HSU Graduate Organizes Prank on Steve Bannon, Attendees of Citadel Republican Society’s Patriot Dinner

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Steve Bannon) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A group of pranksters, a Humboldt State University graduate included, is going to attempt to prank Steve Bannon and attendees of the Citadel Republican Society’s Patriot Dinner in Charleston, South Carolina today.

“The prank is organized by an HSU alumna who is working with the same brains that developed in Germany against Neo-Nazis to convert Bannon’s fans into unwitting park-a-thon participants to raise money for anti-hate, human rights groups, and local charities,” Mindbuck Media Publicist Jessica Norris said.

Here’s the press release from Mindbuck Media:

Charleston, South Carolina/National Event. 6:15pm November 10th, 2017

“Irony, absurdity, and humor are often the best resources to change a narrative for the better,” says Fabian Wichmann, the idea man behind the brilliant campaign that pranked neo-Nazis by turning their own march into an involuntary anti-nazi Walk-a-thon.

On November 10th, activists of the absurd in Charleston, SC will be taking a page from Germany’s play book when Steve Bannon speaks at the Citadel Republican Society’s Patriot Dinner. Protest organizers are inviting people to contribute to the Charleston Parks the Hate Park-a-Thon. Park-a-Thon participants pledge and encourage others to pledge funds based on the total number of cars coming to see Bannon speak, which will be counted at the event. Pledged funds will go to hateXchange, the official US-counterpart of the Wichmann’s German organization, Hass Hilft. hateXchange will redistribute the donations to Human Rights Watch, Life After Hate, and local charities in Charleston through their #DonatetheHate program.

A highly visual story, the event will feature balloons, silly banners, bad puns, and happy fundraisers cheering on attendees and their support for a divisive political climate. This form of protest offers a response that avoids violent conflicts like the tragedy of Charlottesville.

At 6:15PM, when Bannon takes the stage, Dr Stuart Pimm of Duke University will lead a prestigious team of satirical scientists to finalize the estimate of cars based on aerial images of the parking lot and data from people counting cars on the ground. Results will be announced live via twitter #donatethehate.

While the event will be light-hearted, there is nothing funny about Charleston’s fraught racial history, which reaches back over centuries and carries through the present day. Two years ago an extremist murdered nine people at prayer at Mother Emanuel AME Church; two weeks ago, local white college students dressed up as unarmed black men who died in police custody “as a joke.”

Rev. Dr. Jeremy Rutledge, Senior Pastor at Charleston’s Circular Congregational Church, is on the local steering committee. “We are drawing on the example of people who are turning to creative forms of protest. We want to take the negative energy visitors might bring and channel it into constructive work for the common good,” says Rutledge. “Put another way, we want to turn hate into love.”Y'all C'mon in and pak that hate!



  • Stupid….bannon will have the last laugh..trust me..
    Trump will win again. Ban cnn .fake news..all propaganda.no news…I feel sorry for people wasting their lives bashing trump.what a waste of oxygen

    • Mad River Bushman?

    • 90 million new voters since 2016, Generation Z will literally change the World to whatever they want. I foresee major irony like we just did in the east.

      • Generation Z? As in ZZZZZ … The kids of today are the dumbest on record. They are sleep walking through life, playing video games and smoking dope. When they aren’t wearing all black and carrying billy clubs to beat on patriots, they waste taxpayer’s money attending far left diploma mills like HSU. Trimmers and space cases don’t vote. You LOSE.

    • Mr. Bushman, what specific news outlets should we listen to?
      I’d love to know.

      • Don’t know buddy.if your serious..I like Mark Levin…on am radio..old school conservative….I could make you look like a racist if I sat here all day everyday and pushed it…believe me…..bad shit happens all day everywhere.they only tell you what pushes their agenda..they only care about power and votes..I do know we live in the best country in world even with all the bad shit…hell this ain’t heaven.make the best of your short life..mabey next life will be complety equal..welcome to life

        • fabricating reality that harms most of America for the benefit of evil men is about as low as low goes. I see the GOP not existing in ten years. Bannon spends a small fortune of other peoples money on Think Tanks and claims its his.

          • So much hate. So little reason. Must be one of the Greatly Offended People. You know, the anti matter spin version that destroys reality on contact.

            • I think you mean Greedy Old People.
              You gotta love the GOP elites nowadays who enjoy tearing others apart while claiming to have the moral high ground based on alternative facts and outright lies.

          • I wish that were true. The trouble is, Americans are stupid. Trump will buy the next election, just like the last. Then he will hand the reins (if he actually does let go of power) to someone at least as vile. Bannon? Clinton? Another Bush? We can’t let all those shiny new nukes go to waste, can we?

    • A man in his hand is worth two in the…

    • Yes, trump is a waste of oxygen.

