One Detained at Gunpoint in Eureka This Afternoon

three vehicles parked

EPD pursued the dark vehicle in the center of the photos. [Photo provided by a reader]

At approximately 4:20 p.m., Eureka Police officers arrested detained a man in the 1400 block of Dean Street which is a dead end. According to the witness, “A vehicle came screaming down the street pursued by EPD with lights and sirens on.”

When the driver reached the end of the road, the witness said he pulled into the turnout there. “An officer got out with his gun drawn,” she said. “He yelled, “Put both your hands out the window now.” Then she said, the officer approached the vehicle with his gun drawn. “He got the guy out of the car and then cuffed him,” she said. Four other law enforcement vehicles showed up. There was at least one sheriff deputy, the witness said.

At this time we’re not sure why the arrest incident occurred. When we get more information, we’ll update. [Note: It appears that there was no actual arrest but rather the man was detained and eventually released.]



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