California Lieutenant Governor Candidate Gayle McLaughlin to Speak in Eureka on November 9

This is a press release from Northcoast People’s Alliance, Humboldt County Green Party and Courageous Resistance of Humboldt:

Eureka, CA –  As Mayor of Richmond, CA, Gayle McLaughlin took on Chevron and won.

In 2014 Chevron spent $3+million against Gayle and the Richmond Progressives. Gayle and all the Richmond progressive candidates won. Gayle McLaughlin, is a corporate-free candidate who never took a penny from any corporation. She won 4 elections in Richmond. In Richmond today 5 out of 7 City Councilmembers are corporate-free progressives like Gayle.

Richmond’s 75% reduction in homicides, the first new rent control in California in 30 years, increasing the minimum wage to $15, greener-cleaner-cheaper electricity with Community Choice Aggregation, sanctuary city and $114 million more in local taxes from Chevron are some of the achievements of Gayle and the local Richmond Progressive Alliance.

Now, Gayle is running for Lieutenant Governor of California and she comes to speak with Humboldt County residents about her experience organizing local political power and about her campaign.

Thursday, November 9, from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Eureka Labor Temple, 840 E Street,

Gayle will address the crowd and press. Gayle’s campaign for California Lt. Governor is embraced by grassroots progressive activists from all backgrounds across the state. At this two hour event, Gayle will share with us her history and outline her plans for California. She will give a 40 minute presentation, followed by a question and answer session, and ending with a more personal opportunity to meet the candidate.

This event is co-hosted by Northcoast People’s Alliance, Humboldt County Green Party and Courageous Resistance of Humboldt- Our Revolution. 1933087250284796/



  • I would think the Chief of Police and his gun sniffing dog should get the credit for the 75% reduction in homicides. maybe she and others could take some credit for allowing him to clean house shortly after hiring him but not the actual results of the methods and means he has implemented. maybe also allowing him to purchase the highly specialized dog, but that’s it.

  • I got nuffin to say to her, go way

  • Richmond a sanctuary city, don’t do it Humboldt.. Just say no 👎

  • More promises and words like,stiky meaningless farts!

  • So…making a city into a “sanctuary” for criminals is an “achievement” for this candidate. Protecting criminals from other nations from deportation, extradition, and/or prosecution for violating immigration laws of the United States is no “accomplishment,” it is treason. Clearly this person belongs nowhere near a position of political power and influence. “Sanctuary City” actually means the following: “Anyone who has broken the law in another country can flee here to avoid extradition.” Not to mention that anyone who has violated Federal Immigration law can hide out there as well.

    It makes a mockery of the existing legal immigration system, and is an insult to all of those who made the effort to legally immigrate into the State. It allows the very criminal elements many of these people looked to escape to follow them over the border and infect our own country.

    This is actually aiding and abetting criminal activity, including slaving and human trafficking. Those in the power structure who want cheap/slave labor pools available demand sanctuary cities, as they provide an endless supply of said resource. This is one of the main reasons behind the continued push for “open borders” and the subsequent destruction of nations. This candidate can expect no support from me whatsoever. She is involved in implementing an agenda of destroying our national sovereignty for the sake of international financial interests.

    One can look to the invasion and destruction of Europe through the engineered “migrant crisis” to see the disastrous results of an open borders policy. California is already under a similar attack, and it needs to stop now. The criminal “sanctuary state” legislation, imposed by the treasonous governor and his political cronies, must be reversed, and anyone and everyone involved in such activity, such as this candidate, must be prevented from holding any further political office, ever.

  • Never took any corporate money?
    Ok, how much union money, That employees are forced to pay, did you take? I am forced to pay $600 a year to my local union….forced.

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