[UPDATE 12:18 p.m.] Toyota Truck in a Single Vehicle Traffic Accident on the Avenue

Traffic Collision Car Accident

At approximately 11:35 a.m., a black Toyota truck had a traffic accident north of Miranda on the Avenue of the Giants in the Stephens Grove area. The driver is out of the vehicle, but an ambulance is responding to the scene of the incident.

UPDATE 12:18 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports that the driver is uninjuered and the vehicle has been moved out of the road. The tow truck should be on scene about 1 p.m. so be extra careful driving in the area around that time.



  • Don’t tell me, let me guess another incident of “Jumping Redwood Trees” those mysterious trees that jump out in front of unaware drivers, especially when they aren’t paying very close attention!!! That or yet another “Cracker Jack Driver” as in those among us who got their DL from a box or bag or WTF ever container of Cracker Jack snack mix!!!

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