Here’s Another Reminder About The Humboldt Bay Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

Come join us for the opening of the newest extension of the Humboldt Bay Trail and be one of the very first to experience the trail! The much awaited ribbon cutting ceremony for the Arcata section of the Humboldt Bay Trail will take place at 10 a.m. on Sunday, November 19th at South I Street, Arcata California.

The project involved construction of approximately 3.0 miles of a Class I, ADA accessible, non-motorized multi-use trail, that runs from the terminus of the Arcata Rails with Trail at State Route 255, through the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. The trail continues south along the North Coast Railroad Authority’s railroad to the south of Bayside Cutoff along Humboldt Bay.

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  • I took an early pre-view ride on the bike the other day.
    It’s pretty awesome, though not nearly as nifty as riding along the ol’ concrete 101/south G street. Better view of the bay, though.

  • What an absolute waste of money! This isn’t a trail. From the treatment plant to the highway it’s boring with little to see. Very much overkill, money could have been used in a lot of other more important places. The old railroad bed was much more of a trail than this is. Typical City of Arcata!

  • Can’t wait for the bay trail to be finished. I wonder how they are going to take it across the Eureka slough?

  • If this area was better off regarding the general condition of jobs, roads, and schools, then great news about the trail. BUT, since all the aforementioned ‘systems’ are still severely lacking in operation, useability, and sustainability, this trail is a true boondoggle that will also fall into disrepair. Then who will want to pay to maintain it? Especially when everything else is going to be even worse.

    • Still waiting for them to finish the bike trail along the Old Arcata Road to Eureka … not that they maintain the portion that they did do! From my understanding this new ‘trail’ is actually about getting the over pass developed so who knows!

  • On the Eureka waterfront portion of this trail, they jack hammered the nice sidewalk and built the trail parallel to it. What a waste of money. When the trail enters old town guess where the trail walkers walk? That’s right, on the sidewalk.

  • I want my money back, along with 1400 others, we have signatures and money for a lawyer!

  • Wish the money was used on something other than non sense. The choices our city and county make are ridiculous. Parklets really? They paved over the bumps,the bumps are still there,and now the whole truck shakes and vibrates when we drive over it. It’s endless how many problems we have here. Make better choices. Think about us for a CHANGE

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