Men Wearing Swat Type Gear Robbed Two Men of Their Vehicles

Stolen Blue truck Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On 11-02-17 at about 8:20 Pm Deputies were dispatched to Bair Rd in the Redwood Valley area for an armed robbery that had just occurred. Once on scene the two victims told the Deputies earlier they had stopped at the gate to their property just off Bair Rd. While stopped two males came out of the dark and pointed rifles at them. Both males had something covering their faces and were wearing “Swat” type gear. The suspects were described as white or possibly Native American. One was in his late 20’s and the other likely in his 30’s or 40’s. The suspects demanded money and marijuana. The victims told them they didn’t have either. The victims were ordered out of the two vehicles they had been driving and the suspects took their shoes. The suspects then got into each of the vehicles and drove away. The suspects were last seen headed towards Hoopa. There was possibly a red Ford truck following the suspects.

Stolen vehicle #1 1991 blue Ford F-150 regular cab pickup Ca lic# 6K24346
Stolen vehicle #2 2006 Silver 4-door Toyota Tundra pickup Ca lic# 8B88852

The Sheriff’s Office is asking for the publics help locating the stolen vehicles or suspects. Please call 911 immediately if either is spotted. The suspects should be considered armed and dangerous.

Earlier Chapter: They Gave Him His Med Bag Back But Stole His Truck and Phone



  • Malasia airlines? they had the whole world to look for it! This is 2 pickups in Humbolt.

  • They are stripping the cars as we speak ,and our lame sheriff’s dept sucks .if they are caught they will be O R ,and Maggie won’t prosecute because she can’t prove it beyond the reasonable doubt that’s what she told me .so the poor victims get screwed all the way around. Which really sucks ,but thats our justice system ,so the common criminal plays like it is Disney land .here in Humboldt. Example marci kitchen so called case .

  • Hogranch and Mogtx, PLEASE work on your spelling, grammar and punctuation. You are both prolific posters, but your posts read like word salad and gibberish.

  • Terrible what happened. Seems like it matters who the person is that gets robbed, etc. Shouldn’t be that way; everyone counts. If the violent criminals were pursued and put behind bars until they are too old to cause trouble, that would stop alot of it.


  • Why did the first story state that it happened in Willow Creek and now it is Mendocino County?

  • Its time to have big brother watching and have security cameras installed in all parks. I hate the idea but we have no means of catching these swatters and putting them in jail. Point brought up about older cars being rented???? that puts the red flag warning on their statements. Did a police report get filed officially so if they perjured themselves we can prosecute.

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