Massive Boom Heard From Myers Flat to Miranda

Multiple readers reported hearing a large explosion a little before 9:30 p.m. As of yet there have been no reports of a fire or other aftereffects.

We’re starting this post so that people can contribute what they know.



  • Um tannerite…. hello!

  • Sounded east of us up on the top of Barnum Rd… Maybe off dyerville loop?

  • Probably a hash lab.

    • Yea and why nobody can find it is. Boom. Maybe blew them selves off the earth. Like dust. I witnessed a boom. I never smoked pot again. I almost died that day. My boyfriend died. He lit his cig. Not thinking …boom. Butaine. Blew his trying to make ” hash” whole garage gone. 19 yrs. Old. Shawn Robinson rest in peace.

      • Theres usually a fire when a lab blows.
        These booms arent hash labs, but mayb meth.
        Funny how everyone seems to firget how many toxic awful meth labs are all over the hills.
        The chemicals from one meth lab will pollute more than 100 grows ever could.
        Pull your head out of the sand people, yourr being brainwashed. By repeating certain things over and over in the news, people just start believing it. Where do you all think the meths coming from, its not all imported.

  • I am up 5 miles alderpoint road and thought I saw a dim flash north of me or maybe it came from the south and I saw it light up the north side but then about 45 seconds later heard a deep boom/rumble

  • I farted, my bad guys, sawree. (Damn chalupas)

  • Burn baby burn!

  • Refined Hydrocarbon Solutions

  • This website is becoming very irresponsible. More often than not I fell like I’ve been tricked to click on things with no actual information. Such a shame.

    • Sorry you feel that way… I feel this website is the best way to find information in a timely manner. I wish there was a Kym in northern Mendocino too!
      Big props KymKemp

    • And then I comment on the experience…

    • Lee, I’m sorry you feel that way. I try to provide information when I have it but, in this case, I’m using the website to solicit information from the readers. I should have clearly stated that a number of readers between Myers Flat and Miranda had contacted me asking for information on a noise they variously described as their wall collapsing and a 100 propane bottles exploding. I couldn’t find any information other than that fire departments weren’t being asked to respond to anything but numerous readers were wondering what happened. I was hoping that by posting here in a central place, some people might at least have pieces of the answers. Unfortunately, it looks like they didn’t.

      • your doing a good job Kym. Ignore the incessant whiners and critics. I think this may be directly caused by siesmic activity ….but just speculating.

      • Local truthteller

        The last time I heard a mysterious boom so big I looked at usgs to see if there was an earthquake it ended up being a large propane truck in a rural area exploding. This was years ago and in another area. The propane truck was being used as an illegal tank by a greedy no good out of town profiteer. We are so lucky the whole hill was not burnt.

      • Kym, you don’t need to justify yourself [edit]. Keep up the good work.

      • I heard a similar sound 2 am camping at Hidden Springs in Myers Flat Memorial Day Weekend! It scared the crap out of me! I thought we under attack! I sat up my friend in her tent says out loud what the hell was that! We did not get much rest that night!

      • I agree with “Me_too”. No need to justify yourself to trolls. Never dispute with a pig. They just enjoy it.

    • tired of all this

      It is easy to just go away. Why don’t you. No one has forced you to be here


    To help the investigation,a marked map could be informative

  • I heard it close to my place below the y not sure what happened though!! We party but not that hard….

  • In Northern Humboldt someone has been sporadically launching mortars at night. Huge booms. This could be that.

    • Good point! 4th of July we can hear the explosions at the cove from our place in Whale Gulch.

      When I was young (boy was that a long time ago) friends and I would fill up laundry bags with hydrogen which was made on-site from drain cleaner and old scrap aluminum. These made cheap lighter than air balloons that would lift a payload big enough to make one hell of a bang high into the air. Now that it’s rained a little perhaps someone feels it’s safe enough to set off some pyrotechnics.

      Boys will be boys…

      • Yep and with the internet, you can find all sorts of concoctions to combine that explode.

        Maybe the scientologists are drilling new tunnels in different parts of the county.

        Pretty lame that everyone defaults to hash labs, focusing on one thing just lets all the other issues go unchecked.

  • Sounded like a oxygen acetylene bomb to me, they are tremendously loud and have less of a fire danger. Also very easy to make.

    • Aren’t they though. Don’t try to do it with a garbage bag though. Static discharge (sparks) created as the bag fills will set off the stuff and the resulting explosion will probably do damage to whoever is filling it up. At the least they will have serious hearing problems the rest of their life.

