A Tale of Souls and Swords….

Sooo…this happened last month and we should ignore it as it’s no longer news….but we just had this video of the Blue Lake Medieval Festival of Courage pointed out to us and we love it! This footage by a man known as Zero Kazama highlights one of our many Northern California events that makes us feel lucky to live here.

If you have a passion for medieval sports, horses, or just love activities that make you smile, Blue Lake horse archery meets bi-monthly and the next meeting is tomorrow at the Gymkhana field from 11 a.m. to 12:30ish.

Here’s a video of their practice.

Who knows, if you start now, next year you just might star in the next Festival of Courage video.



  • What fun! Josh Gates on the Adventure channel tried this one time and ended up having to park his horse for the target, because it’s much harder than it looks. Bouncing arrows and all that jazz. My hat’s off to all who try it, and even more so, to those who are accomplished at it.

  • On guard!!lots of fun to watch.

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