[UPDATE: Reunited!] Mournful Dog Found Near Weott Misses Home

Mournful springer spanielThis dog was found near Weott at Dyerville Vista Point at 4 p.m. yesterday. He was wet and tired. According to the person who has him, “Poor guy is very anxious and misses home.”

If you recognize him, please call 707-223-1919 or 707-273-2626.

UPDATE 11:13 p.m.: The finder wrote, “Just got reunited with owner thanks to your posting!!!!!!” Thank you to everyone who shared.



  • I pray he finds his home.

  • That’s a pointer mix

  • he is beautiful. if he doesn’t find his home, i will take him!

  • If the dam owners would collar and tag their dog, this issue wouldn’t be so dire. This is plain owner neglect. Probably a grower’s dog from way up in the hills. Consider this dog nonreturnable and get on with your life.

    • if the growers would drop their dog(s) off at the closest animal shelter with a large bill or so wrapped around the collar, everyone in the animal hugging community would appreciate it. this is every year and it is unacceptable. if you ask me these are the growers that should be busted. I am not saying this is the case with this dog but it may be.

      • Theres only one shelter and its an hour and half-2 hour drive from redway proper.
        Petition the supes to give money to upgrade the shelter and open a sister one near south county utilizing the grow taxes.
        Bitching about a group of folks while piling them all into the same box helps nothing.
        In fact its most likely that the volunteer groups who basically run the dog part of the shelter and are endlessly finding dogs foster homes so they dont get euthanized due to lack of space would not be able to operate without growers donations.
        Theres a whole lot of growers who donate a lot lot lot of money and believe in supporting their community. Stop focusing on the bad apples.
        Support redwood pals rescue and its a dogs life rescue!!!

    • Before you are so critical of the owner do keep in mind that domestic animals at times can get out and before you know it and get lost. We do not know the situation that put this animal out and lost so just be happy for goodness sake that this dog was “Reunited” I would love to see the Happy Face Doggie when He saw his owners.

  • Yay!!!! Doggie reunited and it feels so good!!

  • My prayers were answered.

  • Im so glad that beutiful dog was found. I heard the local hmong community was forming a possee to look for it.

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