Trimmer Accused of Stealing Marijuana; Grower Doesn’t Want to Cooperate, Says Sheriff’s Department

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On 11-06-17 at about 6:24 AM four deputies and a Sergeant responded to the County Line Creek Rd area of Mad River for a reported marijuana theft in progress. It was reported the person watching the property had been hit on the head and suspects were actively stealing marijuana. Once on scene deputies were told that a trimmer was upset about not getting paid and arrived on the property with several subjects, one who was armed with a baseball bat. An unknown amount of marijuana was stolen and the suspects left the scene. The reporting party declined to cooperate with the investigation. These type of incidents are becoming more common place and are straining our limited resources.



  • Welcome to the weed game

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Did the trimmers come from Spain? Were they on Spanish Welfare? Does the grower smoke pot? Does he have more sex than everyone else?

    Did the grower have a permit? Was he served with a $10,000/day fine? Does he have ADA parking and restrooms?

    I really need more information about this incident…

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      And I want to report a story in progress, but I am torn up by my reluctance to cooperate with authority…

      I can authoritatively report that life in Humboldt is strange and bizarre while also being odd. I guess it had something to do with the confluence of Indian Summer with the onset of the full moon…

      • groba dude osnt trustafarian

        So 1000 pounds of weed is worth about $3000, right, and some fucked up old vehicles ended up in the river while the “Spanish Tourists” also had their super old vehicles stolen by swat teams…

        WHAT did we put in the mescaline this year? I don’t believe ANY of the shit I am reading this week…

        • You might want to back off the “mescaline” for a bit and get your bearings straight

          • groba dude osnt trustafarian

            Yes, it is a bit of a problem being the only person in Humboldt who is able to accurately test reality due to persistent sobriety…

            • You think you are the only sober person in Humboldt? Surely, I misunderstood what you are saying.

              • groba dude osnt trustafarian

                The statement refers to perception of what is going on. Trump calls stories like the above “phony news”, and I call it “stories I don’t believe”…

                I am sure there are other persons present in our fair county who habitually avoid drugs and intoxication, if only because they work for employers who are intolerant of druggies. I myself only get high when I accidently walk through a cloud in Garberville. Whew! Good shit! Made me dizzy!

                I should disclaim my scrawlings, say they are for “amusement only”, I expect… Bob, below, he gets it…

                Sorry if I offended you, Kym!

                • I think you sincerely care but when you rant negatively about a community, you are affecting it. You are blowing smoke that leaves a colored film behind obscuring the truth. If you are sincerely criticizing honestly problems you see, that is one thing. We all need to know when we are doing things wrong and how to better ourselves. But when someone just throws out wild rants thinking they are amusing without somehow (sarcasm font where are you?) making that clear, in my opinion, this only disheartens and depresses people without giving them tools to improve.

                  I know it disheartens me. Some days I just have to go outside, enjoy the beauty of this unique area, share a hug with a neighbor who generously helps out at the school, and listen to kids laughing before I remember this dark place that my comment section has become is not the world I live in.

                • groba dude osnt trustafarian


                  I needed a break, so I decided to separate from my employer, tour the state, think about something else…

                  We all have choices, alternatives. When things get too dark, go out in the light.

                  Everyone has something else. Don’t get buried by things. I have moods too!

                  Hang in there, Kym, and don’t take everything so seriously!

                • groba dude osnt trustafarian


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                  Songwriters: Lew Brown / Ray Henderson



      Did they scan the track-n-trace barcode to make sure it was from the humboldt plants they trimmed?

  • Well, with all the monies collected through the program it would seem there should be some of that allotted to getting more resources. Can’t wait to see how the counties put this to use as expensive as it is.

  • Why would you call the cops then decline to cooperate?

  • Could have much worse. No one died.

  • dope growers are scum of the earth.

  • tired of all this

    Limited resources indeed. Lack of brains apparent in all parties involved.


  • “These type of incidents are becoming more common place and are straining our limited resources.”

