Worried Mom Undergoing Chemo Treatments Asks Humboldt to Help Track Down Missing Son

Felix Desautels-Poirier
A worried mom undergoing chemo is asking for the public’s help locating her missing son.

“My son, Felix Desautels-Poirier, has been missing since Monday night,” explained Claudine Desautels. She said he was last seen at the end of South I street in Arcata near the marsh where he was sleeping with friends.

According to Desautels, “They were drunk, they went to sleep, and in the morning, he wasn’t there anymore, but his phone, wallet and more importantly, his glasses were left behind.” She explained that has her extremely worried because Felix “is so short sighted he would not recognise me without them…”

Felix Desautels-Poirier is 25 years old, 6’1”, and has green eyes.

The Arcata police have been notified, said Claudine. But she is asking everyone to look for her son. “He has to be hurt somewhere… Or drowned in the marsh…”
According to Sgt. Brian Hoffman of the Arcata Police, Felix Desautels-Poirier was last seen sleeping by a park bench near the Boat Launch. “We’ve done an extensive search,” he said. “We’re putting up missing person flyers. Below is the flyer. Please allow a minute for it to load.
If you have any information please contact the Arcata Police at (707) 822-2424.


  • He does not look tough enough for the marsh

  • john Taylor-Johnston

    Flyer doesn’t load

  • Best hopes and wishes to you nice lady that you find your son ,and have success in chemo therapy To her son call your mom she is going threw enough let alone worry about you. Don’t you think .

    • And Sgt Hoffman, may you win the lottery and retire on your own private island. And Felix’s friends, may you never get sick or run out of laughter for this beautiful world. And Felix’s mom’s chemotherapist, god bless them a million times. And don’t forget Kym. Thank you Kym, we wish you great success. There is so much love to give everyone! YOU! THE PERSON READING THIS COMMENT. I LOVE YOU. WE ALL LOVE YOU. I HOPE ALL YOUR RELATIONS BLOSSOM INTO LIFELONG CHERISHED MOMENTS!!!!

  • She let him sleep on the marsh -?

  • And pukereaka is the capital for the homeless .of northern calif.

  • Not true mogxty!
    Ours is much lower than most places, do some reading. SF and Seattle have huge camps, and in 12 months the homeless rate in LA went up an unprecedented 23%, most of whom are disabled/ill low income people mainly in the 65-80 year old bracket.
    Look up santa barbara, sacramento, etc etc and you’ll see. Since they broke up devils playground, many homeless are way more visible as theres nowhere for them to go. Many have jobs but dont make enuf to have first last & deposit.
    In big cities they try to push homeless into areas with low public presence, like industrial areas.

    • Well read and well said. Thank you for educating …

    • Actually many major cities, including San Francisco, LA, and Sacramento, have programs that bus the homeless to the north coast and it is actually creating a systematic destruction of the socioeconomic system here. It’s also leading to an increase in crime and missing persons cases in particular. Feel free to thank your local politicians who are receiving compensation from those running the relocation program!

  • Just as Junction City is in southern Oregon…time to move east. Where they aren’t trying to take my 2nd amendment rights away.

  • Well I hope they find the fucker Jesus….people do weird shit….

  • I passed a car with Quebec license plates just before Highway one cutoff towards Fort Bragg on Tuesday. Would he have been traveling with someone else from Quebec. There was a woman with light brown hair in the passenger seat. They looked like they had been traveling for some time based on amount of stuff in back seat.

    • This could be important. Have you passed it on to the Arcata police?

      • john Taylor-Johnston

        Yes thank you.
        A search is underway

        • I hope you find him. I don’t often see cars with Quebec license plates but I always look at them as it brings back childhood memories. Bonne sante a maman et j’espere que vous trouvez votre fils.

    • I read he was travelling with 3 friends down to Arcata.

    • We have a lot of friends from Sherbrooke, QC currently in Arcata, so it’s really hard to tell who it could be and if they’ve seen Félix. One thing’s for sure, they’re all aware that he’s missing as about 50 of us shared articles online, so they’re most likely actively looking for him.

  • I’m hoping and praying he’s ok. As a mom, I couldn’t imaging you fear and anxiety!

  • Pray for his safety. There are predators out there who get off on taking lives.

  • Just googled Felixs name to find out more but cant understand a single article because theyre all in French apart from this one!! Not very helpful given he went missing in an English speaking state of the US!! This is a serious issue that needs to be resolvef immediately by reaching out to US media outlets or no one in the US will even know hes missing! I only discovered this story through a youtube comment!!

  • What part of the marsh was he last seen?

  • claudine desautels (mom!)

    My son isn’t homeless! He was rich enough to travel in California! Please stay on look out for him, he must be hurt!

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