South Fork High School Donates $8000 of Football Gear to Santa Rosa School Devastated by Wildfire

Tubs of football gear

Photo provided by South Fork High School’s booster club.

South Fork High School recently donated 15 sets of football gear to a school in Santa Rosa that was damaged in one of the recent wildfires.

The Tubbs Fire, which is believed to be the most destructive wildfire in state history, burned 36,807 acres, damaged 5,643 structures and killed at least 21 people last month, according to CAL FIRE.

During the fire, the Roseland Collegiate Prep Middle/High School campus was severely damaged, and students and staff have had to move to temporary locations because they can’t return to their original campus.

In order to help out the school in need, South Fork High School donated an estimated $8,000 worth of football gear.

Here’s the letter the Roseland School District sent in response to South Fork’s donation:

Thank you very much for your donation of 15 sets of football gear (approximate value $8000) for the students of Roseland Collegiate Prep. Your generous gift will help to support our schools and their students as they recover from the devastating wild fires in Santa Rosa, CA.

Roseland Collegiate Prep Middle/High School is home to over 430 students. Their campus was severely damaged in the fires on October 10th, 2017. In addition, there are multiple students and teachers that were displaced or have lost their homes as a result of this terrible natural disaster. Because students and staff cannot return to the original RCP campus, RCP students and staff has moved to temporary school homes on our other elementary school campuses as we try to figure out what we will do for the future. We are determined to provide normalcy in their lives again and give our students a safe place to learn.

This year, RCP will graduate its first class seniors. These seniors are currently applying for colleges and scholarships: and despite this major community setback, they are working hard to make sure that they are still able to reach their dreams of a college education. For most of them, our seniors will be the first in their families to attend college. Your donation will help us to support the students and make sure that their college dreams are achieved.

We are grateful for your support and generosity.

If you’d like to donate money to Roseland Collegate Prep, you can click the button below.Donate to Fire Relief

If you’d like to donate supplies, such as scientific calculators, graphing calculators, chromebooks, pencils, paper, notebooks, etc., the school has asked that you contact Jenn Del Rosario, Roseland Community Relations Coordinator, at



  • South Fork High School is one of the best things going on the CA North Coast. An awsome bunch of students, teachers, and parents.

  • South Fork High School just did a wonderful thing. Reading this definitely started my day off in the right direction. South Fork you are awesome!!!

  • I absolutely loved waking up hearing this this morning! Makes me proud to be a south fork alumni!!

  • I was real excited to read that South Fork High had donated $8,000 worth of football gear to Roseland Collegiate Prep Middle/High school in Santa Rosa. A truly wonderful gift for those kids in need!
    I graduated in 1966 and it makes me very proud to be a South Fork alumni. As always, South Fork rocks!

  • What an awesome and generous gift. Thank you South Fork and Thank you for sharing this Kim; from a SHUSD alumni K-!2, Class of 1975 #52

  • That’s awsome. That’s alot to give from a small school,YOU ALL ROCK. God Bless your big hearts.Paying it forward!!!

  • Cabin in the woods

    Definitely a kind gesture. My hat goes off to South Fork High & to all who were impacted by these terrible fires.

  • I apparently missed this one when you posted it, Kym. Now, this mother of a graduate (class of 1986) has a lump in her heart and tears of pride for our tiny school. May each and everyone of you succeed in your lives and never forget this wonderful gift you gave. I just checked the high school I graduated from (1963). It has become an honored school whose graduates go on to great things. However, I see no mention of it’s having donated one dime toward those schools destroyed in those fires. I am ashamed to call those 2000 students as having gone to the same school I did. Keep up the wonderful things South Fork!!!!!

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