    In other words, pay your employees.

  • Pay your workers! Or do it your damn lazy self. We’ve unfortunately been down that road. This is the product of all the people who came here thinking they were going to get rich,WE’LL HOW IS IT WORKING OUT?

    • U tell em G mas. Dipshit weed growers with no money. Classic

      • Its not that they don’t have money as they are greedy and think they can string their trimmers along. Some of the growers after a season of partying and free sex with their trimmers, start making excuses about paying but it comes down to greed whether the trimmers are paid in weed or cash because what are the trimmers going to do? Run to the law and complain? Its all under the table with no accountability.

  • Expect much more of this as the scene collapses. Don’t forget to thank your local greerusher mega-growers for making so much money and balling so hard! And thank you everybody for grabbing all you could while you destroyed what we had developed here!! That’s really “taking advantage of an economic opportunity” as Trump would say.

    • "Got weed? " .. "Totes"

      Yes. Thank guys like this baller \/ who had an ENTIRE FLATBED-SEMI OF TOTES delivered up the creek today!! A fucking TRUCKLOAD. Of plastic totes.

          • I feel sick to my stomach. Could you message me privately?

            • Made me feel sick too. Greed. The darkness seen in the comment section is, in part, a reflection of the darkness that is out there in our community.

              • How does this prodigious quantity of material get moved around? I find it difficult to believe it`s hauled to Chicago, NY & DeMoine 50 or 80 lbs at a time in the trunk of Camrays & Priuses, etc. This is an enormous bulk; a huge logistics problem. I`m guessing most if it goes in semi trailers buried inside of legitimate cargo and the transport is well organized.

                Here`s a question: Do truckers know what`s in the trailer they`re pulling? Do they have access or are they sealed? How does the trucking industry work?

                A friend who is captain on a container ship (Maersk Line) told me he has no idea what is in the containers on board; only the level of hazard; i.e. non – hazardous, combustible, flammable, explosive, etc. They don`t have access without breaking a seal which is difficult to do and only done in emergency. Does trucking operate the same way?

      • Those totes are spendy too.

      • What happend to the good old days where you just use big black garbage bags

      • Yep, you know it’s harvest time when you see trucks loaded up with those plastic storage totes going to So Hum…I counted at least 5 trucks last Sunday afternoon alone while driving home from Eureka

  • Welcome to the world of legal & not legal weed Supervisors.

    You are destroying our way of life and should all be unemployed at the next election.

  • Let it burn! This whole pot industry is a joke and that even includes the “legal” grows. All these people are here to still try and get rich. It s not about medical at all just a bunch of money hungry d$ck bags.

    • C’mon…Marijuana is now legal to smoke recreationally so unless you are going to apply the same standard and say owners of vineyards, apple orchards, dairy farms are all “a bunch of money hungry d$ck bags,” you are applying an unfair standard to legal cannabis growers. If others are allowed to make money, why can’t they?

      • That is a good point, but the production of grapes an apples celery lettuce an almonds don’t bring every criminal robber an drug dealer to their counties. To rip off what they have grown with their money sweat an labor. like a good crop of cannibus.

      • Because pretty soon anyone with a spare room or even a big closet can grow the stuff.

        People will still be able to make money at it, some will be able to make a living even but the days of big bucks for relatively little risk are gone.

        And hopefully the days of eco-disaster grows will follow!

      • Who would the growers get a loan from to pay employees?
        This commerce is at a disadvantage because the feds won’t legalize it.

      • Actually weed has been banned for the la

        Double standards abound!!

        Pretty ironic that the same folks that once were unified in their outlaw lifestyles kept secret and safe with each other, now tsk tsk and finger point over “infractions,” and “compliance. ” as if banning any activity ever did anything.

        • I think some folks are pretty dang tired of watching folks trash the environment. It’s pretty frustrating for me personally.

