Sheriff’s Office Adds Mental Health Workers to Crisis Negotiation Team

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficeSheriff Honsal is pleased to announce the addition of three Mental Health professionals to the Sheriff’s Office Crisis Negotiation Team. The Sheriff’s Office and mental health workers have been working together for many years on situations that require negotiators. Recently it was decided that those mental health workers should be incorporated into the negotiator team. Three mental health workers recently graduated the basic negotiator course and will be used in future call outs. This will greatly enhance the ability to negotiate with persons who are struggling with mental health issues.



  • I think they have there work cut out for them.

  • Adding a Mental Health Profesional seems like a good step..

  • tired of all this

    The SO surely needs some mental health

  • Im gonnab the downer...

    The county has mental health workers?
    Where do they hide them?

    And what will these mental health wirkers be able to do except throw them into the extremely traumatic sempervirens experience and pop them back on the street the next day with a note saying dont give this person and drugs? Thats seriously what they did to a person i know, after tying him down to a table and forcing a catheter in him. My doctor even says its horrible there. They are not a long term stay place.

    If theres nowhere to put these people for help then this is just another waste of money when what we need is that money for a facility.

  • Due to the large spike in unjustified shooting of people, especially minorities, law enforcement could use mental health workers to deal with their problems.

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