Locals Make Effort to Clean Up Eureka

From Eureka Chief of Police Steve Watson:

This morning, after I stopped by the Halverson Park area, where off-duty EPD employees were volunteering their own time to help clean-up the area with our POP team and others (FYI–I don’t expect our police officers to pick up other people’s trash as part of their duties but they’ve quietly been doing it because they are committed to and love their city), I drove through Old Town. I came across a group of Eureka Main Street (EMS) Watch and #TakeBackEureka members at the gazebo with one of Eureka’s Parks and Rec supervisors. These amazing individuals had just completed yet another collaborative volunteer effort to clean-up Eureka while being out, present, and highly visible in their community. This is just another example of a growing, collaborative, positive action-oriented movement in our City consisting of caring and committed individuals who are forming groups and taking positive personal action to improve their neighborhoods. And many are bringing their children, Eureka’s future, with them and modeling what real community service and participation is all about. They make me proud to be their Chief and fellow Humboldtian.

Yes, Eureka has real problems that I will not sugar coat. But Eureka is also an amazing community with such great potential–filled with hardworking, law-abiding, caring people like these. Sometimes I think in our frustration we forget that. You shouldn’t.

While we were talking at the gazebo, a man approached me. He told me he and his wife have decided to move their family to Eureka despite what he’s read online about our crime statistics. The man (his wife and children were nearby) explained that after visiting Eureka a couple of times, they fell in love with it. He asked about the groups (EMS, #TakeBackEureka) and what they were doing, and then expressed how impressive and meaningful that was to him…and what it said about our community and its relationship with its police department. I agree!

From the Eureka Police Department:

A couple of us on our day off spent the morning with the POP team and a crew from Humboldt Bay Fire cleaning up Halvorsen Park. The amphitheater is freshly power washed and the trails are looking great. It was a beautiful day on the waterfront and there were many people out running and enjoying the day.



  • Be careful of all the needles

  • Liberal hypocrisy

    Very good job on all involved! This is how it will happen people it has to be a community effort as many people as can afford their time need to clean up and use these areas. It’s like if you have a shed that is infested with rats clean it out and start using it the rats will leave. I do not live in Eureka but I make a point of going to all of these bum infested areas and eating lunch and showing that there are more than just them that want to use these areas.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Thank you guys n gals!

  • Eureka is not safe I’m contemplating packing when I go in there , and Fortuna’s is not far behind .

  • Where is “safe” these days?

  • Thank you for the positive story about out community. The truth is there are amazing, caring people in our communities and the stories of their efforts are often lost among the stories about crime, homelessness and struggle. There are so many of us (conservative, liberal, moderate, old school, new school, etc) out there that want our our communities to succeed and make efforts to achieve this goal. Kudos to all who care and want to make a real difference!

  • Great work!

    My gut feeling is they can use a D5 Dozer, maybe three, and a fleet of dump trucks.

    Great to see people cleaning up before the drug rush is about to leave, one day things will be a great place for children to grow up.

    Praying for their safety in cleaning up debris from drug users, praying their efforts will stick to a community in need.

  • You need to clean up the problem, not the symptom. Get rid of the living trash and there will be a lot less normal trash to clean up.

  • Thank you all fore being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  • Thank you to all, great story, great energy!! Keep it going Eureka!

  • Give the public a little ” heads up ” and volunteers would join into the City clean up.

  • Citizens volunteering to clean up messes that is the city’s job to clean up.
    I am glad these volunteers are chipping in but sooner or later they will stop and the city will still be derelict in its duties. How much longer will the city manager and city council get away with this?

  • Where can I sign up to help? It starts here with a goal,and if it helps clean up our town I’m there. I was born and raised here,I love it here I want back what we had before all the zombies took over.HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  • If the city won’t help itself,then we should show them who cares!!

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