Family Releases Name of Man Missing and Presumed Dead After Falling in the Ocean Near Trinidad

DeWayne SuperKid Ashley Jeremy Ashley

Jeremy Ashley AKA DeWayne SuperKid in the center

Yesterday, around 2:20 p.m., Jeremy Ashley, a 29-year-old Humboldt County man was reported missing after a fall into the ocean from a rock in the College Cove Beach area near Trinidad. A Coast Guard helicopter and members of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department searched for him for several hours before calling off the search as darkness fell.

According to Michael Ashley, Jeremy’s brother, no body has yet been located.


Earlier Chapter: Person ‘Swept Out to Sea’ in Trinidad Area; Emergency Personnel Attempting Rescue



  • Wow !!! How Sad…

  • Willow creek local

    Shits so crazy. Rest in peace brother. We loved you. Still cant believe this is real

  • Sad Day. RIP BROTHER

  • It’s sad to lose one so young. Condolences to the family and friends. Lesson to be learned: always respect the land and the ocean. Tragedy can follow hard upon the smallest mistake when you deal with the power of nature. Tread carefully on the earth, like crossing a stream in winter, even when everything looks safe.

  • I still can’t believe you are gone Roach. We watched you grow from a teen to a respectable young man. From playing with our kids at video store, to watching you battle it out in the ring. You were always the source of a big smile and a good laugh, despite the troubles you faced. My family and I will miss you dearly. May you rest in comfort and peace my friend.
    We love you,
    The Allens

  • My sympathy to the family for their loss.

  • I don’t know him , but my sincere condolences to his family to have lost a beautiful soul

  • I was a fellow basketball official fortunate to have worked w Jeremy and his words of wisdom were always “be like water”. I’ll really miss him. He was full of life and love. My heart goes out to his family.

  • Friendly Observer

    Jeremy was a very kind soul. I spoke with him just Wednesday at Costco.

    This is a tragedy of the greatest of proportions.

    I hope beyond hope that reports of Jeremy’s passing amount to one huge mix-up.

    Jeremy, your affable nature and gentle manner will serve you well wherever your spirit travels.

  • My condolences to the family. May Jeremy rest in peace.

  • RIP

    Its easy to slip, our coastlines very unforgiving.

    Sending love to his family and friends.

  • Bummer. Did he trip, was he doing something unwise? Knowing could save lives!

  • That’s my buddy Roach! He was a cool kid through high school RIP Brother😔

  • Very sad to read. My heart goes out to the family. A couple of weeks ago at State Beach, right next to College Cove, a woman was seen going into the water w/out a wetsuit & never came back. They called the Coast Guard & searched for her body for hours. We were surfing Camel Rock zone & could see a boat & helicopter searching into the dark. This was never in the paper & no one in town of Trinidad I have talked to have seen,read or heard any follow up. 2 people presumed dead in same stretch of water in last month. Very sad & kind of creepy for those of us that surf the area. Any follow up on the missing woman would be appreciated Kym. Call the Coast Guard or Trinidad fire department to confirm the incident. I really appreciate your reporting & my heart is broken for the loss of this fine & healthy looking young man. Such a tragedy. I cannot imagine the pain his friends & family must be feeling right now.

  • Sad, very sad…

  • He is not the first to have fallen from the rocks and cliffs, or get stranded as tide came in along our coast. It has happened at Patrick’s Point several times. The young always think they are invincible. I have two like that and it’s very maddening for parents. Condolences to the family for this tragedy.

  • This is so tragic, Jeremy was a very handsome, respectful and sweet young man. without a doubt he was taken way to early. I’m blown away by this news. I pray for his family and friends left behind. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Though officials are no longer looking, search parties continue to go out as tides allow. Anyone who would like to help look for him is welcome, but please, please be safe! One tragedy is one too many already.

  • We were out today at agate beach and college cove and our group had drones searching the hard to reach areas. So far only a shoe has been found. We will all keep looking as much as we can. Anyone else that is out looking, please please be careful. Don’t unnecessarily put yourself in danger to find him.

  • Maybe warning signs,ropes,something to warn folks of the dangers. We know because we live here. My condolences to his family. I hope they recover him quickly 🕊

  • He refereed for my group, that ref jr. High girls and boys locally. He was an outstanding ref, worked well with his game partners always, loved by players and many coaches as well, we our officiating team ( I ) especially will miss him RIP OUR FRIEND..🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀♥♥
    Carlos Avelar

  • He was such a kind and gentle young man. I am praying for his family and friends through this tragic time.

  • So sad to hear – I so hope maybe since they have found a shoe that perhaps he came back to shore and is stranded somewhere along the shoreline. However, if otherwise RIP Jeremy RIP, I know we had crossed paths while I lived in Humboldt, not sure whether Video store or Costco or other but you look very familiar and it’s hard to forget a smile, a spirit, a face as gentle as yours.

  • RIP, Roach I always looked forward to your calls and always tried to give you the best fight advice.pretty much what I should have done and nothing I did do . guys in Sacramento still ask how is that phenom of a kid we all dupped “Super Kid” that took on the beast James Franshire. That no one wanted to fight is he still living his dream. No one that doesn’t call you brother has ever met you Roach. Like always where ever you have trained you left a lasting impression of being skilled in your trade you were always kind to everyone that rolled from hoopa to Sacramento you are known as the Super Kid. Sam,Jed and I just didn’t loose and friend but a brother and believer that Humboldt has some of the toughest fighters to step in the cage . fighting was Roaches life but family was the most important to him and if you were ever in his circle of friends consider yourself blessed . my prayers go out to our family and friends and any one that truly knew you Roach . love you kid .

  • My son, Jeremy Ashley, died at 22 in 2009. He was a Valedictorian and an athlete. He also stepped into the cage in Indianapolis as an MMA fighter. I offer prayers to the family. It’s a long road of grief without your son.

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