Hwy 101 Closed Near Piercy

Slide on Hwy 101 near Piercy

Slide on Hwy 101 near Piercy. [Photo from Caltrans]

Information from Caltrans’ Facebook:

U.S. 101 is currently closed near Piercy due to construction. Traffic is being detoured unto Route 271, and motorists should anticipate 5-10 minutes extra travel time. The closure and detour will remain in place until sometime tomorrow (Saturday).

The closure is due to last winter’s slide beginning to act up again. Rather that wait until the slide begins to close the northbound lanes, Caltrans is proactively closing the northbound lanes, as we did last winter, by installing concrete k-rail, semi-permanent delineators (the orange plastic posts), and temporary striping which will safely allow one lane of both north and southbound traffic to use the southbound lanes. This reduction to one lane in each direction will likely remain in place through the winter.



  • tired of all this

    And this is BEFORE the first big rain😟

    • Ya I think it’s sad… time to look for another route or a better fix. I say improve bell springs which is already a through road. And possibly other side roads as alternative routes. If their are multiple alternatives open then all the traffic doesn’t try and go down one back road, open them all! Lay rock down and improve the rural roads that are falling apart as it is. If they do close these roads tons of people still use them using friends or families addresses. It just creates problems to close them and a police state I don’t appreciate. I shouldn’t have to wait 15 min in line to drive home to be questioned and treated poorly by officers. I realize their are plenty of people that lie and try and get past. But for those not telling lies t really sucks to be treated like I did something wrong and need to show my papers in order to get home!

      • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

        Yes. Make Bell Springs road the highway route (as originally planned, long ago) and Harris can be the new Garberville. Or find the exact epicenter of the Emerald Triangle (in the Island Mountain area) and establish a new town specifically to attract cannabis tourism. Oh, and please pave the Dyerville road while you’re at it.

        Now that the $0.20 per gallon highway tax has gone into effect, the state has an ever-flowing surplus of funds for CalTrans road repairs and ambitious projects like these (at least, until the CNG & electric vehicles take over).


        • When that happens , they will push for a milage tax, requiring a anunal milage inspection, and tax you based upon use. They have already been attempting to do this in several other states, the kicker is that they arent mentioning doing away with the fuel tax, so it would be a extra use tax on top of the fuel tax. Get ready for the big one right in the kisser

          • It does seem like the government game of the moment is to employ a bazillion little clever ploys to wring money out of its citizens. The game goes like this- people want their government to do X (X being fight fires, fix roads, reduce crime, improve schools, etc.)

            Then they sponser a proposition or make a law or, most easily, make a regulation adding a tax or fee, promising to use the money just for what the populace wants. Of course the idea that there has already been money taxed and appropriated for these very things is forgotton. In the endless juggling to fund other ideas, they simply stopped spending that money on what it was originally supposed to fund, used it otherwise then left the voter to pass additional taxes to get what they should have already had.

        • Say, I really like that idea, yeah.

  • Great. Can they come up and fix Bell Springs BEFORE they send a thousand cars over it this year?

    • Call our county and ask them to improve the roads used by this traffic when the road closes. …. both counties I will be shortly. I may also call our state rep. Though u end up not getting much response from there in the past they say it is county road and they can’t do anything but give letters of req for funding requests done by our county officials. I was assured they would give those letters for bell multiple times.

  • I noticed that hill was ready to go last week. That didn’t take much rain.

  • This winter is going to be pretty challanging after the fires. I can see periods where all roads going east and south will be closed at times.

  • Patience folks…this will all get fixed with the new 12 cent gas tax…oh yeah!…you bet!…Lets all go hold our breath!

    • Well Pops nice to think it will go for that, but as of a few weeks ago we became a Sanctuary state and no longer have the money to shelter the Illegal aliens, so MOONBEAM is already cutting checks to shelter these poor misguided compass challenged/ uneducated in reading a compass people Build the fucking wall already.

  • Bellsprings road will be impassable after the first rain if traffic is routed that way again, they barely fixed anything over the summer, you would think it being the only emergency back up road without taking half a day or more to get around the 101 they would maybe maintain it a bit better, Maybe because most of it is Mendo doesn’t care?

  • No to Bell Springs. Would be an incredible disaster of emergencies. Just realize 101 needs fixing and rerouting. Same as Devil’s Slide area before Crescent City. We are spending millions on refix…when reroute is what to do. We are a coastline …..the western edge…whaddyagonnado?

  • And away we go!!

  • Let’s not lose track of where Mendocino County’s road repair funds went…into paying for the Willits Bypass. It is now possible to whiz northbound past Willits, only to find yourself awaiting your turn on a one lane road menaced by landslide.

  • Don’t worry after we secede from the nation we will have so much money to spend on infrastructure. Great now my tongue and cheek are both sore.

  • The gas and diesel tax will barely keep up with the pensions due to the ponzi government. And don’t expect roads to get repaired before they fail. Cal Trans gets unlimited money for “emergencies” which mainly arise from “deferred maintenance”.

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