          • Going incognito after this lol

            Personally ? I feel u.. tho the brush of perceived environmental impacts is a broad one right now. It’s the go-to complaint. All this fuss over what precisely? I see a lot of finger pointing, which in light of the egregious logging and local industrial messes and the flagrant disobedience to any prior “bans” around reefer makes people look miopic and self serving. The secretive non-compliance served EVERYONE in the past, but now if someone holds a packet of papers and has performed some hoop jumping they consider themselves to be authorized to condemn neighbors (former comrades) … As if in the past 25y they have all lived squeeky clean law abiding lives.. hah!

            My biggest bitch goes right back to the plethora of indoor grow generators running 24/7 for years on end!!! God. Those unseen cancer-causing stream-destroying deisel particulates and run off already pretty much trashed this place in the 90’s !! Where’s the upset over THAT “trash the environment” act?

            No blogs to post to then I guess, or they were all our friends, so must not matter…

            • I think that some of us, I know myself personally, have had “our consciousness raised” and now hate to see things we might have formally done ourselves. I like to hope that most times that means that I can hate the sin and love the sinner knowing that I screwed up before and should have sympathy for someone else going through the process. But, sometimes someone so consistently exceeds the bounds of good behavior and lies, obfusticates, and generally is just such a jerk to the earth and his/her neighbors that I have lost any sympathy that I might once have had. And instead are more concerned with looking any future grandkids in the eye and not having to say that I put up with watching an nearby property be destroyed so much that it was affecting the whole watershed just so I wouldn’t upset my neighbors and violate the code.

    • Jealousy is an unbecoming attribute.

  • You want to grow dope man up and let your balls drop pussy. Tired of these Motherfuckers straining our system. Get your own security you want to have $10 million sitting in the hills get security don’t get my tax paying fucking sheriffs out there that’s bullshit

    • There’s just one Sheriff per county. And, he or she is elected. Hence, we do not have a Sheriff. The four items on the alleged Supes. job description are: protect the air space above Humboldt, protect the forests, protect the rivers, maintain and repair the roads. Instead we have artificial greenhouse-grown plants from clones, in contaminated soil, sprayed w/toxic pesticides, quick dry, skip the cure time, trim by machine, pack and stamp “Humboldt” by Track and Trace from Switzerland, and blessed by a less-than-a-year-from-San Diego Planning Director. The pesticides are killing nearby trees and forest animals who get to close to the poison, not to mention, leaching into the rivers. All for? Pacific Ga$ & Electric, parent to PG&E, and now Redwood Coast Energy AUTHORITY -a “Community Choice?” Not! More taxes that WE DID NOT VOTE ON. I think that makes six, beginning with the infamous (simple majority vote that needed 2/3) million-a-month Sales Tax Meas. Z.

      Jeff Dolf claims to be the Agriculture Commissioner in Humboldt, Del Norte AND Trinity. Amazing how he can be in three places at the same time. These people gotta go!


    It is crucial to define the difference between “legal” and “lawful.” The generic Constitution references genuine law. The present civil authorities and their courts use the word “legal.” The following is from A Dictionary of Law (1893):

    Lawful. In accordance with the law of the land; according to the law; permitted, sanctioned, or justified by law. “Lawful” properly implies a thing conformable to or enjoined by law.

    Legal. Latin legalis. Pertaining to the understanding, the exposition, the administration, the science and the “practice:” as the legal profession, legal advice; legal blanks, newspaper. “Legal” looks more to the ‘letter of the law’ [form]. And “lawful” to the spirit of the law. “Legal” is that the proceeding is correct in method, that rules prescribed have been obeyed. A writ or warrant issuing from any court, under color of law, is a “Legal” process, however defective.

    Legal matters administrate, conform to, and follow rules. They are equitable in nature and are implied (presumed) rather than actual (express). A legal process can be defective in law. To be legal a matter does not have to follow the law.

    Lawful matters are ethically enjoined in the law of the land – the law of the people – and are actual in nature, not implied.

    Legality is not reality.

