[UPDATE 9:08 p.m.] Man Hit by Vehicle That Left the Scene

Hit and run

Background photo by Oliver Cory

A man was struck by a vehicle on Wildwood Avenue not far from the Police Department in Rio Dell just before 9 p.m. The vehicle left the scene. Though an ambulance was requested, the victim was apparently able to walk. He is going to be taken to Redwood Memorial Hospital, however.

The California Highway Patrol is responding to the scene of the incident to investigate.

UPDATE 9:08 p.m.: The victim has refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital.



  • It’s way to expensive to go to the hospital.Lots and lots of folks can’t afford insurance,like us! We used to! SENDING MY HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES TO ALL THE FAMILY’S IN TEXAS, so horrifying a man who wasn’t supposed to buy guns DID😭

  • What? He didn’t want to sit in the er with a bunch of addicts for 4 hrs and then be told he was good to go home ,and here is a bill for 1500 bucks cause you dont qualify for Obamacare, mandate health for people that won’t go to the hospital, isn’t that like a car insurance mandate even if you don’t own a car lmao

    • Isn’t car insurance for even those who might not have had a wreck yet? and health insurance for even those that might not have gone to the hospital yet?

      • Insurance is supposed to be for unforseen problems like wrecks or home fires, but somehow when it comes to health insurance people expect it to pay for normal health ie check ups etc. It is compareable imo to auto insurance being expected to pay for oil changes , tune ups and tires, or home insurance to cover lawn care , hot water heaters and other maintance items. That is why the cost is so high. Granted normal health check ups are supposed to reduce the amount of serious health problems where a policy would need to pay out more, but that is no differant than maintaining a car truck boat or home.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Well, yeah, it’s way different because poor car maintenance just means a dead car, but poor pesonal maintenance just means a dead ME! So, like, that’s the take-home, bottom-line DEAL.

          • Well why should others pay more so people can abuse their bodies and health ? Imo if someone wants to live an abusive life, thats their right, but not mine or anyone elses responsibility

      • Ok let’s make it the same, car insurance is based on driving history ,and type of vehicle , health insurance should be based on past or current addictions

        • Well auto insurance is based upon more than past problems, it is also based upon gender, but when the adha was proposed females who normally pay a third less for auto insurance but use health care alot more than males , and not just for reproductive health were outraged at the thought of rates including gender, yet to this day i have yet to hear one single peep from female groups about how they should have to pay more for auto insurance to help cover the costs males need to pay

          • Was thinking more along the lines of a speeding ticket being equal in the health insurance game , as being caught with speed on you or in you

        • your car insurance is also based on your location (ie: the amount of claims in your area). the Bay Area compared to Arcata is a $200 annual savings.

      • Many people can’t afford healthcare.

        • Well many people should do other things for work. Peace corpse military etc are just a couple of jobs that take just about anyone that provides health care. If it is important to you , you will make a sacerfice to get it. Often times what you want to do and what you have to do are 2 differant things.

          • Peace Corps does not “take just about anybody”. Get your facts straight.

            • You got my point, join the military, earn that healthcare like everyone else. Stop expecting others to pay for your health problems from your crappy food and fast lane life style. Some people will spend thousands they dont have for a new shiny but cry a river if they have to spend their own money for a service they need to stay healthy

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Auto insurance is based on the concept of driving as a privilege for which you can be held responsible through mandatory licensing and insurance. Insurance that covers losses to the victimized driver(s), including medical care, is required. Car insurance is one cost of driving.

        Yet, somehow, many people fail to see health insurance as a cost of living. Everybody’s free to be so free but who pays the medical and dental bills? Obamacare ( Affordable Care Act) was a small step in the direction that successful nations have taken, but it is now being dismantled rather than improved upon by the victorious Trumpsters. So proud.

