$10,000 Per Day Fines Face Marijuana Growers Not in the Permit Process–Notices Began to Be Sent Out This Month

Marijuana-garden-large-graded-Feature Humboldt County Sheriff

Marijuana garden raided in 2015. Now illegal gardens are receiving notices of abatement. [Photo from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

Earlier this month, warning letters from Humboldt County’s Planning Department went out to a mere handful of growers, but the numbers are snowballing. This last week, 42 marijuana cultivators not in the permit process were sent correspondence informing them that they had a 10 day period to remove or mitigate environmental issues related to illegal cultivation or face $10,000 per day fines. If they did not pay the fines, their property could be seized and sold.

The letter contains two notices. According to Humboldt County Planning Department Director, John Ford, “One is a notice to abate and one is a notice violation…It is a way to let people know that the County is serious.” [Read the notice templates here–NOV (1) and NTA (1)]

“People who are in the permit process are not targets,” Ford said. However, he said, there are still code enforcement actions that are being taken to make sure that they also are not harming the environment.

Those who are receiving the letters are worried and angry, according to emails we’ve received. Ford responded to the objections. “One of the criticisms was that all the notices looked the same–that’s because all the violations looked the same,” he said. “They’re the same violations.” He particularly noted that illegal grading was a common theme across the parcels that received notices.

Ford explained the method of choosing the targets of the letter is relatively simple. He said, “We identify an area where there seem to be a number of unpermitted cultivation activities…We research to see if they are not permitted… We send a notice of violation and notice to abate and post in the Times Standard–two consecutive weekly ads.”

Public notices of Marijuana Planning Department in the TImes Standard

Legal notices of abatement in the October 7 edition of the Times Standard.


Ford said, “Our objective is not to levy huge fines. We want to bring sites that are not in compliance into compliance.” Ford said that the growers receiving the letters won’t necessarily face fines right away if they reach out to the Planning Department. “Our objective is to get them into a dialogue about how to resolve it within that 10 days,” he explained.

When an illegal grower who has received the letter contacts the Planning Department, Ford said, “We would ask are you willing to bring the site into compliance. We would look to set up a meeting to bring the site into compliance…. We want to offer the opportunity to give a time frame to bring the site into compliance…[However,] illegal activity needs to stop immediately.”

The object, Ford said, is not for the county to collect fines but rather to mitigate the environmental damage. “My primary hope is that we get sites into compliance,” he explained. “There will be costs associated with it. There will be fines and penalties, too, but the fines and penalties aren’t the prime objectives.”

The illegal growers that have received the letters have begun responding, Ford said in a series of interviews. “Every single person we sent the first batch of letters to has responded and met with county staff and are working towards a resolution….Some of them would like to get in the permit process but that really is not an option.” The permit process is currently closed to new applications. That might change but, Ford warned, it might not.

“A lot of the folks [getting the letters] have large amounts of grading and greenhouses that are constructed,” Ford said. “If we happen to find them [before they clean up their grows], they will be cited.”

He added that though there are a large number of illegal grows, County is increasing staff. “There are a lot of people who think the County is being way too lenient with the cannabis community,” he pointed out. “A lot of people complaining there is no enforcement. I think in the coming days, weeks, month that this will look very different.”

Ford pointed out that the County is expecting push back on their environmental report. “We’re likely to get challenged on the EIR for lack of enforcement,” he said. He then warned, “We expect enforcement will continue to ramp up. We don’t expect to be stopping for the winter.”

He had advice for illegal growers who had not yet received their notices. “Start mitigating before they are found,” he said. “Right now that is the only solution. That is the hard truth.”




  • I hope the Honeydew bridge jumps got all this s*** in order

    • Damned reeefer nazis…. that guy who crashed into cal fire… hilarious bc he charged THEM 10k-day…lol

    • The CHUMP has been mysteriously absent since “Harvest Season began for someone supposedly Anti Cannabis this seems a bit peculiar to me!!!!

      • Nah….

        Been busy reporting these people and laughing as papers are taped to gates.

        We’re going to win this one and children will have a great place to grow up in once again.

        The days of marijuana terror groups is ending.

        They will be crushed under $10,000 a day fines and arrested carrying large amounts of weed they can’t sell.

        The Marijuana Caliphate is being taken apart and put on the run.

        A weed free Triangle is the coming future, embrace it or leave!

        We don’t want weed growers and Neo-Hippies here, never did, not ever going to.

