000 feet of a school, gun in a gun free zone, there’s probably many more already existing laws he broke or severely bent in his rampage. A lot of good those laws did.

          Anti-gunner’s will never be persuaded to realize we don’t have a gun problem, we have a law problem. Our problem with the law is we obey the law whilst people like this shooter won’t.

          My line of thought is we scrap all existing gun laws, reorganizing new laws to fit within the guidelines of the second amendment and if anything, make it easier for law abiding people to own, possess and carry firearms for protection. An armed society is possibly a very polite society, give it a chance.

          Yes, I grew up in an era where rifles hung in gun racks in truck windows in the high school parking lot. Never had a shooting at school.

          Yes, I’ve had family members die in accidental shootings, my grandfather was murdered with a handgun, lost a few to gun violence and some to suicide by firearm, one as recent as this past May.

          Getting rid of guns won’t prevent violence or accidents or suicide. What it will decrease my odds of survival when I’m unable to protect myself from a criminal with a firearm, club or knife, intent on putting me out of his misery.

          If you choose not to take advantage of your second amendment rights, feel free to count on a cop being by your side when you’re attacked or violated. Maybe the bad guy will acknowledge your anti-gunner’s stance and honor it.

          The article below is a pretty good description of RTR and what transpired.

  • Let’s all enable the murdering evil fuck, shall we? Because no one talked to the piece of shit to see what was enraging him. You’re part of the problem. Sick of assholes defending murder!!!

  • Horrible acts of violence deplorable

  • gun law enforcement has been defunded for years. they dont even have computers. just paper files thousands of boxes of them

  • More information on the noon news, KTVU (Suddenlink Channel 105). They will have an update in 30 minutes. 2 children killed. They are saying he was randomly shooting outside his vehicle.

  • It’s been proven and almost everyone accepts that drinking and driving is a bad idea and causes chaos, injuries, and death. Laws were passed to prohibit folks from driving while impaired, which has saved countless lives. Texting and driving has been identified as causing the same issues, and there is no controversy in trying to stop distracted driving, and even distracted walking. Why is there controversy in restricting guns from those that are mentally ill? Or restricting guns from those who are taking one of the myriad of medications that “may” cause violent, homicidal, or suicidal tendencies? What about my rights and my childrens’ rights to live safe from assault rifles and those in mental crisis? When is enough enough enough already? I have a shotgun and 22 in the house, I am not advocating taking away anyones self defense. I am advocating for calm, rational dialog and recognizing a tragic trend. These shooters are sick, need help, and should not have guns. Realistic data driven understanding of what psych meds and untreated mental illness are doing to our population. There is a pattern here, you have to be blind not to see it.

    • I absolutely agree with you, I don’t know anyone who would think is was ok for a mentally unstable (yes medication especially) person or a violent person to possess a firearm, no arguments there. Who is saying they should?

      • Trump did.

      • Who determines what constitutes mentally unstable? And unless the person gets in trouble or checks themselves into some place to be evaluated there are plenty of them out there who will go undetected until they do something like this. Do you realize how much of our population is on medication? Where do you draw the line? What about some schmuck who breaks up with his gf and gets put on a low dose of anti depressant? Come confiscate all his guns?

    • This man was a felon, pretty sure that gun law has been on the books for a while. His neighbors had contacted police saying that he had guns and had threatened them. Should he of had a gun? No, everyone had already agreed that he should not, including the government. It would appear this is closer to a lack of enforcement instead of a lack of laws. What more could of been done on top of contacting the authorities and informing them that there is a felon who is armed with a firearm and is a genuine threat to society? “See something say something” and they do nothing.

      • tired of all this


      • Q?: Did they not go out to make contact with the felon that had firearms because 1) it was on the res (sovereign nation), 2) a holiday weekend and need to get a search warrant but no judge to sign off, 3) only one person complained, 4) LEO was just being lazy?

    • So, let’s say we take guns out of the equation for those determined to be mentally ill. What we do when they find another weapon of choice?

      • There is not much we can do. It is relatively easy to take a human life and if someone is determined to do so and, especially if they aren’t worried about dying themselves in the process, they will find a way to get the job done. There will always be risk in life and no matter how emotional people get when incidents like this happen you just can’t avoid all tragedy.

  • Why shoot random people? Make a hate list and go for the people who you are mad at, Not random children. Get mad at the people you are upset with. Leave our innocent alone. Very upsetting! Wish I could do something to change things.

    • Apparently this shooter did kill the neighbor he was angered with, but anger (and unbalanced mental capacity?) of this magnitude knows not when to stop obviously, as gun violence is never the answer for an anger or other mental issue.

  • Please can we just focus on the families that just lost their children or loved ones. If it we’re your children or loved ones the last thing you want to hear right now is this shit spewing from your mouths. Disgusting

  • Give him another pill , legal speed is the answer for everyone’s condition , someday antidepressants will be seen for what they really are, but let’s keep wondering for now

  • Mandatory Background Checks

    Ban Assault Rifles

    Government Buy Back Program like Australia

    Common Sense

  • >”Mandatory Background Checks, Ban Assault Rifles, Government Buy Back Program like Australia ”

    Yes, that is already in place in California… except maybe number 3.

    >” Why didn’t the cops do anything when his neighbors called about him shooting up the neighborhood???”

