Small Brown Truck Leads Law Enforcement on Chase After Hit and Run

Vehicle fleeing law enforcement

Law enforcement following a vehicle suspected of a hit and run. [Photo provided by Sierra Korbly]

A little after 1 p.m., the brown vehicle pictured above reportedly hit a parked car on 4th Street and a pole in the 600 block of Broadway. Law enforcement attempted to pull over the driver and, according to Sierra Korbly, a witness, he did pull over briefly before taking off. This was a very slow speed pursuit.

Law enforcement with the suspect. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Eventually, the vehicle was stopped though at this point we are unsure of how. When law enforcement started interviewing the suspect, he appeared to have difficulty breathing. An ambulance is responding to the scene.




  • Glad to see fresh Petrale Sole is available.

  • Are these people getting arrested?, now all you hear about are hit and run incidents, high speed chases, shots where small children are on a field trip, it’s all disgusting.
    That doesn’t include all the vehicle break-ins, drug addicts walking the streets everywhere in Humboldt County.

    • Careful with that drug addicts talk, you can’t tell just by looking who is and who is not.

      • as someone who often gets lumped into that category on first glance (druggy/some one of disrepute) i am 100% fine with it. It often keeps people from screwing with me.

        not to mention if you choose to hate me without ever speaking a word to me and giving me a chance. then i am better off, since i don’t have to deal with drama and back stabbing.

        • I’m so sorry people treat you that way. I won’t,I’d talk to you and treat you like a human being. God bless and take care Tjay!!

          • I heàr you ! I have a few visible scars and people think I am a bad ass troublemaker . People are pretty quick to put labels on people now days !

    • That’s because vehicle break-ins,drugs,and burglary don’t make news are not punishable in California ( thanks Bay Area yuppys). There “victimless” crimes,you can actually go to jail for a cop chasing you.

  • Another chase through Eureka??? WTH is in the air around there everyone & their dog seems to want to play Chase Me, with the LEO’s around there!!!! Whether it’s EPD, HCSO, or CHP it seems to make little or no difference as long as some type of Law Enforcement is chasing them!!! Causing even more panic etc!!!

    • It’s the O.J. syndrome.

    • Too bad it so complicated

      Right. All criminals should be allowed to continue with their activity without the nuisance of law enforcement bothering them. Sure. That works well. Seems I’ve heard that sentiment from a number of thieves. They feel incensed that “My rights were violated by the police when I got arrested.”

    • Too much time on the boob-tube or gaming … their reality is skewed.

  • Impound the motor vehicles !
    Bring back ankle bracelets !
    Get offenders off the road !

  • Sounds like this person may have been having a medical emergency.

  • sounds like a possibility..

  • Good possibility but the question is was it the cause of the incident or a result of it??? Another thing if it was the cause why were they driving with whatever condition it was??? Just curious!!!

  • I think he’s driving the wrong way to the hospital unless he was going to fortuna yuck yuck!

  • toyota…

    prolly Caliphate…

    soon dope growers leave.

  • Just a guy who used to live on Bee Mt in Weitchepec.

  • Mamma didn't raise no fool

    While most of you are already to hang the man, I am inclined to think there may have been a medical issue. The slow pursuit, difficulty breathing…..Not everyone is a lowlife, thieving, lazy, POS drug addict!!!!! (A good portion) but, not all of us.

  • Medical emergency = pull over and call for help. You don’t drive all over town. Quit making excuses for the criminals of HumCo. They count on that.

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” – Dr. Michael Savage

    • try a little harder

      And conservatism is a compassion disorder.

      • Agreed 250%!!!! Lack of Mental Comprehension as well!!!! A genuine Cranial Rectal Insertion, AKA Headus Uppus Assus Syndrome!!!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Dr. Weiner? Impressive. Extremist conservatives take America OUT! Isn’t history amazing? Republican Lincoln saves the nation, Republican Trump takes us OUT, a day at a time. So proud. I’m so glad, I’m so Vlad, I’m glad I’m Vlad, I’m Vlad . . . . .

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