    • Today's ag has law on his side to

      Remember the county is making money off a schedule one .Build a nice account for the Feds to seize .you all remember the moratorium that held the legal industry back for five years this was enacted by the humboldt county supervisors over one threatening letter sent to eureka city council .will history repeat itself ?All have signed away legal recourse against humboldt county.,beware of the laws protect your llc. Or c corps earnings and assets.


      When you talk to police chiefs, consistently they say much of the addiction starts with marijuana,” Sessions said. “It’s not a harmless drug.”

      POSTED: 01/07/12, 12:01 AM PST |
      “”Lovelace said he tried to impress upon Haag that local governments dictate what is agreeable to the community and what is appropriate safe access to medical marijuana, which is legal in California.

      “We’ve gone through that process, which has been ignored by the federal government,” Lovelace said

      U.S. attorneys caused a stir last year when they sent stern letters to cities across the state — including Eureka — warning that elected and public officials could face legal action for enacting and enforcing medical marijuana ordinances. Eureka received its letter in August warning that its ordinance — which allowed for the permitting of four medical marijuana dispensaries — ran afoul of federal law.

      The letter — written by Haag — said the department was concerned about Eureka’s “creation of a licensing scheme that permits large-scale industrial marijuana cultivation, processing and distribution.” The letter went on to warn that if Eureka were to proceed with licensing dispensaries under the ordinance, the U.S. Attorney’s Office would consider taking action, including pursuing injunctions, fines, criminal prosecutions and forfeitures.

      Eureka has since declared a moratorium on the permitting of dispensaries.

      Humboldt County has not received a letter from Haag nor had an official meeting with her, but the county also passed a moratorium on dispensary permitting due to federal pressures and a shifting legal landscape in the state.

    • Are you talking about Honeydew Farms?
      Aren’t they the biggest permitted grow in the county?

  • these department heads should remind themselves why Richard Hendry moved to Florida. and please try to limit the amount of settlements I have to partially pay for.

    • Yes this has lawsuit written all over it

      • As Bohn would put it, if your not at the table, your on the menu. Got to love our county supervisor.. Wonder if Trevor has his cards in order with a little help from dad. Talk about inside trading

  • The new landscape for outlaws

  • Lundbar Hillbilly

    Greedy government. They will kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

    • Yes, but the abatement letters are not greedy. The greed comes from all the taxes and permit and consultant fees.

      • Time for a new( perspective )… the county is the greedy one? Man that is rich…it’s not the unlicensed growers that throw a grow together,tap and totally drain all the water out of a creek that kills everything living in it and makes game look for another water source…your right through it is time to fine the fuck out of ANYONE not in compliance, and anyone doing the blackmarket should go to prison for ten to twenty years.

        • Dude move to Iowa and bitch about corn traitor

        • Not only the county, the state as well. $10 an oz on flowers and just below that for trim. What other crop gets taxed like that? Yes, greed from the county and state!

        • totally what steve said

        • re steve: you seem like a reasonable person instead of like so many of these greedy selfish entitled arrogant a-holes

        • Mmm what of the waterboards that sell and ship massive amounts of water south , to fuel massive gmo crops , thats were the water ends up. What of the massive damage caused by cattle farms ? Or the timber companies that have money to just pay fones if they are caught ? In todays world canibis is highly tested by buyers and sellers to ensure clean and safe products. Some of the older ways that were causing damage ie eagle 20 forbid avid have all but disapeared from todays world as no one want it in or on their product. The fact that it shows up in test results for 5 and sometimes more generations os enough to kick it from the stores alone. As for skipping out on taxes i can tell you that growers spend more in sales tax fuel tax property tax then most none grower, all of which support this county far more then income tax , which they also end up paying since most have companies they run their money through. The true greedy ones are the ones that think that growers can afford so much in taxes that it can afford to pay for decades of neglect in local tax monies to keep the average nom grower from needing to pay their fair share.

        • ^^works for the county I bet.

        • Don’t forget all of the roads they tear up with their dirt, lumber and plant deliveries to these big grows. Oh yes and the taxes they pay for property, if they own it, fuel and whatever else does not come close to what most people have paid over their lifetime. Are they actually from California or are they and their vehicles imported?

          • Today’s illegal growers are the children of the yuppie boomers. They are to blame. Their parent forced California to kill the fishing and timber industries through overregulation and taxes. Now, the tables have turned.

