Spanish Tourists Fabricated Story of Robbery on Park Land to Avoid Being Associated With Marijuana Grow

Lady Bird Johnson Park

Lady Bird Johnson Grove [Photo from Redwood National and State Parks]

Press release from the Redwood National and State Parks:

Park law enforcement rangers have determined the report from tourists of being robbed at gunpoint near the Lady Bird Johnson (LBJ) trailhead of Redwood National and State Parks on Nov. 3 was not true. No armed robbery took place within the parks and visitors should not be concerned about exploring the wonders of their public lands.

Upon notification of robbery, park law enforcement rangers immediately began investigating the area along Bald Hills Road where the incident allegedly took place, and began comparing its time frame with similar incidents reported outside park boundaries. While the victims claimed that multiple shots were fired from an assault-style rifle, no shell casings were found on the ground. In addition, other National Park Service employees in the area at the same time as the alleged robbery heard no shots fired.

Rangers then conducted multiple witness interviews, including the land owner of the first robbery that took place off Bald Hills Road on private land. The rangers were then able, through a third party, to contact the five tourists. They admitted that they fabricated the park robbery story because they were concerned about being associated with activities at a local marijuana operation.

Park law enforcement rangers are continuing their investigation into the matter and are collaborating with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The reduced crowds during fall and winter months, combined with the enhanced beauty of rain-washed forests make this a very enjoyable time of year for scenic drives and trail strolls. However, for safety when traveling and parking in remote areas it is always prudent to stow your valuables, electronics and accessories well out of sight—or better yet, bring them with you. Lock and alarm your vehicle, and be aware of your surroundings.

Redwood National and State Parks law enforcement officers encourage anyone with information regarding the Bald Hills Road robberies or any suspected crime within the parks to call the park crime tip line at: (707) 465-7353.



  • Prosecute them or deport them post haste for filing a false criminal report….sad, but all the foreign tourists want to visit this Emerald Triangle place and it is not safe nor is it much fun, growers are paranoid as hell and might do injury to these cannatourists…weed has made this area a sad mess…no solution in sight

  • They need to go to jail…taking our resources and time to investagate…we tax payers are footing the bill…omg and I was worried for my family using bald bills rd thx to these people!!

    • Go to jail? I believe you’re thinking of a different county with a different court system, unfortunately. Maybe if they killed someone one or two of them would see time, maybe.

  • tourists? visa? work permit?. associated with legal or illegal grow? deport.

  • Thats really really lame.
    I hope their names are spread around so no one hires them again.
    Doesnt lying to law enforcement carry a penalty??

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Gee, seems like I was the first one to say this was a “Story I don’t believe”… I wonder how many other stories were “not true”, like the guys who got jacked for “1000 pounds” who had “35 employees”, by “native Americans wearing SWAT gear”…

    Nope. I don’t believe THAT one either…

    Spanish tourists… right! Time to go home guys. It’s naughty to lie to the Sheriff!

    • You and the majority of people who read the last articles

    • Yeah doesn’t add up, does it? No way in hell does 1k lb’s load into an explorer and a pickup in getaway mode. And who the hell leaves the property with that much product unsecured? Sheriff’s shouldn’t waste any more time on this wanker.

  • Generic weed flick

    Lol I see a (bad) movie plot..

  • What?? Why would the Rangers need to Contact five tourists through a third party? They had been robbed and reported already???

  • Ah the weed biz bringing problems to Humboldt again. Yay marijuana…….not.

  • Cannabis Insurance Fraud? No way!! I believe the story But one never knows.
    I was told ; Only 50,000 work visa are allowed in U.S. And you have to prove the business cant hire locals. So trimagrits are on tourist Visa. Some friends of mine have been sent home At the airports , because they came the same time last year .Seems like Spanish people get in no matter what.

  • Humboldt is crawling with Spanish citizens, who are not tourists. They are all working illegally, on tourist visas. Marijuana industrialists are responsible for this bullshit, hiring illegal workers, instead of legal citizens. These megagrowers are not permitted, because you can’t pay payroll taxes on aliens. Looking forward to seeing all these douchebags raided, fined, and their trimmer trash deported by ICE.