        • Auto insurance is required in many states to simply own a car wither or not it is driven, also home insurance is also required by all lenders. Unless you have goverment seriously in your home and completely in your life there is no way to ensure that the risks are being covered by the risk takers. People that dont take risks with their health and live lifestyles that promote wellness should not be forced to cover the extra costs of those that decide not to. To think or imply anything else is foolish

        • Obamacare wasn’t a step in the right direction, if everyone needs health insurance then make it a flat rate for everyone,no government supplements or handouts , get a,second job if you can’t afford it, maybe ask a parent or if your elderly maybe your kids to help out but don’t burden people of this country becasuse you think you are owed something

  • So now we’re calling it Left the scene ??
    Hit and Run has gotten so common you have to change the name?
    The medical industry has gone rouge , my doctor’s office charged me 500.00 bucks for a simple procedure he’s done for free during my yearly physical twice before, no oh by the way we charge for this now. Thanks O’bummer. Who gets the bill for the ambulance?

    • Writers try to break up the monotony by not using the same words too often. There is no nefarious plot.

    • The victim will get the bill for the ambulance even though they didn’t go to the hospital. The ambulance was called, you get the bill. Been there, been billed…. $300

      • Boy, Howdy! I was charged for an ambulance called by a neighbor who witnessed my taking a little “bump.” When a HELICOPTER showed up, I’d already come-to and refused to be loaded up. Finally, the helicopter pilot assured me, in the presence of witnesses (thank goodness,) that if I couldn’t afford the trip that the company would “write off my bill.” When the bill arrived, it was over $2500!
        It took me 2 years to call that promise in; and I had to resort to making payments of $3 a month in the meantime…which preserved my credit rating.
        My method: Return the monthly bill with 3 one-dollar bills individually stapled to the invoice. The more staples the better. And include a carbon-copy recounting of the incident and promises and witnesses. Stand your ground.
        In the end, I was out about $48 in payments. But I was smiling…

        • lol…remember the book of yore, “Get Even” by George Hayduke, 1981?
          very creative and even had a few scruples.
          i believe…wasn’t 1981 the year Homo sapiens began genetically deleting the scruples chromosome…? well, it’s mostly gone now. i have a little personal stashed in a jar….shhhhh…

          my, how times have changed. people more so.
          hell, corporations are people too.

          suggested for use ONLY if you feel that some corporate bureaucratic entity (think suddenlink or utility companies (PG&E!), there is a dispute with your bill and feel you’re are being ignored, screwed, harassed and harangued by this corporation.

          book suggests you pay that offending corp on time – not only in full but add an
          extra $0.03.
          do this for 6 months running.
          and then…
          you continue to submit the payments ON TIME, BUT NOW you submit the payment that’s $0.03 LESS than your owed monthly balance.

          the reasoning: (back then) billing /accounting systems began being computer generated.
          oh what a delight to those corp bureaucrats as it eliminated man hours (“you’ve been replaced by a button”) and shoveled the savings into CEO pockets and there ya have it, a much heavier golden parachute…

          the book claimed when a computer went to crunch your billing acct #’s, well, it did not compute. those poor AI units virtually freaked out and then spit your shit out where it had to then be accounted for by a real Homo sapiens on a real adding machine.

          the new corp shining star, ‘Happy – Humming – HAL – The – New – AI – In – Accounting’ was already paid for AND was it also paid for itself (and then some) as a long term tangible asset with its very own ‘nice tax write off’, ie: corporate welfare.AND best of all, HAL didn’t need bathroom breaks, wasn’t a chronic complainer and never sloshed around at work while hung over.

          that accountant was being paid out of payroll + FICA + fed & st tax – back then – even good benefits!
          (but still, many accountants may have felt that their CEO’s idea of a ‘loyal employee accountant bonus’ amounted to only a golden shower.)
          certainly know that accountant got no golden parachute.

          the book claimed after several months of using this payment system those arrogant & offensive corporate powers will call you and make heart-wrenching pleadings to you to stop messing with their chi (they’ve developed horrible gastrointestinal disorders along with suffering impotence).

          Anon Forrest, you really rock! must have been the cold and isolation of the dakota’s that gave you such a steely reserve! *wink* you go GF!

          “…now you know the rest of the story. g’day!”

