This Friendly Bear Needs Giant-Sized Loving; Have You Got a Heart Big Enough?

A concerned reader emailed us about this dog that’s listed on Redwood Pals Rescue. If you know someone who can help get him into a forever home, please pass this along to them.

Bear-large brindle dogBear is a two-year-old larger male mixed breed dog. He is about 75 pounds and has a short haired, dark brindle coat. He could have some Mastiff in his mix, possibly some Bull Dog, likely some Pit Bull. This big boy is consistently very friendly with dogs of all sizes, from the tiny breeds and puppies to dogs closer to his own size. Occasionally people ask us about dogs that look intimidating without actually being so; this is one of those dogs. He is happiest when he gets to go out for a walk with one of the other dogs or visit with the puppies in the play yard. Bear is a strong dog, but with regular exercise and some consistent training, his leash manners will continue to improve. Our volunteers have been surprised that he is easier to walk than they have expected, just based on his size. He also has a good sit, responds well to direction and is affectionate. Come meet this big fellow and be surprised at what a nice dog he is! Do to his size, probably not a candidate for a home with small children; older children should be fine.
Email for more information about Bear!

There are several other dogs that need to be adopted that are listed on Redwood Pals Rescue . If you’d like to make a donation to Redwood Rescue Pals, you can do so at:



  • I would take him but got 2 rescue dogs and a needy neighbors dog .do I’m full up hope he finds a good loving home.

  • How can they say he’s not a candidate for a home with small children because of his size and not that anyone who adopts him should show they can be responsible and expert enough to ensure he is under control? It’s not that he is a flaming aggressive dog. Chihuahuas are that. But it is that dogs with that breeding and size are capable of great damage and should only be owned by those who understand that.

    • It’s more to the fact that he will probably over power a small kid. Not aggressively but just due to his size and young age. I have a large pit and he constantly knocks my toddler around just trying to be pet and play.

  • Another back yard pit bull…..

  • My Labrador knocked my little children over with her tail. They got used to it. She’d never hurt them on purpose, but I could see why somebody with small children might prefer to be more cautious than to have a dog like that.

    • I pretty much have no matching sets of glasses left in my house thanks to my Lab’s tail, but I’d trust him around any kid in the world. You could yank that tail while he was in the middle of eating and the only think you would have to worry about is an over anxious tongue.

      • I watched a strange toddler sudden sit on my lab who was laying down watching the party. After a moment she sighed, simply stood up, dumping the kid off, went a couple of feet over and laid down again. 80 pounds of tolerant good judgement all her life.

        There is a difference that matters. Denying that is denying reality. “Pit bulls and Rottweilers accounted for 76% of fatal attacks from 2005 to 2016- Canine Journal” Any dog can bite but it’s a combination of a dog built and bred to do the most damage out of its bite with owners who like that image but don’t like the work that should come with it that means real danger.

        • Huh thats funny cuz a friend was just attacked by a lab mix, scary ass dog.
          Did some serious damage just from him saying hi at a friends house.

          This dog looks more mastiff, and they even say may have some pit. Why dont you go meet the dog and see before suggesting its a mean dog.
          You can grab stats from anywhere, how was that study quantified? How many participants over how big of a geographical area? What issue of the mag is said study in?

          You can make a study have whatever result you want by tweaking the stats, and unless you understand stats well, you’ll have no idea whether a study is accurate or not. Stop lumping all pits together. Ive seen german shepherds do worse, they were bred in germany and here to attack people!!!

  • He looks like a presa canario, i have2 of them. They are great dogs. I would take him in a heart beat, beautiful boy. Hope he finds a great home…But, my big guy is about 140 hyper and almost knocks me over a lot.

  • Kym, I see you are doing a lot for these guys and the Mateel. Every time I think the same thing so I am posting that thought. Hope you have worked out something where they are comping you for your generosity, no skin off their back, just some quick paper work stating agreed time and terms so you get a write off for free advertising to non profits. You are the best!

  • Kym you are so awesome .

  • I am looking for a Golden retriever pup? Any leads? I need a hunting dog to train from an early age, So sorry cannot take dog somebody has already ruined. Stupid runs down the leash.

  • There’s always one in every thread, even in the kindness of dog adoption sites. We don’t need to hear your ‘wit’. Let’s let this be about this dog that needs a home and not you? I’d take him in a minute if I didn’t now live 2500 miles away. Hope he finds the fabulous home he deserves!

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