Two Juveniles Detained While Three Suspects Escape Pursuit by Fleeing on Foot

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On November 11, 2017, at approximately 2015 hours, a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Deputy attempted a traffic stop on a Ford F-250 occupied by suspects who allegedly stole items from a grocery store in Garberville. The vehicle failed to yield and HCSO requested the California Highway Patrol take over the pursuit. Garberville CHP units took over primary and eventually secondary position in the pursuit as the Ford traveled east on Alderpoint Road at speeds up to 40-50 MPH. The Ford continued onto Bell Springs Road and ultimately Island Mountain Road. The driver finally stopped the Ford blocking a private driveway approximately 10 miles south of the Heartwood Institute. The male driver and two passengers fled on foot into a densely wooded/brushy area. Two male juveniles remained in the Ford and were detained. The area was searched extensively by CHP and HCSO however the driver and passengers were not located. The identity of the driver and passenger remains under investigation by HCSO and CHP. HCSO transported the juveniles to Garberville where they were released to their parents.

Earlier Chapter: Two Detained, Three in the Bush on Island Mountain After Pursuit



  • What is going on

    • Young punks stealing things

      • What's ours is ours, what's yours is is all about ME!

        Where are the parents?? The juveniles are supposed to learn respect for other people’s property. Arrest the irresponsible parents. Take them to court and the judge can order them to pay. Maybe it’s time potential parents should be tested and given a license to procreate……. if they can pass the test!

  • for stealing groceries the police pursed these kids at break-neck speed on a dirt road in a rural subdivision in the dead of night..? what was it, a training exercise for the new rookies? Island Mountain is not a training ground for the police.

    Respect our communities.

  • I am simply saying that the ends did not justify the means in this case. Stealing should be punished, no argument there. . But coming in to a rural neighborhood with three squad cars going 70 miles an hour on a dirt in hot pursuit of a bunch of kids who maybe stole some groceries is overkill.

  • Charles Engebretson

    Blame the cops for the punks actions…are you stupid?Nevermind dont answer…just continue

  • If they are stealing groceries from a store and driving recklessly, they are surely going to do worse things.
    they won’t slow down if the cops stop chasing them, they are going to drive like hell to get to a safe haven. they are idiots.

  • Idol all starts at home!!!

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