          • If an entity declares war on you that is one thing but to live life determined to screw everyone else before they screw you? What a powerless, dependent and angry way to live. To live as a tiny entity in a world full of Big Boots. The name of this system of living could just as easily been called “How to Live as a Cockroach and Love It.”

            If you don’t pay, then someone else does. Or the service is no longer on offer.

            Well the usual cry of people who follow that code it “The Government should pay.” Strange how it works out though. In a world where there are ever more scurrying insects, there are correspondingly more people wanting to be Big Boots to step on them.

          • Did Even have a brother Steven?

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          It’s no wonder nobody wants to go into the medical field at any level. I guess everybody thinks that medical personnel, including helicopter medi-vac pilots with all that training and expensive chopper, should just work for free. So, you were flat-out unconscious by your own admission and a concerned citizen cared enough about YOU to call it in. NEWSFLASH: if you were knocked out, you could’ve had serious brain trauma. Nobody knew. You could have been dying.

          So they flew in on good faith and the idea that very likely you had life-threatening injuries and you decide to STIFF them ostensibly because you were promised complete forgiveness by a first responder.

          Not one iota of gratitude to the Universe for somehow, some way, letting you escape serious injury or death. Absolutely no sense of gratitude or responsibility for what appears to be an honest debt incurred by you to the chopper company.

          Your idea to make an enemy out of a creditor by stapling one-dollar bills to the invoice as a sort of revenge is disgusting and repulsive. What a dishonorable, shameful attitude to have. Weak, Trumpian behavior. I hope nobody copies your deploreable attitude.

          Three dollars a month was all it took to maintain your credit rating and that wasn’t good enough for You. Sad. Stand your GROUND!?! Are you kidding?

  • Deciding to go to the ER can be a tricky choice. And not everyone who should go realizes it right away. My first visit to the ER in decades was when I felt well enough to drive myself because there was no pain. Even the ER didn’t think it was worth the rush and I sat around the waiting room for hours. Until I got attached to the EKG but then I was informed that was a very bad choice to have driven. Who knew?

    Of course some who never pay for their use of such things think of an ambulance ride as a right to be exercised for a cold. As with any human being, results may vary.

  • Scotia bluff clinic charges 185 per office visit.

  • tired of all this


    • Sure and you pay for all of us your the Communist,or is that antiefa?good luck with that,and by the way you can also pay for the Ilegal aliens,this is a Sanctuary state now…dig deep asshole.

    • Maybe you should get a job first though,and move out of your mother’s basement,the better the job the better the insurance…

    • There is no such thing as single payer, taxes which are taken by force from people who earn their livings are spent on those who demand bennifits without making the sacerfices for them. As with any job when you agree to terms with an employer you bargain for what you want in exchange for your labour. For some it is the money and that is all that matters , others work for less money in exchange for a larger bennifit package. That was my case for many years until affordable health care act took effect and i saw my preiumns more than double co pays jump for 20 a visit to 80 and deductibles jump form 15k to over 45k. Sorry but while i am a person that believes in helping my fellow humans my health care costs jumped up more than what many people make in a year. To me this is crazy. So i just stopped. I stopped playing the game, i no longer pay in i am living off of my savings and enjoying my life. The only way to stop this craziness is to watch it implode and watch all these greedy people demanding things they did not earn battle over which one of them will have to earn to pay for the selfishness of others like them. It doesnt take much , i grow most of my own food, and perserve it for the winter, i havent worked a real job in over 3 years and have only gone through about 2 percent of my savings , life is good , work for what you want and pay your own fricking way. If you end up with extras pass it along to someone who can use it. That is what it means to be an adult. Look to nature, watch what the creatures do, for we are creatures after all

      • you should research the history of welfare and why we did it.

      • Take what you can while you can, What ever you qualify for. If you dont somebody else will.

        • And what a piece you are,you and the Ilegal aliens need to leave or are you one to start with? I am sick and tired of these Ilegal aliens flouting their rights to be here,because they are fucking here. If they can’t get a job or welfare kick them the fuck out all 12,000,000. Every fucking one!

