Michael Balt AKA Bigfoot: ‘Boisterous, Fun-loving, and Truthful to a Fault’

Michael Balt Bigfoot Michael Balt aka Bigfoot died October 13, 2017. “Foot” as he was known to his Salmon Creek neighbors was boisterous, fun-loving, and truthful to a fault. His enormous size 13 feet were smaller than his heart though. [Note: We have it on good authority that he actually had size 14 or 15 feet!]

On Saturday, November 18, neighbors and friends will be gathering at Cecil’s Restaurant in Garberville from 11-2 p.m. The event is catered so just come and bring your stories.



  • Rest in peace big fella happy trails

  • Cheers to you, I have never met a person that could possibly be too truthful.

  • To know Michael was to love him…or not! Either way he lived life on his own terms! I miss him…

  • SIZE 15 !! thus BIGFOOT! lol

  • I knew him from a 12 step program, He was very open and proud of being over 20 years sober. I enjoyed his personality as he was loud but gentle, loved a good joke and liked the ladies. Next to the Independent News He was the best place to go for all the local news and gossip. He will be missed. Shalom -may the peace of Jerusalem rest with your spirit my Gideon, my Josiah my Emmanuel. Love in Christ Jesus amen

  • See y’all there.. At 2 I’ll be going to Piercy for the memorial of their Bigfoot version.. Norm Hawk..

  • Long Time Salmon Creeker

    I am saddened at this news. I knew it was bad, ‘stage 4’ cancer, and somehow believed, as he did, at least for a while, that if anyone could beat it by force of will, Bigfoot could.
    Yet. We are all mortal…… and fallible. Michael (like me) was the latter, and was proven the former.
    Never known anyone quite like Michael. LOUD and opinionated. With a BIG laugh. A jokester. And yes, a BIG heart.
    Bigfoot built my house. Did an excellent job! Was a LOUD, fun job site. Michael taught me a lot about building. And he was a true friend to the end. I am grateful that I spent time with him earlier this year as he struggled to come to terms with what he was facing.
    Michael taught me something I had never thought about. As a man who was not inclined to use ‘alternative’ treatments, he said that as soon as people knew he had serious cancer EVERYONE had a suggestion of what he could do to cure /help himself (alternative type or more mainstream versions). And he specifically told me that he did not want anyone, except his Oncologist to give him treatment suggestions. While the suggestions I really wanted to offer came from my love of the man, I now understand how hearing all the suggestions could be overwhelming and stressful for the patient. So, I just let go of my inclination to ‘rescue’ him and just spent time, watching TV with him, and hearing his story.
    It is a sense of reality that a big, forceful man could die, and be so powerless.
    Michael was a loving man, a funny, stubborn and challenging man. He was a generous man, especially to the local Salmon Creek School.
    Losing Michael, like so many other neighbors, by death or having moved, etc., is yet another nail in the coffin of the real good old days, in the Salmon Creek community. Michael was much more than ‘another roadside attraction’ (old time Samuel’s Ranch folks may get the reference I am making šŸ˜‰ ).
    His presence will not be replaced. Michael and Bigfoot will be missed.

  • Another good man gone, gonna miss you Bigfoot

  • Rest in peace.

  • I am so saddened by this news. R.I.P Bigfoot

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