    • U MAD BRO?

    • Bannon is a walking failure. He had hoped to be the 21st century Lee Sarason and he ends up being turned out of the White House before the Malignant Orange Tumor even finished its first year.

      Bannon’s political bowel movement is just about over. All that is left is wiping up the mess that the unkempt and unwashed racist has made.

      Perhaps when the Malignant Orange Tumor is frogmarched off to a cell at Guantanamo Bay for giving literal aid and comfort to neo-nazi scumbags whose goal is the literal destruction of the federal government of the US – which they term ‘ZOG’ or ‘Zionist Occupation Government.’ By lending his implicit support to groups of terrorists whose own stated goals include the destruction of the US government, Trump has left himself open to charges of high treason, for which the penalty is still death.

      If he’s lucky he may get off with a life sentence instead of the rope which he so obviously deserves.

    • So what is your vision for our Country Bushman, I’d like to know. What do you consider “fake news”? It seems it may be any news you don’t agree with. Do you wish harm on Americans who don’t look like you? Those that practice a faith different than your own? Do you believe all that Trump says? Do you believe Bannon is a true Patriot? That he is more patriotic than veterans like John McCain? Are you as upset as many Trump supporters that Jared Kushner is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor? Do you believe the holocaust happened? Do you believe Roy Moore isn’t pedophile (even though he admitted he sought out teens in an interview today)? Do you think the slogan “Blood and Soil” is harmless? Do you support giving the super rich and corporations giant tax breaks, while raising taxes on he Middle Class? Yeah, I’m sure you do. You enjoy hating America it seems to me.

  • Wow , that’s alot of time spent on a prank ,maybe if people had to work a little harder there would be less conflict,too much free time equals more hate ,

  • Too much Alt Right HORSESHIT equals Trumsters posting NONSENSE!!!!

    • Must be really serious the grammar guru used 4 !!!!

    • Dan..You actually need to get off the computer ..you waste too much time crying about everything..and everybody knows it.go do something…go get those Nazis..

    • You need to get off computer..you cry all day about everything… everyone knows it…mabey apply for cnn….you got that dedication.. seriously

      • You know very well that if the left didn’t make stuff up they might have to actually look at their own defects. All this spew must be an internal build up of bile after having eight years of having to nod in unison to every Obama pronouncement meaning nothing, misstep and abuse of power.

        Frankly there would be total silence if so many of the left were forced to apply the same standards to Trump as they applied to Obama. Obama tells Putin that he will”do more “once the election is over when he thought the mic was off and there was a cone of silence over all the media. A Trump appointee sits at the same table with a Russian at a public function and the left goes on and on and on about it being proof of a Trump conspiracy. Clinton’s old boy network succeeds in derailing the Sanders nomination by directed action and the revelations of how they went about it are nowhere on the news. But the Russian supposedly hack into Democrat Party records , releasing the actual, unabridged records, supposedly defeating Clinton with an excess of truth, and all the left can do is insist Trump was responsible for fake news.

        Lefties got exactly what they earned. But then pagain the right doesn’t like Trump either and is as unwilling to succeed with him as President as the left is. The left and right deserve each other.

        • Why don’t you use a real name “Guest” because you are a scared little guy, with stupid idea’s. The Russian’s didn’t supposedly hack into record’s it actually happened. Being a Trump supporter I know it’s hard to come to grips with any sort of reality, so just keep saying Obama, Clinton, blah blah blah, you are convincing no one but yourself. The Russia Collusion investigation is a REAL thing and hopefully, the Grand Wizard (Trump) will be enjoying a nice long stay in prison, no matter what FOX news says.

          • Like a laser to hit Trump but totally blind to Clinton malfeasance. Your post is proof of the level of irrationality that has contaminated this whole country that my post complained about.

            Even if Trump is eventually proven to be involved with the Russians, whose sole accusation is that they illegally exposed Clinton’s actual activity, what excuse do you have for turning a blind eye to Clinton’s actions in her direct intervention in the Democrat primary to prevent Sanders from winning the nomination?

            But you are right about my being scared to reveal my name. There are way too many mentally unbalanced people full of hate. You all are really scary.

            • Quick! Look away! Look over there! It was Obama, no it was Clinton, OMG it was the liberal Democrats! No, it was Hillary’s 30,000 missing e-mails! This country is going to hell in a handbasket!

              No, it wasn’t. But it is now after Trump and Co. is done– unless he’s impeached and his crew gets tossed into the pokey for fraud, corruption, and obstruction first. Listen, the man is clearly a thug, a con man and a bullshit artist, plain and simple. Everyone knows that by now. Even the blind, deaf, and dumb are catching on.

