After Finding Missing Man’s Shoe, Searchers Ask for Help



Search and rescue teams look for Jeremy on the day he was lost in the ocean. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

On Friday, November 9, Jeremy Ashley, a 29-year-old Humboldt County man fell into the ocean near College Cove. His friends and family have been searching for his body since then. Yesterday, they found his shoe. Today, they are asking the community to come help them search if possible.

map near college cove

Rough map of where the searchers plan to meet.


Jacob Ford explained, “The plan is to meet near College Cove by where we found his shoe.” They are hoping anyone trained in the search as well as someone with a drone,  a kayak, and possibly some radios for communication could also show up. They plan to be there at 12:30 p.m. Then after a look around, the searchers will head to Big Lagoon and work their way back going to every access point in between.

DeWayne SuperKid Ashley Jeremy Ashley

Jeremy Ashley in the center.

His voice breaking, Ford said, “We’re not trained for this. We’re just going off instinct. Whatever anyone could help us with [the search] would be super appreciated.”

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  • Best of luck finding his remains!!! So sad that this happened!!!

  • So from the college cove parking lot, im assuming its the trail over the bluffs to the north that ends at that great flat sandy area? Where theres no beach access as opposed to the trail that heads out westish (?) towards the stairs down to the beach?

  • Seems like the Coast Guard could schedule some kind of training/search mission. Might prevent another accident.

  • My deepest condolences to this man’s family and friends. I wish you all good luck with the search. Prayers you find him.

  • Thank you so very much for helping to put the word out, Kym…every bit of assistance is appreciated, from eyes to prayers. Yes, it would be wonderful if the Coast Guard could help; the thought of my untrained grandsons and their friends out there is terrifying. Any suggestions on how to convince trained responders to continue the search would be great.

    • Best to you sunny

      Call the sheriffs office and tell them the family wants the coast guard assistance, and call the coast guard in mckville directly to see if they have any answers.
      Id also call mike thompson and mike mcguires local offices, i have found their staff extremely responsive and helpful when i couldnt get help from the sheriffs or anyone at county level.

      And couldnt hurt to ask diana totten and the amazing so hum search and rescue team if they could offer any help, they are all volunteers and the very best around, hands down! They may know someone up here with their same training.
      Best of luck! I wouldnt want my family exploring that coastline there either!

    • Call Fortuna fire Cheif Lon Winburn . They have Eel river technical rescue.

  • The Sheriff’s office shouldn’t of called off the search for the body. I’m sure they wouldn’t if it was one of there family members. Prayers the family finds the young mans body or by some miracle he was able to get back to safety of a rock or something.

  • I love the coast guard! They do amazing work in the toughest of conditions. They also spend hours flying circles around mckinleyville neighborhoods while training. Although this can some times be annoying I know it is necessary to ensure that they are ready for any situation that they may face. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to incorporate training and a useful search into one operation. Hopefully someone in command can see the value of real situation training and give the family peace of mind knowing that everything possible is being done to find their loved one.

  • My Prayers of safety go out to my Grandson Jacob Ford and. Jeremy’s many friends who are out searching.. Prayers of Peace and Comfort to all of This young Man’s family and friends at this time… ❤️ I Pray he is found soon..

  • 14YearsHereButNeverLocal

    There is a ‘campsite’ in the location circled. I stayed there a few times when I was in college. Very easy to wander into the woods and get turned around there too. Wish I would have seen the article earlier in the day.

  • So so horrible! I hope they find him soon. Do they know for sure that he “fell in the ocean”? If so, how do they know? Was someone else there?

  • How close to the ocean was the shoe?

  • Why think he is dead? Im hoping they find him alive.

  • There is no “rescue” involved. It is a body recovery. No agency is going to risk the lives of their personnel for a body recovery. RIP young man.

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