          • Irrational remarks in that many illegals work hard because they believe in themselves. Many American born don’t work hard, consequently have no respect for the virtues of work at all.

            If it could only be a trade where the US accepts a hard worker but gets to send a freeloader back in exchange.

            Sigh. It would be a never ending process as the immigrant may be hard working but, since it is now passe to teach people to respect work in the US, the second generation would likely have its own contingent of non workers who would then not only be non working but tend to calling the natives racist for expecting it.

            • How about instead people horing illegals for less than a living wage has to not only pay the labor of the illegal but also pay twice the differance in taxes. Take the weed sense. Lots of hard back breaking work, done mostly by legal Americians. Ag work that paid a living wage. But since large ag corps found they could import cheap labor and increase profits by undercutting smaller family ethicial farms , they took over and now the normal ag labor rates are below living wage standards. But because legals have standards for safety and hourly rates they get called lazy ? It has gone beyond farm work, framing drywall roofing all what used to be decent paying blue collar jobs have been reduced to min wage half assed jobs. That is the truth, and saddly as long as these companies are allowed to get away with it , and we dont punish them or the labor market destoryers then we are doomed to not even know how to do these jobs and the cheap labor will be able to demand higher wages till the next wave of cheap labor comes from someplace else

              • I agree with what you said. Unregulated immigration has driven down wages in what used to be many good paying jobs.

                But it is not easy to pin small employers down. They vlose up shop and reopen under another name. Getting evidence is time consuming and frequently not suffient.

                Bigger employers, like Sun Valley Farms, get public support. Can you imagine many other crimes other than knowingly using illegal immigrants would gain a letter of support from the Board of Supervisors and a media frenzy favoring it?

                It sounds simply but look at how much effort it’s going to take from government to get illegal pot growers. There are lot more employers of illegals than pot growers.

                • Yes, i was using pot farming as an example, this year trimmers are getting between 100 and 150 per elbow, compared to 4 years ago where it was 200 to 225 as legal weed becomes the norm you will see these prices drop even more to around a hourly rate of 10 to 12 dollars a hour. There will be no smoking littles or getting a stack of cash it will all be taxed and the local single mother trimmers that were able to better provide for their children or the school teachers that trimmed to be able to afford a couple nicer things will be replaced by machines and cheap labor in 10 to 15 years you wont find many around here that will even work with it because they cant support themselves doing it. Just like in all other forms of large scale ag

        • nocodeofconduct may be ugly but at least he honestly embraces the ugliness. Imagine, if like many, he were to pretent he was virtuous and that those who called him ugly were – so many choices here- bigots, racists, xenophobes, etc. I know! Fascists. An all encompassing term for anyone who doesn’t want to give unstintingly of their labor on demand.

  • If I had $10 million smackers stashed in buried buckets, I could live off of 2% too. Wow!
    Independence only lasts so long until you have to go to the “big boys system” already established. Health,safety, and personal welfare.
    Sal Alinsky’s socialism/communism format has “universal healthcare for all” listed in its stages of implementation to socialism. Same as anti church, government education, destruction of the famil and community.
    So continue your selfish demand for all services free because you are helping destroy our Republic form of government. You are my enemy-not my friend.

    • Well many people should do other things for work. Peace corpse military etc are just a couple of jobs that take just about anyone that provides health care. If it is important to you , you will make a sacerfice to get it. Often times what you want to do and what you have to do are 2 differant things.

    • I dont have 10 million buried in buckets, infact i dont even have 1 million, i do however have investments that i made through years of working real jobs with bennifits that killed my soul . I have healthcare till the day i die a monthly income till the day i die and afew investments. Plus a couple hundred k i saved from being smart and not trying to live outside of what i made.

  • No harm no foul, eh? Marci probably knew she just bumped him or the deer or whatever she thought she hit again so why stop and see what really went down

    • What a conversation. Ya gotta love free speech! No one will take that from us! Hope the man that was hit is ok. No one said as i was skiming over opinions. All I know is we won New Jersey and Virginia!😃😃😎😂YAAAYYY!

