Killer 1 and Killer 2 Wear SWAT Gear During Armed Robbery That Nets 1000 Pounds of Marijuana

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Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On 11-03-17 at about 3:51 pm Deputies were dispatched to the report of an armed robbery that was occurring now on Bald Hill Rd near Pine Creek Rd. The land owner reported that one of his 30 plus employees had texted him to report they were being robbed. The land owner claimed he had a permitted marijuana grow at the location. It was reported that three Native American looking men, all under six feet tall, wearing tactical style gear with the word “SWAT”, had came onto the property. The suspects were armed with AR-15 and AK-47 style riffles. All of the workers were forced to lay on the ground and ordered to remove all personnel property. All of the personal property, and approximately 1000 pounds of marijuana was taken along with several vehicles. Two of the suspects referred to themselves as “Killer 1” and “Killer 2”. The suspects left the scene and were last seen headed eastbound on Bald Hill Rd towards Hoopa.

Stolen Vehicle #1 White 2001 Chevrolet 2500 4 door pickup with matching canopy CA lic# 6P95768

Stolen Vehicle #2 Black 1996 Ford Explorer CA lic# BBT9437

This incident is still under investigation. The Sheriff’s Office is asking for help from the public. If one of the stolen vehicles or suspects are seen immediately call 911. These suspects are to be consider armed and dangerous.

Also note the similarity with the armed robbers in this incident:

Earlier Chapter: Three Native American Males Sought in Armed Robbery on Bald Hills Road



  • Obviously related to the tourist robbery.

  • The fact that our county issued a permit to someone with 1000 pounds and 30 employees is just disgusting!!

    Im glad no one was hurt, but Im also glad they were robbed.

    • Why are you so glad about someone else’s misfortune especially if they were permitted!!! They have every right to expect NOT to be robbed at gunpoint for their trouble & hard work!!! How would you feel if someone hit up your bank account & drained it??? This is the same thing!!!!

      • So I guess you forgot about all the small family operations that got put out of business by legalization and greed. There will be more and more crime just kick back and watch the horror show. No more soul in the weed business just crime and greed.

      • I have a couple hundred bucks in the bank. What the fuck does that have to do with a multimillionaire marijuana industrialist getting his thousand pound crop ripped off? Fuck all the people who enable this type of greed! Hope every fucking thousand pound grow in this county gets ripped off! Boo hoo!

        • Yes the county busted maybe 10 -15 grows that we heard about, out of an Estimated 12,000 to 15,000 grow sites way to go LEO…call out the NATIONAL GUARD, they have man power, Helicopters, and more man power in three months they could wipe out the whole black market in California turn them fucking loose… just saying…

      • True Dan.But permitting puts a target on your back,not only for LE but ripoffs too. Google search n maps can get u right to scene. Most likley a unsecured scene. If i was flaunting that i had a million dollars in “legal”weed, I would have armed security! Unfortunately this is only the beginning of these type’s of robbery’s. Remember it’s still illegal in 37 states where prices are 3-4 times that of California!

    • Glad a local legal business was robbed! [edit] (:

    • Set an Example, throw away the key

      The smell of that 1000 pounds, is money, money for the farmer as well as money and livelihood for the 30 + employees. Not only is it money, it is also jobs, income, food as well as bread and butter on the table. What is possibly wrong with following the law, getting permitted, paying all the taxes, creating jobs and being successful.
      Seems the less creative and less hard working are just jelly, jealous about the money, jealous about the success and jealous because the farmers and cultivators are now being rewarded for their hard work. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the County Sheriff finds these gutting criminals and not only holds them accountable, but makes an example out of these criminal thugs.
      Send a clear message that people robbing legal cannabis farms will be hunted down, captured, brought to trial and be sentenced with the maximum amount of time, to punish them and set an example for other would be criminal cannabis farm ripoffs.
      Bye bye, throw away the key. End of story!

    • I seriously doubt the grow was actually permitted. My guess is they have an application pending.

  • I hate to mention it but I think you mean Personal & not Personnel property!!!

  • Thieves robbing dope growers.

    A pox on all their houses.

    • Thieves robbing a legitimate businessman, a pox on the thieves as well as you for ragging about a legitimate LEGAL source of income being stolen!!!