    Deport and report to their own countries officials,that they were here assisting with drug manufacturing.

    Can they send the rangers to Manilla Dunes to investigate the real multiple shots fired toward children on Thursday?

  • I can’t quite follow the logic they used. But I am glad it wasn’t true, that really would have been a black eye for tourism.

  • So these guys got robbed at a grow? Says two cars also taken?

  • #NOmoretrimigrants

    We have plenty of people here who speak fine enough English and would love to keep the money local.

    Not to mention the industry for illegal hire is going down the drain anyways…😂😂😂😂

    • 2.5unit/day everyday....

      The locals suck. Way too much drama & they are constantly leaving or taking off for “birthday parties” and events . In a nutshell many locals and “visitors” sleep too long, eat too much, smoke break too often and complain without reserve . The industry is more and more leaning on Asian teams living in California who understand the meaning of an honest day’s work, know how to actually create good product , are neat freaks and are typically cheerful and without a harsh word between them or directed at their host. Simply lovely. Trimmigrants are a thing of the past though a lot of those dirty, entitled moochers haven’t gotten the memo yet .

      • The permitted grow I applied for this season wanted people who would never take a day off from dirt work. From May 1 to Nov. 15. Could not find locals to never have a day off so hired Spaniards. The 2 month tourist visa is a problem but they found a way around that by going to Mexico for 2 weeks. Stop by Las Vegas to launder some money and return to Humboldt. They then have an Asian crew do the trimming. They acted like slaves afraid to stop working. Locals want an honest days work with California Labor Laws included. Not to be treated like slaves. The Asians and Spaniards deal with it because the pay tripled once they got home.

    • locals don’t work hard and often steal

    • #NOmoretrimigrants so u mean each and every one of you? cause if you want to go way back o.g. this country belonged to native Americans and Aztecs….O.T.W. other than whites so there is that……..

  • Wow this is messed up i see all that comes in to redway and there is a lot that need to go now. ….

  • marijuana should be removed from the planet…

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Anyone who reports anything false to the overburdened LEO’s of Humboldt deserves to spend a week in jail with the tweakers, drunks and junkies… I would rather have “Spanish Tourists” than the wrecks that overpopulate the streets of Eureka tho…

  • Giving false information to law enforcement is a crimanal offence.punishment is jail!!! This county better stop the good Ole boys Bullshit before somebody calls the watchdogs on them. Oh.wait that’s coming to a theater near you👉

  • That is the most cockamamie story I have ever heard, Only a child could conceive such nonsense and expect anyone to believe it.

  • Umm yeah it was a bullshit story from the get-go. These liars who sent our limited sheriff resources on a wild goose chase should be in jail and then deported with that criminal charge on their record. Those idiots who blew up the mega-grow on Bald Hills- which was obvious and attractive to the local and well-known ripoff forces yet refused to provide their own security measures? They should also be prosecuted for wasting our limited resources. I’m with The Chump on fools like these. They are the problem.

  • These guys stole the truth so they are both liars and thieves!

  • So they got robbed at the grow, and said they got robbed at the park? Is that correct?

  • Was one of these “Spanish” tourists in fact named Ryan Lochte? 😉

  • They lied to federal officials (i.e. the national park police) which is a serious felony and can carry up to a five year sentence.

  • These are the days of our lives, in Humboldt County. The weirdest shit happens here. Never a dull moment.

  • f’in gypsies lol

  • Filing false report! Yes against the law. Come on vacation leave on probation.

  • Come on people, your anger against the foreigners is misdirected. They were victims here. They lied to the law about the location of the robbery to protect the identity of the farm they worked on. They got ripped off by criminals wearing tactical swat gear.
    Direct your anger at the rip off artists, or the industrial sized farmer, or the inability of law-enforcement to make an arrest, but not at the hard-working and loyal trimmers. They might have lost their entire season’s earnings for all we know. Show some compassion for the victims.

    • Because they thought that by appealing to the police while lying to them would somehow make their wages reappear? Sorry- I don’t sympathize with fools and liars and people who run to the police- local or foreign.

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