An Automated License Plate Reader Helped Petaluma Police Nab McKinleyville Woman in Stolen Vehicle

Press release from the Petaluma Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

hannah mouserOn November 10, 2017 at 3:45 pm officers were alerted to stolen silver Chevrolet Malibu, by an automated license plate reader, affixed to a Petaluma Police Department patrol vehicle. Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle and it fled eastbound on East Washington Street and entered southbound Highway 101. The vehicle continued traveling at a high rate of speed, passing vehicles on the shoulder and center median of the highway driving in excess of 90 MPH.
The vehicle exited on Rowland Blvd., Novato and continued westbound. The vehicle drove over the center median into oncoming traffic at Rowland Blvd. and Redwood Highway. The suspect vehicle collided with an eastbound vehicle on Rowland Blvd. The suspect was traveling approximately 45 MPH and made no effort to stop. The suspect continued westbound on Rowland Blvd. The pursuit was terminated using a pursuit intervention technique.
The driver and sole occupant in the vehicle was later identified as Hannah Mouser of McKinleyville, CA.
Mouser was placed under arrest for violations of 496 d (a) PC, possession of stolen vehicle, and 2800.2(a) VC, felony evading. Mouser additionally had four outstanding, felony, no bail arrest warrants from Humboldt County. Mouser was transported to Sonoma County Jail and booked into custody for the above violations.



  • Apparently the catsers beat the mousers this time 🐭🐱

  • Hope that poor fellow that got hit is alright. Sucks to have your vehicle likely totaled when you are just going along minding your own business and some reckless loser smashes into you while fleeing instead of facing up to the consequences of her actions. Definitely not a victimless crime here.

  • I am wondering why our the local governments don’t outfit street sweepers with license plate readers. They could download the information at the end of the shift. The information could then be sent to Law enforcement about any stolen vehicles and vehicles with expired registration parked on the street.

    • The stoplights in eureka have the same license plate readers.
      Just another area where local law enforcements not doing their job.
      If you can pay them off you can get them to do anything for you, so if you want them to look for anything stolen give them a private “donation”.
      Tho our neighborhood did finally get a response after 6 months of breakins after calling thompson and mcguires offices to complain.

  • Score one for the Orwellian Surveillance State!

  • what is on her neck?

    looks like a weed tattoo, proving again marijuana users commit crime and have no respect for anyone around them.

  • I recently watched a CHP on 101 in Ukiah using his plate scanner to scan every car northbound. He would pull up in the blind spot and hover for a few seconds, then move up to the next car and scan them. Hard to beat the man when he has such impressive tech. Only a murderous fool would try to run.

  • Meanwhile, how many innocent people had their movements recorded?

    • Gee, I dont know Bushytails, scared of something? I DO know that innocent people ARE killed by idiot criminals like this woman however. Our laws about using vehicles as weapons need to catch up with our other laws.

      • On the other hand if they didn’t chase her some innocent person wouldn’t have been involved in the accident, someone could have easily been killed.

    • Thousands, I wouldn’t care if they didn’t keep the data, and just pursued criminals, but I don’t like the idea of the government monitoring every move the people make and storing the data, o well it’s the world we live in now I guess.

  • Your license plate can be read by a satellite if they choose to use it.
    If youve never read 1984 and Brave New World, do it now.
    Benjamin Franklin said
    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”. 

  • Why are cops working for insurance co’s now .Car theft should not be a priority .90 mile an hr car chase on the shoulder .The cops caused a deadly situation over a stolen car probably insured for theft .

    • Um, because vehicle theft is a crime, and the role of law enforcement is to enforce laws.

    • Who started it?! Seems to me that if you have some one that is a repeated offender and they are told to stop but run … the criminal is the one who started it by their series of bad choices and not obeying the commands to stop. The cop didn’t pull up and say “run m.f or I’ll blow your brains out!” and then the person fled. No… Had the criminal been law abiding, there would not have been a chase.

  • Plate scanners? Just park on Alderpoint road… probably keep a guy busy all day long.

  • That’s a D ride at Disneyland…

  • Lol its not weed its hard drugs

    Omg ……wow weed don’t make people do things like that ….that’s hard drugs. ….

  • I think she was thinking that if she was reckless enough they would curtail the chase. Someone is raising her 4 children. What a shame for them. Sad.

  • Unfortunately public safety aint like it used to be. Mistaken releases from jail, no punishment for missed court dates, lax attitude by liberal judges, complacent police which do “selective enforcement”. This all adds up to a major cluster-uck society. Only criminals would not appreciate the plate scanner. If honest, relax and live an honest life. If a low life puke, the faster to leave this earth the better.

  • What is a “pursuit intervention technique?”

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