Institute for Sustainable Forestry Leading Discussion About Prescribed Fire, Healthy Forests on KMUD

This is a press release from the Institute for Sustainable Forestry:

Join the Institute for Sustainable Forestry next Monday evening, Oct 30, from 7-8 PM on KMUD for an informative discussion on Prescribed Fire and Healthy Forests. Chip Tittmann and Jeff Hedin will lead a discussion with local fire personnel and forest health experts on how to balance coexisting with fire, managing fire and living with fire in our forests, our wildlands and our human infrastructures.

That’s Monday October 30, 7-8 Pm for Prescribed Fires and Healthy Forests on KMUD, FM 911 with the Institute for Sustainable Forestry.



  • Stop clearcutting now.

    Please, please address clearcutting and its cumulative effects on the situation. Look at satelite images of clearcuts on the Pacific Northwest over the past couple of years. It’s outright frightening.

  • tired of all this

    Poor KMUD
    Going down the tubes with the MATEEL.
    Hippies cannot run a business successfully (not even a “non profit”) ….without the infusion of cannabis dollars, which has been made impossible by greedy growers who shot themselves in the foot with so called legalization. The board of supervisors have confused the issue with their inability to write any kind of logical rules & the new $10,000 per day fines are the straw that will break the back of the non profit industry county wide. In 5 years NO ONE not employed by the government will have a dollar of disposable income.

    • Turns out, and I asked the Treasurer, KMUD hasn’t incurred debt. They do have contracted obligations for tower space and digital signal equipment, but not debt. You may say the budget outsizes their future ability to fundraise, but, if things stay the same, the station will be in position to deal with that as it comes up.

      • I have watched for many years as the fundraising goals doubled and tripled. I used to give what for me was a generous amount. Now the fundraising goes on interminably, the goals are not met. I quit giving anything as the news department has become utter crap. I do not listen & I do not donate.

  • Really, Tired of all this and MrsT, our non-profits local businesses and cannabis farmers will have to learn to be much more efficient with their $$ if the want to go on in this new economy and I hope they succeed in this transition because this community will look very different without KMUD and The Mateel

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