  • Don’t forget to get SOLID references on ALL your workers! Who knows, these violent douches could have been told they would get paid next week and assumed the worst.

  • Punch a Bigot in the Face

    The county and the sheriff liked the old way…. Farmers got robbed all the time (sometimes even by cops)….. Rumors are that cops were responsible for some murders during these robberies, they liked the old way because the farmers never called in the robberies, the farmers usually “handled it”, meaning they took the bite, and sometimes they even bit back! The problem is the farmers had become an easy target, robbers and criminals robbed them knowing they would not be risking arrest as farmers didn’t dare call 911, in the day, if you called 911 you too would be arrested. This pattern created a system where criminals came to prey on growers just like the task force, the deer and the russet mites…. we are now seeing the extent of the robberies as legal farms who pay taxes now pay “protection money” in the form of Taxes to our local incorporated “for profit” county and state governments. If we tax the farmers, we must provide law enforcement and equal rights under the law to these farmers, it seems 50 years of smashing down doors, tearing crying babies out of their crying mothers arms, shooting the family dog, dumping 2000 gallons of diesel fuel on the ground and calling in fish and game didn’t work, isn’t the only fair thing to do is treat farmers equally regardless if they farm cattle, wine grapes, apples tobacco or cannabis…… what is stem of the hatred that permeates the common anti-pot persons psyche….. they are truly laughable bigots by any sense of the term. They like the Ives more than cannabis farmers… how ludicris.. Good grief!

    • You bring up a lot of great points there.


      None of that would have happened if they weren’t illegally growing drugs.

      • Yeah, you are correct. Because no corrupt government officials have ever abused their power over innocent citizens…


          None of that would have happened if they weren’t illegally growing drugs.

          Gov’t screws all industry eventually. But all the stuff mentioned is avoidable

    • So true. Over the years (especially in the late 90s) everyone I’ve known who has been busted either growing or transporting says half of the weed and most of the cash mysteriously disappears prior to the paperwork being filled out. And who was going to say, no your honor, actually it was twice as much pot and a bunch of cash?
      I’ve also heard from people within the justice system there have been plenty of bodies found with bound wrists and ankles and they rule it “natural causes” to avoid the unsolved cases stacking up. And how many will never be found? It’s sad. Even if they were thieves I feel for their families who will never get that closure.


    “These type of incidents are becoming more common place and are straining our limited resources.”

    Calling 911 when your drugs get stolen

    • If you are so against drugs and wasting of limited resources do you have any idea how greedy big Pharma is? Or do you have a preference for chemicals in a laboratory over a natural plant?

    • Our resources are pissed away because cops squander them on bullshit. They love the massive overtime they get every year cutting down pot plants, knowing full well it will not make a dent in the supply of weed. They salivate over the seizures they might make and target farms with lots of toys. Who are the real criminals here? Meanwhile, burglaries, deadly drugs and other serious crime is treated with levity; the scumbags who perpetrate these crimes are out the next day. Retail stores are too scared to chase thieves so the thieves steal with impunity and we all pay for it while “law enforcement” has fun fucking around playing GI Joe out in the woods. Open your eyes and direct your misguided anger where it belongs. Walter White was an asshole because he let his greed get the better of him but Hank Schrader abused his power and was a hypocrite who betrayed the public trust. Fuck Hank Schrader!


    Fake SWAT: Give us the weed!”
    Grower: “My trimmers already stole it”

  • If the county isnt hitting you hard enough these guys will!

  • Its the least they can do.

    It’s ironic because when my motorcycle was stolen and I found it partially stripped, the police made sure to let me know I was wasting their time reporting the incident. I was confused by their complete lack of personality, let alone care. The officer involved in this incident isn’t doing his job, he’s doing the community a grave disservice by publicly belittling the reporting of a serious crime. If he’s more ncerned about their “resources” than the reporting of a crime in the first place, his badge is on backwards. The officer could encourage the public to press charges without insulting people who don’t press charges but do let the department know about serious crimes.


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