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Jesus Tejeda featureAbout 5 p.m. today, 14-year-old Jesus Tejeda who has been missing since October 27 was reunited with his family. Private investigator Chris Cook explained that the call they had received from a woman yesterday who believed she had seen Jesus gave them a town to focus their efforts on.

“Today the family and I just flooded Arcata with flyers and talking to people who were walking,” Cook explained. “About 5:15 I got a text that someone from the family saw him. [That person] called 911….The [Arcata] police responded immediately…[They] were close by.”

Cook said, “Everyone is so relieved. There was a lot of crying and hugging… We’ll get the details tomorrow. He’s safe and he’s home.”

Cook credited social media and the community for bringing Jesus home. She said, “It literally takes a village. Without the witness from yesterday…,” she paused and said, “That’s how we honed in on him.”

Jesus Tejeda

The family is enjoying time with their son that they have been so worried about for over a week, Cook said. “They are extremely grateful to everyone who helped.”

“Right now I am just so thankful,” Cook said and admitted to tearing up when she learned the boy had been found. “Tomorrow we will looking into more of the details but, for now, we’re letting the family be together.”

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  • Thank God. I’m so glad he’s home and safe.

  • My prayers have been answered Thank you God for bringing him home safely

  • Wooh whoo! So glad!

  • Such great news!

  • Thank god! This is great news!

  • It’s so wonderful read a news story with a happy ending. I’m glad he’s home safe.

  • Thank goodness.

  • Maybe he didn’t want to be found?

    • Didn’t want to or not, he’s still a minor! Your comment would be more validated if he was legally an adult, Der!

      • Yeah sure ….. i took off when i was young as well for very good reasons. Pressured by friends to return, so many people didnt have a clue, told me i was selfish. If only they knew. Took time to know insteaf of assume…. they were good people right ? Haha. What family secrets are kept even from close family friends is horrible.

    • Nobody needs to know..............

      There is no law stating it is against the law to run away. The fact that he did would logically conclude he didn’t want to be found. He may be a minor and a question is why did someone shelter him for this long. There is more to this story and hopefully it will not be made public.

      • I’m glad you three aren’t my parents. Speaking to a teacher or counselor at school, is much better than running away, Der! If it’s that bad they would have to tell social services & remove him from the home. Much better than hanging with vampires on the streets of Arcata. Plus, how do you not know a predator lured him out with great stories & drugs, on social media! Y’all need to stop assuming, like you know him & his troubles. There are many possible scenarios & y’all are not fortune tellers. So STFU!

        • Oh so the few hundred cases a year of luring from social media makes the front of your thoughts over the ten of thousands of cases of mental and physcial abuse each and every year of child abuse ? Nice. 8 out of 10 times a child is sexually abused it is by a family friend or member. Ever think that running was the safest thing he could think about ? Maybe he was scared of the backlash of reporting problems and people saying something to make things worse for him or his sibblings ? My children talk to me, they know our home is safe, they tell their friends our home is safe and offer it to friends that need to feel safe, and should any of their friend act or mention that they do not feel safe at their home i investaigate before sending them back there. But i guess if you are lucky enough to have had a good home geowing up you would not understand, the fear of returning or the gripping fear that you will mess up and say something that will get back to thw abusers that will just make everything worse bot just for you but for the ones you care about and try to protect. It always bothers me how folks just assume that homes are safe, just because there isnt drug use and the parnets work and go to church. Often in my experances those are worse, as no one wants to believe that there is the kind of evil in the world that isnt born from drugs. Often drug use by parnets results in neglect which while bad isnt the same as fearing being beat, not knowing why because one day you get beat for one thing so you try to make sure that thing never happens, but then the next day you get beat for not allowing that same thing to happen. No rhymn no reason, you are never right ,never good enough, just a bad kid that gets beat and nothing you can ever do will make them happy enough that they dont beat you. This is a story that plays out many many times in childrens lives, and the results are troubling often not surfacing for many years later in their adult lives. There are many studies done on the effects one of the most promising research was done by a man named gerlearch ? Maybe wrong spelling of his name , but he talks alot about this in his work the grown wounded child. It is real it is fact and i encourage you to check it out

          • STFU, my point is you don’t know what happened, so stop assuming like you know. Statistics or not, it doesn’t crack the case on this mystery. I made a point, it could be anything & gave 1 other freaking example & did not demean the possibility, of family abuse, Der! Clean your glasses. There could be a hundred of more different possibilities. My point is you are all assuming, about a kid you don’t know. Don’t you know, second guess rumors, can lead to someone getting hurt. So get back to your yatzee & STFU, you assuming rumor starters! I do know abuse, first hand myself, plus my bestie was sexually abused by her father for 16yrs. I know all about silence & fear of one to speak up. She finally told her ma and dad went to jail. I also know a friend, coaxed out her house by a man 40 yrs older, with promises of $, house & freedom to do what she wants, than a parents restriction. And another friend, who thought the street life would be fun & came home pregnant from rape. So again STFU, you assuming no it all’s, bout a kid you never meet in your life. Fools gonna get someone hurt with your assumptions that can turn to rumors! Instead of dissecting a child, dissect your actions & assumptions!