            Now all of the fish farms are gone. Nobody is responsible for mitigating silted creeks and streams. Nobody is planting trees. California not only destroyed two thriving, self-sufficient industries with renewable resources, they’ve doomed future generations by robbing them of food, timber, clean water, and jobs.

            Karma’s a funny thing.

  • Perhaps if the permitting process didn’t cost 350K when pounds are 5-900 dollars, if you can sell them in a flooded market, more growers would be compliant.

  • Is this the same John Ford that was selling fake Cannabis insurance all over town? Scam the public, get elected to public office? Someone enlighten me.

  • tired of all this

    And yet, they wait til everything of significance is already in the barn.

  • We hear this shit every year . All bark no bite . Remember 4 years ago when Downey said he was calling the feds and grower beware ? Yeah , jack nor shit happened. The marijuana industry is already ruined . They should’ve done this ten years ago when weed was still 3200 a pound .

  • Basically only the wealthy and large outfits can come into compliance, as the terms of compliance are onerous to the extreme. They want the landowner to fix messes that were created by and permitted back in the day by logging companies and the negligence of the county by not having a road grading ordinance in place for decades. Watch out, that huge dollar daily fine can be used for any code violation on anybody!!! Talk to your supervisors and get this remedied.

    • like anchor bolting you “Costco” carport to your driveway. HC Code Enforcement wanted 12K for that in 2005 on Myrtle Ave.

      • amimissingsomething

        My neighbor offered to sell me a poece of his property which would have created to lots with the same measurements. Well, I called the County to see about a lot line adjustment. The woman quickly told me it would cost about 8,000.00 plus some other fees?? to do it. So the piece of property offered to me was 5,000.00 and the County wanted 10,000.00 for me to do it correctly.. Our government is insane. They do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Our County government is a R.I.C.O. enterprize and the DOJ could file charges against them if they weren’t in on it with the County. Government has gotten to big. We the People are being run over at the feed troughs by government employees rushing up to the troughs to get their pig feed. The pension system is a broken mess. (nobody with a regular job gets their monthly salary (along with medical dental vision and other perks) given to them when they retire yet that is what our government is doing right now) Did I mention the program is bankrupt and nobody not even our great grandkids can pay for it. Something has to change and I for one am in favor of cutting back our government by 50% starting Jan. 2018. This doesn’t mean we start by cutting the services being delivered to the retired and disabled which is the first thing they do when they mention our budget. It means cutting back on all regulations written after 2001. Taking all of them and putting them in the dumper. These people like John Ford have never done an honest days work in their lives. They have no concept of working a 40 hour week and being paid less than 40.00 per hour for sitting at a desk filling out forms and sending them on to someone else to look over the form and then makong another form and sending it to someone else maybe at the state level who looks at it fills out another form and sends it to someone in the Fed. Government. This is what they do day in and day out for our benefit. We the people don’t need their help. Leave us alone and get off our backs. Stand out of the way and something might get done. Ok Rant over

        • the CSD wants me to pay 8K to hookup to their water system and then pay $150 a month. I like my well, even with the iron. I always find it amazing how these departments have their own rules, hold secret meetings, and think they won’t get sued.

        • to – used to express motion or direction
          too – also
          two – the number two

        • Sorry but I worked for the county for over 30 years and I did my job working 40 hours a week. There are people that don’t earn their pay but that can’t be said about everyone. There are some offices that could cut the amount of employees if everyone including supervisors did their jobs. County employees are not provided medical, dental or vision insurance when they retire. I was paying over $1000 a month for my husband and myself for medical and we had dental and vision for 1 year after retirement and then we are dropped and find our own coverage.

        • I have to agree on the organized crime with the addition of , under the color of authority things are done backwards. No one wants to hear accountability, let alone fix our roads , Interesting to note at one time the local lumber industry accounted for 70% by tax dollars for our road systems in Humboldt. But today rather than fix, maintain or even fix a pothole, they would rather let the road slip out so they qualify for ( emergency state funding) which monies are quickly dispersed who knows where due to transparency inadequacies. The most interesting thing is every job is almost sub-contracted out anymore, so you will see even more bid-rigging , kickbacks , etc. in this new lucrative green rush . So when u pass the neighbor that works for our gov. and you wonder ” How in the hell did they afford that newly installed pavement around there half-million dollar home that’s assessed at 70k ?” . You can thank yourself for contributing for their cause!

        • I’m baffeled as well. Not old school ancient school.

      • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

        Local O – Myself included in the Costco carport eradication program

        And then when I eradicated the “violation” I was chastised for not seeking out a demolition permit prior too it’s removal…

    • Talking to the “Stupidvisor for my area, of Bridgeville, the “Illustrious??? Ms Fennel” is like trying to pull Hen’s Teeth or to comb Frog’s hair!!!

    • Supervisors are in on the take.

      Wealthy and/or chummy with the county supervisors, as demonstrated by Rex Bohn and his network of friends who magically were the first to clear all the hurdles and are now making big money with huge grows.

    • Make some noise.

  • This is going to get real ugly!😣

  • Isn’t “legalization’ wonderful? What nobody is mentioning in public yet is that the county will also attack you now for building code violations. Seize your land and your home for penalties at $10,000/day. Congratulations, everybody! So, in summary- 1)We got medical 2) People wanted to grow enough to make a million dollars, not just live a decent, rural life 3) Those people elected Gallegos who publicly stated he would not prosecute 99 or less “medical” plants 4) People flocked here from all around the country and world to blow up scenes and make huge stacks of cash -enter “ballers” and “Greenrush” (and “Bulgarians” and “Hmong” and Charley Tripodi and Trinity Pines and etc etc) 5) There was a complete pullback of any eradication. People all exclaimed that “growers are wonderful people” and all weed was “medical and for sick people” 6) The greenrush in full swing- some people making millions of dollars by pumping directly out of rivers and creeks and bulldozing huge flats for their greenhouses. Subdivision fever into thousands of new grow pieces. All of this very apparent from the air and sattelite imagery. Everybody welcoming more and more new arrivals only interested in growing huge scenes, making large money until the thing ran out. Everybody egging each other on in a massive display of greed- even as we got hit by a historic 5 year drought and it’s dangers to our resident fish populations. Local environmental organizations like EPIC are absent or pointing away at public land grows as their members are all busy growing by now also etc etc. ….6) “Legalization” embraced. “Compliance” becomes a synonym for “freedom”? CCV-H pushes agenda of largest greed growers. 7) Permit applicants charged endless amounts of fees and taxes and monthly new requirements as the bottom drops out of market. They complain-“But we are legal! We’re the good guys” Ha Ha Ha!! Solution is….need to shut down production. Nevermind that permitted growers are supposed to only sell within CA and others are filling nationwide underground market. The county sees a new source of control and fees and penalties. 8) Smaller Mom n Pops- the original backbone- are extinguished. They never grabbed enough money to meet permit fees and requirements and so were economically excluded. Now they will face loss of their homes for their less than 100 plants…..And the greedy mega-growers? The Greenrush opportunists who came to exploit? They won! They are either your new “face of the wonderful compliant grow industry” or they are leaving with their bags full of money. Good going, everybody!! ….Yay for us!! Don’t forget- Same Team!

    • No locals? Really?

      A fucking men. Post this and respost it. Do a tick or take parade. Sick of all the self righteous children of back to the Landers who are really just country yuppies

    • Luckily my parents taught me to not put all my eggs in one basket. Not to depend on only one income. Growing up, whatever we got was a bonus to get us through a rough winter. I’ll have an easier time adjusting than the baller “kids” I grew up with. Not too cool to get a job. Wish our kids could grow up like we did in the 80s. Pretty sad and scary these days here on our island.
      (Overpopulated, dam broke, legalization)

    • tired of all this

      $10,000 a day=$4MILLION a year
      Maybe we’ll get the roads fixed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • You are so right on good for you seems like no one saw this coming but it’s the way of government. I’ve experienced this in another business that required a permit 30 yrs ago. Politicians get votes and tax money the market gets flooded and implodes and then there is less people in whatever business they actually didn’t want in the first and it’s a win win for the government. It’s so sad to see the heart and soul cut out of what used to be a righteous cottage industry and taken over by greedy heartless investors, cartels, gangs and criminal enterprises in general.

    • Make more noise.

  • Ticket the Texting Drivers

    Geez,who names their company “3 K’s”? (see article photo)

  • In the Ferndale Zone

    Remember back in the day when we the people jammed the courthouse to protest over unjust code enforcement, when the county was threatening to bulldoze our homes? I remember the protests got so big, the Planning Department had to hold their meeting in the Municipal Auditorium. And the second time, we filled the courthouse lobby and out the front door. Now, once again, they are going too far, because they’ve made it impossible for normal mom and pop growers to comply. It’s time for United Stand again. Time to jam the courthouse again and make the County get real. Will 10,000 small growers have the guts to unify and stand up the County? Or will they let the County pick ’em off one by one?