    • Sorry but 80% or more of these “legal permitted” mega grows aren’t fully legal. They just used the permit as a free pass to grow ridiculous amounts of herb that they have no plans on paying taxes on. It’s all going out of state. No dispenaries are buying outdoor. They’re also flooding the shit out of the market to where the people that aren’t greedy ass holes are struggling to get by. They’re shooting themselves in the foot though cause it really is ruining the market outdoor has never been so cheap as it has been this year!

      Plus having a community of desperate people right next door is just fueling the fire. How do you think everyone in hoopa and wietchpec made a living?? There’s zero economy there most them had smaller gardens but now a small outdoor won’t make shit when its 500 a pound.

      • Do you have cites for those figures/statements? Care to share them?

        • Maybe not 80 percent but a lot of them are! It’s definitely an out of control shit show….

          • Right now before January,it’s 80% that are using the system for one last shot at some illegal income. So yes

        • I agree with everything “Local” said. Do I have figures?!! C’mon Anon- with all respect you know how this business is. I will say again that I’ve been here since ’76, know way lots of folk from Willits to Trinidad to Burnt Ranch and yeah- this was the year everybody filed the initial application and pretended to comply. Yes- it’s 90% being grown for out-of-state. And also get this- it’s not really medical!! If you don’t know this then you are not very deep in the knowledge of the ways of the greenrushers. They broke the back of us all with their greed. Now they cry for police because they won’t wipe their own butts. I have zero respect for their scammy, greedy game. PS- I know the guys who got ripped, or I should say I know their idiot parents. It was a dumb operation 5 years ago and I’m surprised they made it this far w/o an incident like this….I’m glad nobody got hurt. They could have easily gotten hurt the way they were conducting themselves.

      • Sounds like the only way to make money is to steel someone else’s crop and take it out of state. Legalization has just done wonders hasn’t it? Norcal has turned into a shi…t hole.

  • Yesss. Im glad they got ripped off. Mega grows such as this and greedy middle men are the reason you can’t fetch decent prices for your product. Was this your grow Dan?

    • NO it was not!!! I don’t grow period not even for personal use!!! So stick that in your pipe or better still try some Cannabis it might help improve your crappy outlook on all things Cannabis related!!! How about the cops spend more time chasing down those who distribute far worse substances such as Meth & Heroin???!!! Those substances cause FAR MORE HARM than Cannabis EVER has!!!

      • Tell that to the salmon, mr. spellcheck. Stop blindly enabling megagrowers.

      • Nice dan. The people who are stealing are high on meth and H. Junkies supporting a habit by any means. I deal with this shit all the time where I’m at. Waaaayyyyy better money than a job!

  • seems odd that in this amount of time, nobody can find 2 vehicles and large load of cannibus. guess we put this one on the back burner, we will get rountuit.

  • How do you arm your self with a riffle?

  • Sounds like the natives are restless

  • Riffles have ridges…

  • 3 different incidences, all from a fake swat team calling themselves killer 1,killer 2. Still at large.

  • Dead end conversations

    It’s nice to see so many with nothing better to do but criticize a business… regardless of the product. If your that bitter towards legal cannabis, apply for a job with them and get in on the money.. better than flapping you gums on here.

    • Been working all day, everyday. I came on here criticizing a shittily-run business that’s been running as a scam for years, will not take care of their own security after they’ve blown up an obvious mega-scene in a well-known danger zone yet they want to use our police resources to get back their 1000 pounds?!!! “Get in on the money”?!!! What- by working for small wages for these clowns where they set up a situation where I might get shot?!!! Your comment might be the most ill-informed I’ve ever read here- and that’s saying A LOT. It’s people like you defending idiots that got us here- to a greedrush avalanche and a busted economy.

    • Punch a Bigot in the Face

      They criticize the business because they are lazy trolls who sleep in their mommas basement and are too lazy and ignorant to get off their public assistance and go out and pay the taxes, get the permits and grow legal cannabis. Instead they sit on their phones all day and troll Kyms blog hoping to get a reaction. The anti-pot trolls are a joke!


        Worked all day,then worked on 2nd home remodel,then hit the gym.

