[UPDATE: Adopted] Can you help get these dogs to good homes?

A concerned reader emailed us this list of dogs and asked us to post it. If you know someone who can help, please pass it along.


Unfortunately there continues to be dogs that are not listed on petharbor (dogs on a bite hold or making their way through the administrative legal process for violations) and so there are too little kennels in dog hold which put the rescue dogs at risk of being euthanized.

ADOPTABLE DOGS NEED TO MOVE:  22 LISTED – but plus the pups getting over GI upset (not listed on petharbor, but still have adoptable status and are protected from euthanasia).

A DUET OF MOMMA DOGS NEED FOSTER HOMES!  Email redwoodpalsrescue@gmail.com if anyone can help!

Humboldt County Shelter’s Facebook page says:

There’s a little maternity wing at the shelter right now. One mama came in with five one week old pups, one came in with three month old pups and beautiful Carly just had her ten pups today! And then one more lone tiny pup showed up today, Sweet little white mama took the pup in as her own! Pretty much all of these little families could use fosters until the pups are old enough to go up for adoption. Fostering can be a great experience! Contact redwoodpalsrescue@gmail.com if you are interested or would like more info/


CARLY (Picture with Pups Attached below!) A084273 Female Black Plott Hound mix Age Unknown
  White Momma who took in a stray motherless pup (Picture attached below!) A084291 Female White Australian Cattle Dog mix 1 year
Dog A084292 Male Sable Australian Cattle Dog mix 4 weeks old
Dog  A084293 Male White Australian Cattle Dog mix 4 weeks old
Dog A084294 Male Sable Australian Cattle Dog mix 4 weeks old
Spare pup in need of a Momma and White Momma stepped up! Dog A084376 Female Tan Pit Bull Terrier mix 1 weeks old


OUT OF THE SHELTER ON ALL 4 PAWS!!      JEWEL (A083776)FemaleWhitePit Bull Terrier2 years

PULLED BY REDWOOD PALS!  ROLO (A083691)MaleBlackDoberman Pinscher mix10 years old




  • Thank you kym for posting this and to all the incredible employees and beyond amazing volunteers who tirelessly work to help the pooches. Could you imagine having your dog get lost and end up on a euth list just due to space limits???

    Its rudiculous in a county our size with a huge dog population that we have only one small shelter at the very north end of the county.
    I think a good 15% or more of the pot tax should go to upgrade and expand the shelter.

  • I have to rescue cats and two rescue dogs I wish I could take care of them all

  • Momma and babies are slated to leave on a transport to an out of county rescue tomorrow! Shelter is still overcrowded even after these two kennels are freed up.

  • I want to start a petition to have a.mandatory let license required for the human. Big fines on people having pets with out a pet owner license. One must take a class to aquire your licence. No pets of any kind can you have leaglly with out it. Something must be done about this flagrant diregaurd for our fellow beings dogs cats hamsters you name it you have get a paper who here would sign a petition like that? It just an idea for a way to stop the useless slUghter and torture of these truly inocent animals..

  • Momma and pups safely out of the Shelter and adopted from their new rescue!

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