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      Please define “small”

      • Supervisors are in on the take.

        The claim that there are 10,000 large scale operations is intentional BS. The actual survey estimated 8,500 identifiable grows (by satelite, etc) with NO size discrepancies….meaning your ten plants in your backyard could very really be a part of that statistic. The 10,000 number is rounding up the 8,500 and simply bullshitting that they’re “large scale”, painting a specific picture for the public to more easily use against marijuana growers in general.

        • 10 plants don’t even show up on google earth. They’re not counting stuff that small. Facts are elusive for some, especially the self righteous.

          • there are six plants that show very clearly in downtown Garberville in someone’s back yard. the fact is that the number Scott Bauer came up with got politically factored just like the halibut count does. our new sheriff said 12,000 publicly when pushing that list of how to spend measure Z on the flyer. I would assume that the count by the group that spent the time is accurate.

            • No locals? Really?

              The sheriff also said if you just grow your 215 you have nothing to worry about

            • Must be big as a garage.

              • Heck- even 6 large plants spread apart in 200 gallon planters will be visible on Google Earth. I’ve spent lots of time on those views. I also think that the county is exaggerating to their advantage- to justify what they want to do. I agree there’s a problem w/ huge, destructive grows but we don’t need to misrepresent and throw the little guy under the bus…It would be nice to get some honesty from anybody!

          • Ten plants sure as hell does show up on Google Earth.

        • 8,500 doesn’t sound good either. And most are as big as is possible unless you are constrained by only owning land that is the size of a lot.

        • Bullshit in-bullshit out

          “Weed/no weed” on Lost Coast Outpost, was an effective crowd sourced geography experiment, that yielded the figure 3,300 PROPERTIES with grows. That rough but good estimate from 2015 would show that over 2/3’s of outdoor/greenhouse growers tried to get compliant. Some on the Planning Commission have repeated that silly “12,000” grows number over and over: Bad science.

      • Please define “screen shot.”

    • I’ll show up if asked.
      Went to all of them and it was empowering.

    • Roads guys..that 4 hour detour psycho john had to take to get to his boat is just the beginning. A mountain will slide.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    99 plants or less has minimal impact on the environment, much like a large vegetable garden. Thousands of plants of any crop will occupy space and take water and fertilizers. Wow, who knew? Any nutes or pesticides registered for corn or tomatoes are fine. Outdoor plants require few if any pesticides. Organic crops have their own specific rules.

    Oh, I get it. This is just a mental shotgun blast at Gallegos and not necessarily real. Gallegos gets no credit for taking on a rip-off conglomerate (MAXXAM) or actually implementing p215 rather than obstructing.

    • Everyone & their dog are trying to pin the whole Cannabis Cluster F*ck on him!!! Hindsight is NOT always 20/20!!!

    • His “stand” against Maxxam was a waste of money and time because he LOST. He never had a chance of winning- he just did it like an idiot to placate part of his voter base. 99 plants- grown huge in 200 gallon pots are a massive use of water in the later part of summer. His public statements allowing 99 plants prosecution-free opened the doors because many people said- “hey then, let’s try more than 99 and see what happens!” And then he never prosecuted any of those larger ones either!! It invited the greenrush explosion because no other county anywhere in the country allowed anything like that to happen. People called up all their cousins and friends and told them to get the heck over to Humboldt- Let’s all make a bundle of money!! I was here, been here since the 70’s, and I saw it unfold and explode. Gallegos was a very stupid man. But he wasn’t the only one. Just the District Attorney who should have known better.

      • If it is so easy to prosecute growers, then why hasn’t the current DA been doin it? Smarty pants? One issue I have noticed is … The bigger the grow to be permitted, the less likely the applicant lives, or has kids in schools in the area.
        the largest grows go to a public hearing. Who wants to stand up and oppose these 3 million $/year grows in public? Maybe I could wear a ski mask… The biggest ones are the shadiest with the most at stake. And I’m a grower getting permitted, just at about 10% of the size of some of these.

    • I wonder how much Gallegos mad on Pot!

