Redwoods Rural Health Center Invites You to Their Annual Membership Meeting November 13

This is a press release from Redwoods Rural Health Center:

Redwoods Rural Health center

Redwoods Rural Health Center (RRHC) continues to thrive with the support of its members and community!   We’ve inviting everyone to be a part of our non-profit membership organization by becoming a member.  Membership is free and benefits include voting rights to elect the Board of Directors.   

Membership means you support RRHC’s mission to provide responsive, preventive, high quality primary health care services, through a variety of healing disciplines, to all people without regard to social or economic status.   We appreciate your input and support as we grow to meet the community’s needs.

You can become a RRHC Member now by signing up on-line using our survey monkey link. .

Member or not, everyone is invited to the Redwoods Rural Health Center Annual Meeting coming up November 13th!

Join us at 6 pm to learn more about RRHC’s current accomplishments and future goals, as well as to meet our Board of Directors and Providers.   Free dinner catered by Hawaiian Express.  That’s Monday, November 13, 6:00 p.m. at Redwoods Rural Health Center, in the medical building meeting room.

And anyone interested in joining the Board of Directors has until November 20th to complete a membership form and until December 13, 2017 to submit their intent to run and ballot statement.  Thank you for being a part of Redwoods Rural Health Center.


Christina Huff

RRHC Board of Directors


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