You Won’t Regret Seeing This Snowy Egret

Egret [Photo by Lynn Harrington]

Snowy Egret [Photos by Lynn Harrington]

In this series of photos by local photographer Lynn Harrington, a snowy egret hunts in the Arcata Marsh. According to Harrington, “Our more common white Great egret hunts by stalking while the smaller Snowy egrets sometimes scare and herd fish into an area by hopping up and down, stomping their feet and waving their wings. The small graceful egrets resemble winged ballet dancers.”

Egret [Photo by Lynn Harrington]

Egret [Photo by Lynn Harrington]



  • Outstanding photographic work, an excellent job catching it coming in for a landing

    • I assumed it was hopping up and down, stomping its feet, and waving its wings, as described by the photographer…

  • Awsome photos. Thank you for sharing

  • Rollin Charles Richmond

    Great photos. Thanks Kym.

  • Where I live there is a creek near by that during the early spring you can see over 50 Great Egret’s gathering for their mating rituals. Not many people know about it besides myself and the homeless that camp near it. I walk all over this area and that’s how I came upon them. It was quite a sight. I wish I had a camera because I see a lot of things that I know other people don’t. My eyes are always aware of everything around me.

  • Captivating creature caught on camera. Thank you, Kym, for posting Lynn Harrington’s photos of the Snowy Egret’s dance for all to enjoy; Nature’s choreography at its finest.

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