Two Men From Humboldt Arrested With Pounds in Fargo, ND

marijuana 1 featureThe North Dakota Highway Patrol arrested two Humboldt County men for allegedly transporting 70 pounds of marijuana eastbound on Interstate 94 near Fargo. According to the West Fargo Pioneer, the officers stopped the vehicle driven by Jakeb Ward, age 27 of Rio Dell for a traffic violation. They then seized two duffle bags “containing 70 pounds of packaged marijuana, worth an estimated $115,000 street value.”

Ward and his passenger, Christopher Bieniek, age 28 of Fortuna were “arrested on suspicion of felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.”

For photos of the two and their alleged pounds, click here.



  • “Jakeb”? Jeez, arrest his parents, too.

  • bummer , my friends in wisconsin wont het their humboldt home grown
    and prisons are not over crowded in north dakota but they are snow covered 8 months out of the year . dumb Fks

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Who is getting that much for a pound?


    • Shame to go half way across the country with 70 pounds and get pulled over for a traffic violation! This was preventable.

      • Let’s write a book, shall we? Smuggling for Doofusai (plural of dumbdumb)
        Chapters to include proper equipment check, speed control, reading the DMV handbook, and the importance of paying one’s prior traffic tickets or hiring a driver etc.

        • Then there is the “violation” that never occurred, such as, crossing the white line. Yes, believe it or not CA license plates seem to travel over the white line often.

          • Not to mention lane changes without signaling……. wasnt a conviction recently overturned after dashcam footage showed that a signal was used. Think there is still a court case pending over all of the hits from just that one stop

      • Nobody knows if you drive smart...................

        How many times have I read about a bust because of a traffic violation. Either traffickers are extremely stupid or the cops are using the old trick of using their nightstick to break the rear light. Anything else like speeding, out of date plates or one headlight are just plain dumb. I am sure any car with a California license plate would be suspect by the police. A neighbor, since moved to another state, told me they used to haul from Garberville to Reno and then rent a SUV with Nevada plates and drive to Salt Lake City and turn in the rental and rent another SUV with Utah plates. Drop the load and rent a car with Wisconsin plates and drive to Denver and then rent another car and drive to Reno and pick up their vehicle and drive home. He claimed to have never been stopped because rentals are all legal. And they always drove the speed limit especially in small towns. And pulled into motel parking lots and slept in their car leaving early in the morning, but not when it was dark. Cops are looking for out of state vehicles in the early morning. And they never drove after 11pm. I have no idea what kind of money he made, but it had to be good wages.

      • “Traffic violation,” technically. Tinted windows & Cali plates

  • Proof once again that pot makes you stupid.

    • Not really, once they get a visual on those mugs in the front seats and Cali plates, they will FIND a violation.

      • They actually drove weed in a car with Cali plates?! And with CA Drivers licenses from Humboldt?!! That is giving yourself zero slack room. The cops pretty much have to search! Their lawyers will be frustrated.

    • Conservative Stupidity

      Proof once again that Conservative laws are stupid.

  • What did Custer say right before he left North Dakota? Alright, y’all play dumb until I get back.


    Did they scan the track-n-trace barcode to make sure it was really from Humboldt?

  • You never know what is going on in someone’s life that might motivate them to take such a risk. I’m sure their devastated family will appreciate all the insensitive comments.



  • Will they throw these guys in the “gorilla cage”?

  • Two twenty something white guys with California plates and Humboldt county addresses, profiling is alive and well.

  • I escaped North Dakota when I turned 16 and “emancipated.” I still scan ND news to see if anything has changed or if “Reefer Madness” is still on its list of greatest hits. These Humboldt guys are in a world of hurt!

    The Fargo/Moorhead area is the seat of 4 universities; there are students wall-to-wall. Last year, a sting operation run by Fargo’s chief of police was revealed as a possible cause for a sudden rash of student suicides. Here’s how it worked:
    One student is set up to be busted with a joint by another student already in the game. That newly busted student is then offered a deal. The deal is to set up and turn in 10 other students for the same crime. The penalty for failing to deliver those 10 students is prosecution…for one joint. If those charges are filed against that one student, he or she loses all access to student financial aid, as well as admission itself.
    The kid can’t even tell the parents about this scheme because of signed and witnessed non-disclosure agreements with the Police; agreements which are required to “participate” in the “program.”
    So the student’s choice is to set up 10 friends or forget college, trade schools, most skilled employment, bank loans, public housing, food stamps, et. al. Worst of all is the social disgrace of the parents. Entire families turn their backs on these young criminals. It’s that intense.

    Consequently, it’s a small wonder that so many of this top cop’s victims chose death before dishonor, because that’s pretty much the only choice. (Unless, of course, one has no problem finking on one’s friends; a choice that has its own blow-back, you betcha!)

  • Stop Talking Shit

    I’ve known Chris for years and he is not a sexual predator the girl who accused him was lying. The DNA evidence found on and in her did not match his. And his brother has been battling leukemia, his family doesn’t have alot of money, he probably did this to help his family out.

  • 70 … that’s nothing

  • That comes out to $1642 per pound. Very cheap pricing by ND. They were being generous. Not that it will help. I do not want to tell you what the 70 pounds would go for in ND or Madison or Chicago. It would make you cry.

  • Wait but pots legal right, just show them your permit bro.

    • Conservative Stupidity

      Cannabis is only legal in certain states like here. The Feds have a hands off policy unless the evil Keebler Elf jeff sessions wants a civil war. We know what side you’ll be on.

  • Don’t know if they adhere to the weed card program in Fargo, North Korea

  • Say good bye folks

  • What would trigger pull over policy in Fargo?
    1. California plates
    2. non current registration tag
    3.hippie piece sign decal
    4. “Bernie’/Hillary political bumper sticker
    5.long beards/crappie hair/dreadlocks
    6. prolonged turn signal left on headlights on when dusk
    8. normal cause-taillight out/headlight screwed up

    Leave this garbage there in Fargo.Humboldt will be way better off for 10-20 years

  • If you know folks out of state,you’ll make alot more money per LB.😆yup

  • I love you Jake. My heart is breaking for you. Hoping for the best for you. Hugs to you and your family. 🙁

  • so The first instinct most of you have is to insult and talk trash? Realize you don’t know them. Or why they chose to do it. Maybe someone needed surgery that they couldn’t afford. Maybe someone was going through something you know nothing about. If the tables were flipped on all the hypocrits In here I bet that most of you would feel like crap if they saw people saying some bs like most of you are. Everyone has their own struggles and rock bottoms. I bet some of you have and apparently didn’t learn and I bet a majority of you are too young to even know wtf you’re talking about. 50 something comments and people can’t even seem to care. Get your shit straight and your facts valid before going around judging .

    P.s: alcohol makes you more dumb than weed. Remember that next time you wake up next to some stranger taking plan b with a headache.

    • Glad I don’t drink! Lucky thing for me I speak the truth. God bless

    • So theses two geniuses rob a bank, you going to use the same sob story’s for excuses? Prisons full of innocent people.

      • Funny thing about your comment, prison really is full of innocent people and guilty ones too. You obviously have no idea how the justice system works. If you have money justice is a little easier to obtain, if you don’t you sit in jail until trial, (it can take years) or plea bargain, you might get time served or less time or take your chances with a jury of not so smart people. I don’t know, what would you choose? Also if you go to trial and lose, the judge tends to give you your full sentence. So yeah there are a lot of innocent people in prison.

  • This looks more like a tragedy than anything else. So sorry for these guys and their families.

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