[UPDATE 11:40 a.m.] Bread Truck Rolls Over Multiple Times on Hwy 101 Northbound Onramp From Rio Dell

 Franz breadtruck was involved in an accident

A Franz bread truck was involved in an accident this morning. [Photo provided by Brad Senseman]

At approximately 11:20 p.m., a semi carrying bread overturned at Wildwood Avenue onramp to Hwy 101, according to scanner traffic.  It reportedly rolled over multiple times but is now back on its wheels. The onramp is closed.

UPDATE 11:30 a.m.: Scanner traffic is now calling this a work van.

UPDATE 11:40 a.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page is reporting that this is a minor injury accident. According to the scanner, the 40-year-old driver was taken to the hospital by ambulance.



  • Melisa Wennerholm

    Any word on which bread company?

  • As Homer would say: DOUGH!!

  • That’ll teach ’em to “Haul Buns”!!!

  • Sounds like he needed a few more ROLLS !

  • Probably a big gust of wind caused him to lose control.

    • An excellent possibility judging by the wind out there the few minutes I was outside before the Rain hit up here in Bridgeville!!!

  • I know the driver…good to hear only minor injuries.

  • Don’t assume they were speeding…it could have been a deer or anything…why always assume the worst?

    • I was attempting to make a joke about it, not seriously saying they were speeding necessarily!!! I just couldn’t resist the Bakery Truck wrecking!!! In this weather, Anything is possible!!!

      • Something of this sort IS NOT a subject for humor. Just think if it were you or someone you really cared for. Humor? I don’t think so.

        • That load of bread is toast!

          I mean come on did you see the Larry David SNL opening monologue last weekend? Irony saves Gretzky scores! This next one is for all my desert people:

          Did you hear about that bread truck that crashed? Must have been an unleavened load.

  • I thought your joke was great Dan fuller ,and yes I too was watching the winds work the trees out here on riverside acres

    • I went outside quickly for a few minutes to cut a bit more kindling, hoping to dodge the rain completely!!! Unfortunately, I was a little late it just started to drip seriously when I went out the back door!!! ;-\

  • It’s a two axle van in the picture…not a semi.
    Doesn’t look like it rolled either…?

  • Hopefully it wasn’t Janet!??! She is a hard worker that doesn’t need this!

  • Bun and done !
    Did it land butter side down ?
    Braking bread .

  • Damn they are definitely out some dough, glad the driver is ok.

  • Hope the driver is okay, but I have to say, I think that’s some crappy bread.

  • That was a good one too Mr guest .lol

  • I guess he was trying to make some sweet rolls

  • You know how much bread an accident like that can cost? And the load of bread lost? Just need a dairy truck of butter to crash near by.

  • Before I breakdown and rye, I wanna say I loaf you.

  • Luckily this accident didn’t baguette another accident. If that occurred, naan of the results would brio k.

  • I’m going to the main store tomorrow for the crash sale. I’ll see all you loafers there good bunnies.

  • When you deliver bread stick to the speed limit or you’ll crust your truck.

  • If the truck had caught fire after it crashed, all of it’s content’s would have been toast,

  • My husband used to drive a milk truck with a bread trailer. The milk truck (three axle I think) carried a lot of weight and was stable on the road, even in high winds. The trailer
    was something else. The bread is carried on racks and the space inside is large but the overall weight (he also carried Bien Padre products, not that heavy either) wasn’t that
    much. Great as far as vehicle mileage but I’d driven behind him and seen the wind hit
    the trailer…
    I’d say this bread truck was probably high profile and low weight…given the permanent racks that held the racks the breads were on, the load wouldn’t shift.
    Ever driven a VW bus in a windy area? There’s a reason why some highways have caution signs about high-profile vehicles driving with caution.
    It all depends on where the wind is coming from, how it hits the truck (or car, or van) and the state of the road at the time.
    Wind sheer is most often mentioned during aviation accidents but the same meteorological aspects apply on land.
    Thankful to hear the driver suffered no serious injuries (but hope he’s thoroughly checked out, problems may arise later).

  • Wow,I hope their going to be ok!

  • Probably swerved to miss a dough crossing the road. I heard the van did donuts, not rolls.
    I just hope whoever kneaded bread got theirs!

    Of COURSE someone’s broken bread would get a rise out of the pun-dits!

  • Wow this was a fun accident to comment on. Good shit!

    • Fun accident? If it were any of all of your vehicles, I will bet you wouldn’t be laughing. The driver with his injuries, minor or not. The bread company with all the bread stock destroyed? The grocer, etc. not having the bread to sell, thus lowering his income for that day? The bread company loosing, at least the temporary use of the truck and the permanent $$$ to repair or replace the truck.

      The only one to make money on this is the tow truck company.

      Laugh all you want, but the next wreck could be you.

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