[UPDATE 1:45 p.m.] Two Detained, Three in the Bush on Island Mountain After Pursuit

High speed pursuit

[Photo by Oliver Cory]

Two suspects were arrested detained and two three fled on foot after a white dually Ford pickup was stopped by law enforcement on Island Mountain Saturday evening. The chase reportedly began with a Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy in pursuit in the Garberville area for an unspecified crime. The suspects drove the pickup out Alderpoint Road where, reportedly, five California Highway Patrol officers arrived to take over the chase, according to a witness. [Note: According to the CHP, only two officers were involved in the chase. A third CHP officer, Sgt. Tamera L McCanless, arrived later but wasn’t involved in the pursuit.]

The officers eventually managed to stop the suspects. By what means is unknown. Two of the suspects were arrested detained but two three managed to elude capture.

Neighbors in the area are advised to lock cars and remove keys as well as be alert for suspicious activities.

UPDATE 10:15 a.m.: According to Sgt. Tamera L McCanless of the California Highway Patrol, the suspects were wanted for “a theft from Rays Food Place in Garberville.” She added in a voice message to us that there is “no reason to believe they were armed or otherwise dangerous.”

I hope to be able to speak to her later today and gather more information.

UPDATE 1:45 p.m. Sunday: 



  • High speed pursuit of a dually? Must be Sheriff Buford Pussy in pursuit. Still, glad these idiots are off the road.

  • Ain’t life great!!!Yee-haw. If you know the backwoods,so do the cops hehehe🚓🚔🚓🚔

  • Cops can’t catch a DUALLY?

    They weigh over 4 tons when loaded… Musta been a DIESEL!

    And they HANDLE better than a Porsche!

  • I love this sh*t

  • Mountain Lion Lady

    The report was rather vague. Does anyone know exactly where they fled? Island Mountain Rd. runs for miles. It passes through Palo Verde Ranch, but if you continue, it goes to the Island Mountain Subdivision. Neighbors in the area were likely not awake to know they should be taking precautions. I realize there probably wasn’t much information at the time, but maybe an update would be good. Thanks so much Kym. Our corner of the world would be forgotten without you.

    • No worries, when big Tobacco knocks the price to a buck ninety nine a pound thinks are going to quite right down.

      • Wrong! Until meth is dealt with crime will be at all time highs every year. And there will be thousands of these people without easy income looking for anything they can steal

      • No. We’re going to end up with a population of uneducated, hip hop ball cap wearing minimum wage job applicants. What ever will happen to the [edit] we see driving around in their Escalades I don’t know.

    • they went way out into the island mountain subdivision.last heard they left with only two.i went as far as shhepshank ranch on island mountain.it was way past there.they either live out there and are idiots for bringing the cops up there ,or are gonna have a very long walk back out.assuming they don’t steal a vehicle to get home

    • Slight update and trying to get more.

  • A dually? I bet he had his tow mirrors pulled out also.

  • you don’t usually hear screaming sirens in the night out here on Island Mtn but last night was an exception. it was dark and we were inside when all hell broke loose…the vehicles were flying, you could tell by the sounds how fast they were going; we heard them coming way before they flew past our place and the siren sounds continued to echo until they were well past. I said a little prayer for any unsuspecting drivers that might be out there just trying to drive home…It wasn’t very late; maybe around 9. Jeeze, it must of have been public enemy #1 they were after, considering the speeds the CHP was hitting on our narrow, pot-holed road. Or not. I look forward to hearing what all the fuss was about.

    • I would have to agree. Last I checked catching some shoplifters (looks like some were teen shop lifters) who stole a bottle of tequila was not worth endangering the population who drives these narrow winding roads! Why would that be worth it. Endangering the public for a crime that wouldn’t even land you in jail for the night…. makes perfects sense right?

  • It was the chump .look s like he got away lol.

  • Probably deer or fish poachers…what else could it be?

  • I just love this!! Humboldt Co. and this site are the closest you`ll get to an S. Clay Wilson cartoon that`s come to life.

    • You nailed it, I’ve always been attracted to his art for it’s absurd but true underlying nature, no wonder I find Humboldt so attractive.

  • One in the bush,is better than the hand…wait…how’s that sang go?

  • So is two in the hand worth two in the bush?

    • Two idiots freezing their asses off in the bushes is better than one in the hand?

      • Wow. All that for a theft at Rays. Im sure that happens every day of the week. Meanwhile that was one of the weirdest things that has ever happened out here. Now if it is a theft in the parking lot …I would understand…otherwise there is either more to this story or some officers are watching too many chase scenes

        • You would think Ray’s would have security guard in that store, the amount of petty theft that goes on in that store daily is out of control. It guess worse during trimmigrant season and we wonder why food prices are insane in SoHum.

  • So not armed and dangerous, just hungry? Get used to it

  • Sounds kinda dangerous, that is for those of us that live here, i mean the part of 5 chps racing on our pot hole filled rd. Lucky they did”t kill any innocent folks…..

  • All that over a shoplifting? Makes me wonder what really got stolen. And out there everyone is armed and suspicious, so unless they lived out there, they’ll regret the decision to drive out there….

  • maybe they stole some liquor .. they were juveniles, whatever that means

  • Garberville, so probably shoplifting Doritos and Cheetos.

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