      • I did. And do have hearing problems. Was about 13-14 and me n a buddy were filling up trash bags full of acetalyn and oxygen. To much pressure. BOOM. Burnt all the hair offf my face and couldn’t hear for 2 days…. tarded

  • Heard up Cathey Rd

  • I live in the south end of Miranda. This may be related or maybe not, but shortly after 3 AM this morning, I woke up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. When I wake during the night, I like to look out the window at the stars. There were plenty to be seen, but as I looked lower on the horizon, I noticed what appeared like clouds moving in from the north. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that they were extremely bright as though several flood lights were reflecting off of them. In the many years I have lived here, I have never seen the clouds lit up like that. The light wasn’t flickering as it would if it were from a fire. When I went back to the bedroom, my dog was sound asleep. She hates loud noises such as fireworks or gunshots and will try and hide under the bed for quite a while and continue shaking for even longer. It’s obvious she didn’t hear anything at that time. Anyone else see it?

    • That’s from someone’s greenhouse full of pot, they are too lazy to cover it at night so it’s causing light pollution. They are a**holes.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    People always blowing things up around here. Too many drugs, too much time on their hands…

    • Yeah cuz this is the only place people blow things up. Not.
      But ya all those druggies and booms, dont move here, its just awful.
      The less people here the better!!!

  • It’s likely a sonic boom generated by aircraft from Beale’s AFB. You’d be surprised at how many military aircraft fly over our heads in this area on a daily basis. I once saw A-10’s and F-16’s flying around in our skies quite high up and barely noticeable. Not to mention the countless times I’ve seen Hercules and other military transport aircraft flying over. Sometimes flying quite low. The sound described sounds like the same description of a sonic boom.

    • Sumo,
      Back in the 1970’s Sonic Booms from planes were all too common around here, especially over the ocean so the Gulch and Whitethorn, Ettersburg and Briceland areas were effected, Cove too but it wasn’t that populated back then. Lots of complaints because the chickens stopped laying eggs for a few days and other animals bothered a lot by the noise. If it was sonic boom from planes this time I assume it would have been heard much farther.

  • Sonic boom?

  • We heard it over on Fruitland/4Corners. It sounded like it was to the southeast and some distance away. Then an hour or so later, there was a series of 5 or 6 smaller explosions that could have been shots.

  • It’s really nice to have the real news from kym. And also a platform for folks to talk about problems and some times get answers. Also I don’t know of any,papers,news shows,that give you info on things happening in our smaller towns,areas etc:in mostly real time,not the next days or even weeks later.SO THANKS VERY MUCH KYM🌻

  • I used to have lots of fun shooting Tannerite with my AK-47 that I made

    • Probably made your own bullets, too. Not that there’s anything wrong with making your own AK or bullets.

    • My in laws.used to own Hat’s sporting goods and used to watch them reload,make fishing flies my hubby is great at it. Lots of bullets in all sizes,whoa alot

  • Maybe it was just the Russians mining for Rare Earth Minerals to sell to the Saudi’s for the manufacturing of their new robotic citizens that don’t sass back.

  • Another meth lab up in smoke LOL

  • Used to hear explosions like that from up on Cathy for years, always from the same property across the valley. Was most likely acetylene bomb? They mysteriously stopped when a certain person got himself busted a few years ago… Wasn’t there to hear this one though. Sounds like folks in fruitland are describing the same area. Maybe time has been served and it’s time to party again?

  • The talk on Fruitland Ridge is that the guy at one of the vineyards has some crazy device that is capable of creating some major explosions.

  • Maybe the gravel pit blowing rock??

  • Maybe drilling tunnels like being done all across America…Look it up before you say ” conspiracy theory.” Get educated while you still can ! There is a strong wind coming our way.

  • Definitely a meth lab

  • Sparkle man as a matter of fact yes I do

  • Sometimes when i get a little bit bored i mix a little bit of hyrogen with some oxygen. Great combination!

    • Whew, TBD… you must live waaaay out in the sticks if you be mixxin’, mine comes out of the tap already mixed.

      Big time city livin’ works for me.

      But do go easy on that dihydrogen monoxide my friend, it can be habit forming.

  • Kym was asking for information from anyone who knows what it was, not speculation from everyone who doesn’t.

  • Late night radio’s resident kooky reporter Linda Moulton Howe had a whole half hour report about strange booms this year, from Australia to North Carolina. Two of them happened on the same day half a world apart. Usually geological or atmospheric (if not drug related – which is almost always the case with strange goings on in this county).

    And yes, dear poster above, journalists of all stripes need to justify themselves. We have enough fake news from the major networks and conspiracy nuts. There are guys online and on the air claiming no one was killed in Las Vegas, for instance. I’ve seen the video of the dead, dying and the bodies. Apparently the idiots missed that. In this age of Youtube and the “cult of the amateur,” everything needs to be justified.

  • Sounds to me as though some of the boys and girls flying in and out of Beale are losing their manners fairly often, and somebody like the Sheriff ought to give them a call and ask them to cut it out. They have some darn serious aircraft there and it’s all in use. A couple hundred years ago, one of ’em, a biiig one, and faaast, almost knocked me down at the top of Ten Mile in Mendo World it was flying so low. I don’t know where its sonic boom hit, but it would’ve been a spectacular one for sure.

  • Maybe just a big old growth tree coming down you can hear those for miles.

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