            • Wow must have touched a nerve or something. Maybe you know more who knows, i was merely saying no one knows if home is best for him, but please you do not need to take things personally, merely understand that first thoughts might not be the only logicial reasons

              • Wow, you can’t shut your mouth bout things that are not your business, can you. Assuming again, now bout my nerves. Please understand first thoughts about folks, you don’t know, are annoying. Close your window, you don’t have to comment on everyone who walks by. I suggest a book or cards. Maybe play some parchessie!

    • I know right. That little shit ran away

  • “Prayers answered”? “Police work”?

    He left on his way to Arcata school. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to think of looking in Arcata.

  • Home again, for how long??

  • He should be punished for running away. He was never missing. Theres a difference between missing and child abduction. All he wanted was attention and he got it. So now he can be happy to see that his family does love him. Such a childish move on his behalf. I say he should get punished for making his family worried all this time while he just takes a stroll through the plaza. And get punished for the time of the police officials.

    • Maybe we should take away his christmas pudding as well, Mr. Scrooge. I am glad he is home safe.

    • He is still a child and children tend to do childish things. The onset of puberty is a tumultuous time for many teens and they quite often make irresponsible choices. Hopefully he has learned a valuable lesson on what it means to be loved and how to deal with that responsibility. About punishment, I’m sure his parents will know what type of actions to take to encourage him to be more accountable for his actions. His safe return home is music to my ears and make my day!

    • Hey smart stuff, hate to break it to you, but he IS a child, with child like mentality. You don’t know his reasoning and what his family will be doing to work on it, so save your psych evaluation and advice for somebody who asked you.

      • Fourteen year old needs to know..............

        Fourteen year olds are much smarter that you believe. They don’t have “child like mentality”. They are much more aware of the world around them thanks to social media. They see and read what adults are doing. Many adults are not the best role models. Some learn from Facebook like social media sites.

    • Punished , hrmm maybe he ran because there was to much punishment happening ? The line shouldnt be a fine one. Religous people tend to think there is a fine line between punishment and abuse. Beating children to control behavior is not ok. Beating to break spirit or will is not ok. Hell beating isnt ok for any reason. I am not saying this is what happened or is happening or what will happen, i am just saying from your comment it sounds like you might not understand things like this. There needs to be a case manger that closely monitors what happens and what has happened counseling for him and his family, and not from a religous leader as often they hide and encourage this sort of thing

      • You are right! There have been a lot of recent studies of the effects of corporal punishment and they aren’t positive. Such as ptsd conflict resolution problems,anger,paranoya and lower IQ scores. Key is,how you raise them the first seven years will determine how the next seven will go….

    • Do you have kids?…… you remember being one?……….

      • I do have children, and saddly i dont have good memories of being able to be a child, i do however struggle with the stories my sibblings tell me of how much i would lie, just so i would get the beatings instead of them. Of how i would steal food from the kitchen and knock on their windows to ensure they got enough to eat. Of how when i did finally run away all i had told them was that i would find a safe place and come back for them. And finally how the police returned me home and everyone got beat and lost food for 5 days because no one told on me. My parnets were viewed as god loving folks always active in church and social circles hard working etc. So yeah i dont trust parnetal figures when children run , because i truely feel if it is a safe loving home kids will want to be there for the most part. There are a few exceptions ie spoiled children that are acting out because they were told no. But those are far fewer then running from something.

  • Yay very glad he’s safe. Hopefully he has a good reason. Kudos to the women who reported seeing him😆

  • No matter how flat you make a pancake, it still has 2 sides. Stop being ignorant, people, and just be thankful that this CHILD is safe.


    Thanks for the update.

  • I ran away when I was 14. Not from abuse, not from neglect, not because I wanted attention, etc…My mother challenged me and said I could not survive without her. I ran away to prove my independence and to show I was more mature than she gave me credit for. For most, running away is not mature, but as a teenager I was responding for my particular age group. There are many reasons a person runs away and we are not to judge but just be happy that he is safe.

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