Humboldt County Election Results

Yesterday was Election Day in Humboldt County but, not everyone was asked to vote. Only some areas actually had anything to vote on. Below are the unofficial results of the balloting in the few races that were held.
Election night results Nov 2017



  • Good local news here! I always like to see lots of local news venues. Brava!
    Let the sun, shine in!

  • Yay, more bureaucracy and higher taxes!

  • The new CR trustees will end up putting the college back on accreditation on some kind of sanction in no time!

  • Rizzo on every corner

    It seems like there is a socialist government manager on every street corner of California trying to bring in a government supported ruling class and corresponding Venezuelian hell.

    • A ruling class would by defintion not be socialism.

      • Hmm, it’s too bad you weren’t around to explain that to Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Trotsky, Gorbachev, Marx, Tse-Tung, Pot and the Kim Dynasty just to name a few, you could have saved hundreds of millions of lives.

  • Way to go shelter Cove we have a great fire department and now it will get better

  • We already live in socialism. Obamacare. Taxed to death to support government/corporate structures. Taxed to death to support foreign invasions. Sounds like Adolf to me.

  • Its important we pay our taxes so we have roads people. Dont be such a hard ass! The fruits of your labor should and have to be taxed because without taxing you there wouldnt be any thing at all. Taxes should be increased so that funds are available to those that are unemployed or have struggles,finding good jobs. Then increased again for the honeless, we can build them houses and feed them, and to cover their healthcare. Especially in a place like humboldt with all the extea weed tax funds this shouldnt be a problem to impose on the taxpaiers. Once you hit them,hard with a tax they will conform and realize its the right thing to do.

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