        Anti-pot gives you the energy to get shit done!

        (who in california has a basement?)
        Pro-pot trolls are a joke!

    • Keep flapping your gums in defense of your megagrower friends. [edit]

  • Never said or felt this before: Time to call in the militia until these felonious freaks are found. Someone knows something. The Sheriff’s office should be called on the carpet for not holding a major press conference on these thugs. They robbed homeowners at their gate (not pot growers), stole their phones and cars, robbed and terrorized tourists visiting our beautiful redwood groves, and now terroize a whole grow with employees peacefully processing cannabis legally. A string of armed robberies usually ends in gunfire. Someone in Hoopa knows something, and threy need to come forward. This is a crime spree of major proportions for this area by the same perps.

  • Greed begets greed, lawlessness begets lawlessness etc… Ad nauseum. The door to chaos has been opened there is no going back. Sell your grow dozer, custom BMW,
    and 2nd vacation home. Learn to live with some humility. Then maybe you won’t be a target for thugs with guns.

  • These stories and comments are hilarious … a much needed reality check for those whose lives revolve around marijuana. It’s time to focus your time and energy elsewhere folks … there is more to life than weed.

  • My money is on the fact hat this was NOT a permitted grow. Application pending and permit in hand are 2 different issues.

    • Apparently not to most of the users and growers that I read here. I find it very confusing. It it legal or not go grow hundreds of pot plants?

  • In my experience, most people who call large, regulated cannabis growers greedy do so because they, themselves are greedy. Small farmers that are upset that they can’t still derive the risk premium of thousands of dollars per pound for their illicit weed. Unregulated growers are the ones that don’t answer to environmental regulations, or observe water rules when operating their clandestine farm. These people would rather see it illegal and would rather others be imprisoned for weed so they can continue to collect thousands per pound due to its illegal status. Adding the regulatory intricacies, and strict quality controls on cannabis is good for local economies as well as for the end users of the Cannabis.

    • In my experience there is a spectrum of “profit” or “income” which at some point becomes “greed” and we all have our own opinion on where that point is. Your statement basically erases any distinctions and excuses even the most extreme cases while you insult everybody who has an opinion by calling them “greedy”. Your comment is stupid because it makes it impossible to discuss the situation….I was here and we were fine, a few problems before the greedrush. There were hundreds maybe thousands of us making okay money- enough to live here in paradise, buy a piece of land and build a home- the American Dream! There were always some greedy criminals (we were outlaws) who wanted a million or more THIS year. We laughed when CAMP busted them. But by late 90s the attitude changed and there was a swell of people who thought it was cool to make A LOT of $$$ for BLING and fancy vacations 4x a year and etc etc. It was extra-annoying that many cloaked their greed in spiritual eco-phrases. My point? $!00,000 a year. That was enough. We all could have had that ( I personally got by on a whole lot less) for a whole lot longer, probably even now and then for another decade. But that was not enough for the greedy parasites who wanted it all now. Others wanted to shout out publicly to the rest of the world what was happening because it was “so cool”. Idiots! When you find a cool scene you keep it on the down-low! You don’t blow it up. That’s the quickest way to lose it. We had a thundering mass of idiots and greedrushers stampede their way here and screw it up, screw us, screw our county, screw our community- and many here welcomed them and adopted their greedy SoCal-style materialistic consume-everything mentality! Yes- it was greedy. How much did y’all friggin’ need?!! Well- now you blew it for everybody. Go choke on your balls of cash in your SoHum and NoHum mansions in the mud. Greedy parasites. I’m okay financially but now I have to see these parasites congratulate each other all over my town. It’s disgusting. They believe they “did good”.

  • I guess thats one way of getting around the growing and permitting process,..
    They were on the fast track to success…

  • Marty's Beef Curtain

    And I’m sure every single one of the 30 Employees all had New Jersey plates! Side note: Counted 12 New Jersey Plates from hwy 36 to Mck yesterday GO HOME!!!!!!

    • Same in Willow Creek. We have Florida, Canada,Colorado,Utah,etc. These people pay taxes? Right! Maybe they are tourist which according to the stupidvisors we have a lot of.

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