Free Admission to Humboldt Redwoods, Patrick’s Point, Prairie Creek, Richardson Grove and Other California State Parks for Veterans, Military Personnel Tomorrow

This is a press release from the California State Parks:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California State Parks honors the service of veterans, as well as active and reserve personnel, by offering free admission at 143 participating state parks on Veteran’s Day, Saturday, November 11.

“California State Parks is proud to offer free admission on Veterans Day to all active military personnel and veterans as gratitude for their service. We welcome veterans to the amazing natural and cultural resources of our state’s parks,” said California State Park’s Director Lisa Mangat.

Participating state parks include: 134 parks that are accessible with the “California Explorer” Annual Pass; the California State Railroad Museum; and eight State Vehicular Recreation Areas. Veterans, active duty and reserve military personnel must show a valid military ID in order to receive free admission.

These include many parks that honor historic military sites or veterans from the Mexican American War to the Cold War, including:

Angel Island State Park

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park

El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park Fort Humboldt State Historic Park

Fort Ord Dunes State Park

Fort Tejon State Historic Park Marconi Conference Center Mount Diablo State Park

Point Sur State Historic Park

San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park Sonoma State Historic Park               @CAStateParks 1

DPR 985 (Rev. 2/2016)(Word 2/23/2016)

Additionally, the California Railroad Museum will offer steam locomotive excursions, and Railtown 1897 State Historic Park will offer excursions behind a former military locomotive. For more information, contact the Railroad Museum at 916-323-9280 or or Railtown 1897 at 209-984-3953 or

AB 150 (Olsen), signed by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. in 2013, authorizes California State Parks to offer veterans, active duty, and reserve military personnel from the United States Armed Forces and the National Guard of any state a reduced or free-day use at participating state parks.

Responsible for almost one-third of California’s scenic coastline, the California State Park system includes 280 parks, beaches, trails, wildlife areas, open spaces, off-highway vehicle areas and historic sites. It consists of approximately 1.59 million acres, including over 339 miles of coastline, 974 miles of lake, reservoir and river frontage, approximately 15,000 campsites and alternative camping facilities, and 4,456 miles of non-motorized trails.

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  • All State Parks should be free for veterans ALL year.

  • I agree a real left handed invite by a lefty, a veteran can take his family to the park when its cold an raining during school months. then they pin a medal on them an say pay for your own healthcare. when will it stop?

    • you should probably not look at the proposed tax cuts for 30,000-40,000 bracket under the GOP plan. the word “cut” doesn’t apply.

      • did you really think you would or some one you know get a tax cut, it doesn’t make a bit of difference about the politician, left or right everyone is a liar and a cheat. look around.

        • “The top Republicans in the House and Senate have now walked back false promises about their tax bills’ impact on the middle class.” after being daylighted by the New York Times earlier today these idiots now agree that the middle class will see a tax increase and not a cut.

          • At least the information is getting out before the bill was frogged marched through. Remember Obama’s “If you like your doctor” lies and Pelosi’s “You can read the bill after it passes?” Dumb Republican’s are definitely not as well herded as the Democrats- they keep heading out in their own directions.

            • “By 2026, 45 percent of middle-class families would pay more than what they would under the existing tax system.”
              they aren’t dumb. they are crafty, evil, and corrupt.

  • Our Veterans should have free access to every single piece of our Public Lands, everywhere, all days, and including their families. This gesture is so cheap as to be embarrassing…
    THANKS TO ALL OUR VETS! (Deserves to be shouted out.)

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