[Audio] Public Defender boss facing lawsuit over qualifications; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (7:25): Facing a bit of opposition since he was appointed back in February, an ongoing lawsuit still makes it unclear if Humboldt County’s Public Defender is eligible to have his job. While the Board of Supervisors has stood behind their decision to hire David Marcus, he has faced criticism over how he was hired, the aforementioned lawsuit, 17 of his own employees alleging he is unqualified, and even an alleged verbal assault on one of his employees.

“I think it’s a difficult situation for him to come into,” said North Coast Journal Editor Thadeus Greenson. “… Nobody wants to step into a job where people are skeptical of you before you walk in the door. But what I’ve heard from employees of the office that has been frustrating to them, is they feel like he hasn’t addressed it head on, that he has been strolling along as if this issue doesn’t exist…”

In the podcast Greenson is interviewed about his coverage so far.

There is an upcoming hearing on Nov. 13 regarding the lawsuit Marcus faces. Most of the focus has been to determine if Marcus was a practicing attorney in all the courts of California for at least a year before being hired, a reported requirement for his post.

Marcus did not respond to an interview request.

The coverage begins at 7:25 in the audio.

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David Marcus. Photo by Mark McKenna, used with permission from the North Coast Journal



  • Public pretenders are completely useless and a waste of taxpaier funds!

    • tired of all this

      I have watched trials twice in humboldt county where the defense was a public defender. Both did excellent jobs. One obtained an aquittal on a very serious charge. The constitution guarantees a defense. What would you suggest for an indigent defendant?

    • Some of the best defense attorneys out there are Public Defenders. The offices I know about look for solid qualifications. I have found only serious litigators take on the underpaid, overworked job. 50 cases open while each ADA might carry what, 15? So you are completely full of shit.

  • A great summary of the issues surrounding Marcus, from his hire to present. Perhaps he wasn’t the best candidate for the job, but I can’t help feeling bad for the guy given that he started this job with so many people set against him. I wonder if his staff and others tried to find ways to help him be successful in his new role or if they instead looked to magnify faults to prove he was the wrong choice. Thanks HLW for an interesting and informative interview with Thad Greenson!

  • Why can’t we all get along and play nice. We’re falling apart at the seems. Come on Eureka get it together!!!🙈🙉🙊

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