Southern Humboldt Resident Arrested for DUI After Accident

From Fortuna PoliceAt approximately 1:15 a.m., a 2013 Subaru Crosstrek driven by Willa Rippberger crashed. According to Sgt. Tamera L McCanless of the California Highway Patrol, Rippberger (age 41 and a resident of the Shelter Cove area) “was traveling westbound on Briceland Road east of Seely Creek. She ran off the road into a redwood tree.”

Rippberger was the only occupant of the vehicle and received minor injuries during the collision. She was arrested for a DUI, according to McCanless.

At approximately 3 a.m., the Briceland Road was temporarily closed for the tow truck to recover the crashed vehicle.



  • Sad for her, but so NOT OK to drive drunk!! I hope she learns a lesson before someone gets seriously hurt.

  • KYM can you please moderate misogynistic comments?

  • Nicole Quinlan.
    Free speech and expression, is a monumental right and accepted custom of our nation.
    Even if an unpopular, or offensive statement. I very much respect and believe it to be a foundation of our Democratic Republic. For without it, we have no voice. In addition, it is a powerful deciding factor in where you stand and who you stand with. Please allow others to express their thoughts, beliefs, opinions and feelings freely, without censorship. IT is good for the soul of the speaker and a heads up, to all others. It should be a law, then it would be so much easier to know the “True Colors”, of every individual.

    • tired of all this

      Very funny

    • Free speech is the right of everyone. They don’t, however, have the right to use insulting slang on a private website. The First Amendment refers to the right of the private citizen to be free from arrest by the government while expressing unpopular opinions. It does not allow people to come onto a privately owned space and sling around insulting language demeaning to women. Everyone may start their own website and say what they want. However, I don’t have to give them a place to do it.

      As much as possible I allow for dissident opinions that I don’t agree with. But slinging slurs isn’t an attempt to reason out opinions. Slurs are used to silence and shame others. Therefore, I don’t allow them.

      • Well put…. very well put. So many come to this site to only be negative. They come here every day it seems to complain about the site. Maybe they think we really care or believe what they have to say. I smile because their true colors are shown right here almost every day. Thanks Kym…

      • Kym needs to decide if this is a real news site and thus shouldn’t be so sensitive about comments especially when it comes to women and weed growers or she should admit this is merely a blog pushing certain agendas.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      It IS the law, First Amendment, but nobody is required to promulgate your free speech rights. Set up your own blog. Say what you want.

  • Kym, I so appreciate and support your statement on this.

  • If they hadn’t hit the tree all would have been status quo.

  • There needs to be more CHP on that road. People drive like retards on there all the time.

    • Why…If you want to call someone stupid, then do so & call them stupid, & don’t use someone’s health condition they were born with & have no control over, to describe some one stupid. That drunk driver was in control of her actions & used them to make bad choices. She wasn’t born drunk & not in control of her actions! Huge difference. Just some food for thought!

  • Must be new around here. Didn’t know she was supposed to run after a dui

  • Just fyi she had a truck come around the corner into her lane and she veered off to avoid it. Could she have stayed on the road if completely sober? Maybe. Its a tight spot either way.
    She wasnt going very fast, the airbags didnt even go off, &she passed all tests besides breathalizer. Had she been going faster she would be hurt beyond bumps and bruises.

    Just sayin, its not like she was going 50 and driving crazy. It was a bad decision that resulted in a really bad situation that she will be dealing with financially and emotionally for quite awhile.
    Lets be real, on any given night 25% of the drivers leaving town have been drinking/are drinking in their ride.
    Not that its right, just very common.

  • I am sure we all know better to drink and drive. Should have got that public service message years ago. Just like smoking, We all know better.

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