Two Men Arrested in Willow Creek; Two Children Taken Into Custody

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Terrance Reeves

Terrance Reeves

On Thursday November 9th, 2017 at about 13:15 hours, Deputies responded to the 100 block of Sunset Lane in Willow Creek to conduct a welfare check on Terrance Reeves (DOB: 11-01-1982) children.

CWS responded as well and requested the joint response. Deputies knew that Terrance was on Federal searchable probation and Terrance had a felony federal warrant for his arrest. Terrance was located at the residence and taken into custody on his warrant. During a search of the property, 4 additional subjects were located in an out building.

JEremiah Ward

Jeremiah Ward

One of the subjects was Jerimiah Ward, DOB: 03-25-1977, and he was on searchable probation. Jerimiah had 2.3 ounces of methamphetamine hidden in his sock and a meth pipe was located in his jacket pocket. Just over 16 pounds of processed marijuana bud was located in the shed, along with another meth pipe, 2 digital scales, and packaging material. Terrance was arrested for his warrant, H&S 11366.5(a)-(providing a place to unlawfully manufacture, store, or distribute a controlled substance), H&S 11359(b)-(possession of marijuana for sale), H&S 11364-(possession of drug paraphernalia). Jerimiah was arrested for H&S 11378-(possess controlled substance for sale), H&S 11359(b)-(possession of marijuana for sale), H&S 11364-(possession of drug paraphernalia) and PC 1203.2-(probation violation). The two children were taken into custody by CWS per W&I 300.

Meth and meth pipe




  • Boom neck tat! Busted! hope some responsible family member can take the kids. Morons!

  • I could give a Flying Fig about the Cannabis, but the Meth is a whole different ball of sh!t!!! When they say “Speed Kills” they do NOT just mean in a driving an automobile type of ShItuation either!!!!

    • I feel the same way for the most part, but unfortunately when they bust people for meth they almost always have lbs of weed.

      • (Stolen weed)

      • They almost always have money too. Cannabis is an easily traded commodity here.

      • If you look around, you will notice many people hooked on meth who dont also do pot or other drugs or are ‘just social drinkers’. (Yes I am talking about people you would call middle and upper class.)
        Ive noticed cigarette smoking to be a more common denominator amongst all methy types than weed.

  • Do a search on Terrance and you’ll see he’s been in a boatload of trouble all of his life, the majority dealing with pushing hardcore drugs. He’s been popped, convicted, and tossed into jail or prison many times. Somehow he springs back to life and into mainstream society like a phoenix.

    He’s guy who having no remorse, shame, guilt, or even a modest dose of sympathy towards others. In addition to the dealing, Terrance is well-known for the ingenious hidden safes built into his car with which to hide his stash and cash.

    As I remember, he was involved in a serious wreck off Hwy 20 in Lake County several years ago. Can’t remember the particulars, but he was likely high, onto dealing, and some serious injuries occurred.

    Society would be well-served if Terrance went away for a long time– and just stayed away. Like his lifestyle, he brings a vast amount of wreckage to those around him.

  • Ward oh thats just personal stash right . He is on the big comedown in jail ,but if he was in Humboldt jail he would be back on the street smoking a pipe load of meth sitting down on the board walk enjoying the view, and planning his next RIP off ,so he can buy another bag of ice meth that the Mexicans are supplying Humboldt county .And the cycle goes on around ,and around .I hope i got my puncuation ,and spelling right .

  • Whom ever sent law there for welfare check did the correct thing. Better?

  • Whoever sent law enforcement there new exactly what was up. He usually has a large amount of herion on him when he gets busted.

  • Well-known meth and heroin house on that street. They have been nothing but trouble to the neighborhood. Disgusting. Good riddance.

  • 😣😲😭children no where in sight of those drugs. If the parents want to fuck up their own life fine,but the children don’t have a choice but to be around it.Such BULLSHIT. I’m so hoping these children have grandparents or family that can raise them safe. My prayers are with those children to be SAFE

    • Re- Read your first two sentences, and tell me, Why, would you ruin their lives and any fragment of self esteem if they they planned on doing crank in the first place
      DON’T BREED.👪

  • Tweaker problem house for a long while now. Glad something was finally done in this regard.


    Yuk. Fkn tweekers wrecking some young lives.

    Ok,next. Where’s Tuesday’ welfare check. Wednesday’s?

  • Wouldn’t the only reason the dad would have his kids at all is because there is nobody else. I can’t imagine him getting custody for any other reason. Not a good enough reason. These poor kids.

  • It`s disturbing these kind of people have children. They are poster children for the need for a strong eugenics program. Anyone who commits a serious crime would be sterilized as a common sense first step.

    • I would say the parents are prime candidate for eugenics, But not the children. Do not let the sins of our fathers carry us thru life.

  • Spoken like a true Nazi, John Ripper.

    • Actually with all the societal problems we have it is at least worth discussing. We already take away the right to vote and posses firearms for certain crimes and neither of those things requite the level of responsibility needed to raise a child.

  • The neck tat never fails! Off to jail!

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