      • Well I don’t know about Virginia, but Christie gave away New Jersey allllll by himself. No one winner needed, he was throwing it to the Democrats. Heck, even Trump threw Chistie back.
        Unfortunately New Jersey is so tax, debt and graft ridden already, no Democrat will have the scope to do what they do best, which is add more. Being an optimist though, I continue to hope that some Democrat (or Republican for that matter) will rise who is not a self serving, pandering thief. Imagine the concept- a politician who can speak the truth AND still be reelected.

        • Hang every last one of them, untill they start doing for America instead of themselves or corperations /lobbiests. We need liberty trees , we need the federalist papers we need leaders not kick back taking buck passers, and we neex more than 2 flipping parties

          • We have more than three already in existence but the public can’t find any better home than the two.

            I wonder why coalition government is so impossible here. Maybe because Americans have no tolerance for anything other than getting exactly what they want all the time?

            • That and they are hung up on politicians wining like a sports team, often it doesnt matter to them more then the R or the D behind the name, i have met many people who vote merely based upon this, personally wish we could remove voting rights from those who do not at least are able to understand what their party person wants to do or what they are voting for

  • Hey Kym, ain’t it wild how a news article about a hit and run in Scotia (I think that was the original story) turns into these incredible diatribes? How I long for a return to civility, but between the anonymity of the internet and Trump’s election, it seems civility is long gone, even in dear old Humboldt.

    Thanks for the site.

    PS Hit and run is a terrible crime, btw…but few seemed to comment on this.

  • Americans are heavily taxed, corporations are not heavily taxed — even though they are people, they are not people like you.
    You don’t have universal health care because corporations don’t want you to have it. They control the message and the message clearly states that if you can’t afford health care it’s because you are lazy or stupid or an addict or just a loser.
    The civilised world has health care because it budgets it’s money from taxes to the benefit of its citizens — corporations are not classified as citizens or people, they are extremely powerful entities but they are not omnipotent and governments have power and control over them.
    The USA can join the civilised world by castrating the military corporations, the insurance corporations, pharmaceutical corporations and the medical world. Enact laws written by elected officials and not lobbyists, for the benefit of the citizens and not the corporations that employ the lobbyists .
    You spend trillions bombing the crap out of small countries and creating conflicts in areas you have no business being in.
    You are there because American corporations have financial interests in those regions and all of them make money when you wreck them.
    Is it really such a surprise that there is open hostility to the USA after all the carnage it has caused around the world.?
    Before you write and tell me all the other countries are the bad actors please do some research and some reading. There is one common denominator in every instance and it’s the USA. We can have universal healthcare, first class mental health care, top class education for everyone by diverting the money away from the military.
    It is your money, You have a right to say how they spend it and you can tell them to spend it on us, the American people and get these corporations under control.
    it’s a disgrace that the man had to refuse a trip to the hospital because he has no health care and could not afford the bill for the thousands of dollars he would be charged. This is the richest country on earth and it treats it’s people like shit.

    • Nothing said he refused because of cost. We’re not the richest country. By far most of Federal spending is on social programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, etc. Not the military at all.

    • You do realise that over 40 percent of Americians pay zero in federal income tax because they make to little right ? So stop pointing saying people should pay more when the folks using the system hardly pay on their earnings

  • If you have a s.s.card you must be legal!my beef is gas prices going up to pay for our roads what a fuckin joke,we have been paying to fix our roads since I got my license and there not fixed yet!!! Another slap to the face 😝

    • What are you talking about? They are always out there fixing the roads, have you driven to Redding in the last 3 years? Jeez .. complain complain complain… everybody wants it all and they don’t want to pay for anything. Goes for insurance too.

  • They are lying to you. spending on the military is more than double the figures they give you in the “Discretionary budget figures”
    you can all have health care if you scrap 50% of the military. you will still be the largest military force on the planet and nobody is going to invade you. —- you invade everybody else

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