              • Yeah, throw him in jail,and put another criminal in power in his place,been doing this for decades ,what’s new,does somebody actually think politicians are good, honest people , haha haha, lmao if you do, Hillary , Sanders, Trump ,all garbage, but kind of funny to see the orange baffoon get all these career politicians worried about their careers

            • Who cares? Hillary? That’s way in the past now. Can’t you come up with a another whipping boy to blame and distract things on that’s up to date?

              That was then, this is now. Trump is the current deal. Judging from the poll numbers and his rampant mouth habitually spewing falsehoods and lies, he’s quickly sinking.

          • Lol..took it way to personal….lol.loseres will lose…your a loser….you lost..lol.but I hope you will come around

        • Tell me… Exactly what is the difference between the left and the right? I became politically aware in 1981, and soon learned that they serve the same masters. Our system pits bank money against oil money and leaves the citizen out of it. Wells Fargo and DAPL illustrated to us that it’s the same money. I say crash the entire system; the greedy capitalism, its pseudo-Christian roots, the nanny state (read: fascist) laws, the media, the destructive infrastructure… all of it. Start over. Prevent another Bush or Trump or Clinton or Obama.

  • They should get all of the license plates, and pics of the attendees, and out them all. Its a legal expression of free speech, and its nice to know when your neighbors are wack jobs.

  • When we argue against bad ideas, we should argue against the best version of those bad ideas, in order to make progress. Im not sure liberals actully listen to what it is that modern white racist (white separatist/supremacist) think. We most often are responding to strawmen.

  • Think how many locals could be helped by simply donating the cost of this idiocy and staying home.

  • Pranking by copying the genuine Patriot Prayer rallies? ““Put another way, we want to turn hate into love.”
    So creative.

  • Friend of Bushman

    Yeah Bushman!
    Guess what? Good news !
    The swamp creatures got themselves into trouble trying to flee after betraying the people of this great nation. Word has it 3 planes in florida are stopped by fbi. Swamp creatures are trying to flee! And yeah the media doesnt want to mention this! Theres 300 sealed indictments and more to come! Anyone notice mcCain and hillary wearing braces to hide their ankle monitors??
    All these haters dont get that putting down Trump is putting down America! The people have spoken and voted for Trump!

  • HILLARY AND MACAIN wearing ankle bracelets! not allowed to leave the country!

  • torching Snowflakes

    Bushman is right! America is the greatest nation on the Planet.
    Its a bit much listening to the Whine day after day! the november 4th antifa planned government take over was a complete failure let alone a Joke!
    America spoke loud and clear and the result is Trump.
    Stop bashing Trump as your bashing America.
    You lost, get over it.
    by the way other countries don’t just allow Americans to move in because they don’t like their own democracy! think about how idiotic that is in itself not to mention ENTITLED! who do you think you are? Spoiled little brats! get off mommas couch and get a JOB!
    Its been a Year now so the crying can stop! this guy is a two term POTUS.
    these so called pranksters aren’t funny at all. working with the same brains that pulled a prank in germany? i don’t think so!
    Is there any proof of this claim whatsoever? Collaboration? Id like to see some!

    • The “Antifa planned government takeover” didn’t fail—it never existed. Well, unless you count a left-leaning rally with music and art as a violent protest. http://time.com/5008829/antifa-november-4-rumors/

      • Thankfully we have our modern day AntiFa friends whom grace us with their protections from the ever present danger of “Nazis, Nazis everywhere”. Except the core AntiFa are the exact same rioters that would historically all show up in back Bloc at every WTO meeting causing chaos & destruction. One can surmise that Hitler would be quite proud that instead of viewing the few Nazi stragglers as the rare, laughable oddities they are, they are instead viewed with such terror that the entire country shakes with fear, constantly talks about them – magnifying the public’s perception of the POWER they wield, with AntiFa showing up armed in battle lines for street combat. Hitler would be very proud indeed that his work was not totally in vain. Great job AntiFa & the mindless dogooders enabling this Anarcho-Communist chaos. The bodies of adults, with the mind of children… the lot of you – including Nazi sympathizers.

        • Mr. McCarthy? Is that you?

        • Well said.
          On Veterans Day they were in SF backing Rocket Man and the destruction of America.
          They feel powerful because the Communists have a high death count. (They’ve killed over 100 million people in the 20th century).
          Planned Parenthood is a close 2nd.

      • Please keep feeding the trolls. They’re very entertaining.

  • i agree with the Bushman!

  • Im gonna see the Bushman and drink some beers with him! maybe some cheese curds too!

  • beers is right, Cheese curds and beer at Bushmans house, lets go!

  • She keeps,erasing our,comments! Damn bernie voter!

  • Good on them! But since when do pranksters announce their plans in advance? Doesn’t that likely spoil the surprise?

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