    Security costs money.

  • tired of all this

    The shooter was a FELON who had been REPORTED firing hundreds of rounds. The local sheriff said there was nothing he could do. I guess felon in posession of firearms laws do not apply in Tehama County.
    If the law DOES apply, the sheriff is liable for these deaths & injuries, isn’t he?

  • Add Tehema to the list of Northern california counties [ Humboldt,Mendo, Del Norte , Mendo. where you can get way w/murder.Isnt Tehema
    where Whlackie John was from?

  • What a terrible tradgedy it is when a twisted loser shoots up an elementary school. That is an attack on everything America stands for, and the shooter needs to be rehabilated TO DEATH!

  • Ever notice that if it was a person of color it’s called a terrorist attack. For all others it’s a mass shooting. Trump called the last mass shooting a mental case. We all need to accept the fact that the NRA owns our legislators and until we derail this organization, there will continue to be people killed at the hands of the gun lobby.

    • I have noticed that and I also noticed that words have “meanings” and most often that is why people use those “words” to describe things. Crazy, right? So before you make a statement implying a racist agenda perhaps you should google the definition of the words you are using so you don’t sound like you got your education off of facebook… or twitter.

    • Try again. You think we’re that stupid? Crazy is crazy, no matter the color.

  • Well let’s just delve into the facts ladies & gents, in doing so we need need to discuss banning physicians, automobiles, food and much more! Where are the priorities, emoting with the lamestream government sponsored Agenda 21/30 narrative, or sustainable solutions acquired by acknowledging the truth?

    • LOL at abortion being on a list of causes of death. They aren’t even born and have nothing invested in this world. What next? Jacking off is killing potential sperm?

      • There is a beating heart that is stopped by abortion. Last I checked, that’s a death.

      • lets meet up and talk!

        • About,,,,? How abortion is a valuable tool for an already over populated planet? I hope its not to talk about how death is such a bad thing because 99% of folks I know that are anti abortion have no problem killing plenty of living things from other species.

    • it’s the Fox News and NRA mouthpieces like you I hear lots of on this thread. Ya’ll pull the soundbites that sound or look convincing enough for the typical rube. The numbers on this meme are obviously a joke, because the FBI database, according to Time magazine/news shows over 11,000 gun related murders – but it is literally people like you who believe the shit you find, that suits your desired answer, even if it isn’t factual.

  • The unclothed emperor here is that gun laws CANNOT be enforced. Of course people will be arrested, the prison population will increase, many lives will be destroyed. However, guns are not going to go away nor even be reduced in numbers to any extent. The most likely outcome would be those truly dangerous being armed and ordinary people being rendered helpless. Considering the success of drug prohibition, gun prohibition will be an order of magnitude more successful. A thriving black market and underground manufacturing will very quickly arise to fulfill any demand. And, the demand is huge.

    Most of what I can divine out of all the discussion is a number of people want guns severely restricted or prohibited. I.e. give up some freedom for hoped for safety. This is simply wishing for a monopoly on armed force by the government and those willing to violate the law — such as people willing to commit murder, or rape, or robbery. There must be cognitive dissonance here — or simply that special kind of stupid that infects so many liberals — to believe that more government, less freedom and more repression is going to solve anything.

    Sadly, these people are likely to get their wish and get more government; they`re going to get a whole lot of government. I don`t think they`re going to like it much, though…… No, not at all………

  • Add Tehema to the list of Northern California counties [ Humboldt,Mendo, Del Norte , Tinity, where you can get away w/murder…….Isnt Tehema
    where Whlackie John was from?

  • Really People?!
    Your 1st amendment gives you the right to speak your piece. My 2nd amendment gives me the right to keep a fire arm to protect my family and home. You start taking away OUR constitutional rights, say the first the 2nd amendment. Then what’s to stop them from taking away the 1st amendment?
    Want to do something to stop this stupidity? How about the proper care for the mentality ill? Shit, putting them in jail/prison is not working, costing the tax payers a fortune, and is not what the jail/prisons are ment for.
    More laws against gun owners won’t stop law breakers from getting their hands on a gun. They’re LAW BREAKERS and don’t give a fly f**k about laws. It just keeps the law abiding citizen from being able to stop or prevent crimes being committed against them and theirs as well as others. Out in this area you’d be rape, robed, and murdered before law enforcement could possibly arrive on scene. Here’s something to think about. Most gun owners know the right way to handle a weapon and are very serious about making sure that those around them are as well. The NRA spends Thousands of dollars on education in gun control (the ability to fire acutely) and handling of weapons, AKA gun etiquette. Want to try to keep guns out of the hands of the mentality ill? Great! Me to. How about getting treatment for them? I’ve noticed that the more laws restricting gun ownership has not decreased the amount of violence one bit. It has increased. So if that isn’t working let’s do a 180. Let put guns, in everyone, who willing to take a training course, hands. After all who wants to try robing a house that they know belongs to a gun owner?

  • another registered Democrat bernie lover. the mainstream doesn’t want to mention it. they all need a mental health check!

    • Sorry, You are way off base on that one. Im Non-partisan. I like to think for myself instead of parroting what some party tell you to. And I vote for the person I want to vote for not down party lines.
      But hey I’ll forgive your asumtion if you don’t mind me assuming your closed minded 😊

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