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Notice to harvest and run, more like… I find myself liking the Humboldt County 11th hour Pot Control system more and more…

  • “People who are in the permit process are not targets,” Ford said.” Ford is going to learn that they will have to target any property in Humboldt County that exhibits any one of the violations on the NOV template when a complaint is received or witnessed by staff. junked cars, rednecks beware. or this department will be sued. we are literally going to see a repeat of very recent history. this is now no different than doing anything else that is regulated without a permit.

  • So before any of you that dont like pot get happy,, maybe take a deeper look at really bad moves by really bad men.

    Too bad this isnt about keeping law and order -at all. The pennies taken in by a government already having plans to take everything that could put you/families ahead financially. Big gov has been furious at states rights and has been sending agents up to collect phenotypes from nurseries/breeders. Their plans are to do as much as possible to stop all of you from being able to successfully grow.
    Common dust landing on your plants during flower is enough for them to come through and destroy an entire seasons work. There are trace elements of molds/mildew in the dust.
    They wont tell you that everything in the grocery store testing the same would be taken off the shelves if it was cannabis. Your grocery store apples, oranges, and veggies all have more chemicals, molds and everything on them thats responsible for these fines on cannabis growers.
    Why? I know why? How long is it going to take for all of you to realize whats going on.
    How many micro brews have been bought by budweiser?
    How much will big money pay to get away with genetically altering Gods/Earths natural creation?
    Will they be getting fined or just you?

    The plan is easy: Fine you until there is no more farm to fine. Then send some gov worker to buy all of your equipment at pennies on the dollar. Throw your lifes work in a landfill and melt down your lights/ballasts with a smile on their faces.
    Then if you try to go back to the 215 life,, you will be watched. You now belong to them. It wont ever be the same.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    What is the County going to do if they actually do seize a whole hillside?
    Donate to NatParks? Build a homeless Work Camp? Sell to Marlboro?

    Or is this just to wreck someone’s credit until they claim bankruptcy.

    • the first thing they will have to do is remedy all of the violations they cited under 3rd party oversight, receive clearance from that 3rd party oversight agency and then pay any liens on the title before they can sell it. otherwise they will be liable. I don’t think anyone has thought this through.

    • Confiscation results in the sale of property for peanuts. Then it is subdivided and sold at enormous profit to the high-roller who bought it whole and to the real estate interests who peddle the pieces.
      The folks “In The Ferndale Zone” (posted above) remember well the recurring and devastating fines levied against do-it-yourselfers of United Stand. But, sadly, I no longer believe the text-book tactics that United Stand used to defend our homes back then are viable today. I say that with sorrow, for it was the only time I ever witnessed our government actually working as taught in High School Civics.
      The differences between this fight and the fight we fought to save our homes are myriad, but boil down to money. We were perceived as poor and humble. The economic forces of local governments’ persecution of our homes were clearly apparent, and the social bigotry was equally evident. Folks in most walks of life could relate to our peril. And as the under-dogs, we changed the laws and won in the courts.
      Today, the Cannabis Industry has none of those characteristics. Isolated instances of actual mom&pop growers are far and few between. There is a shortage of soul, but no shortage of monster trucks driven by wild-eyed pups who can barely see over their steering wheels.
      History is about to repeat itself, but I wouldn’t bet on the outcome this time.

      • Thanks for the sobering perspective! And thanks for standing up at that time. We had similar struggles in Mendocino County- code wars and spray ordinances and then CAMP and we were a solid community back then. Not so much now!

  • Humboldt County wants to be the biggest drug kingpin


    Thank You Kim, once again, for reporting on some Very Important and Pertinent News. This county NEEDS to be on NOTICE! AND WE NEED TO UNITE AS A COMMUNITY TO STAND UP FOR OURSELVES! This Abatement Order is just one more step in a string of events that are meant to WIPE out the Small Growers in this County. First was the Lobbing Effort by CCVH to make the BOS think that Massive Farms were the ONLY economical way to grow forward. Then the BOS approved an ordinance allowing Massive “Existing” Farms as well as “NEW” Out of Towner Operations to be the first to get permitted under this guise of “regulation”. Next the BOS Finally Approved the, 18 years in the making, General Plan Update that turned many AG parcels into Residential Parcels, making long established “Existing” Farms IMMEDIATELY NON COMPLIANT. And NOW thru this Notice of Violation and Abatement Order we ALL can Lose our Properties based on Very Small Violations that cumulatively can add up to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. The $90,000 CAP is PER VIOLATION, not for all the VIOLATIONS together. The COUNTY doesn’t even need to serve you with these N.O.V. in person. Placing a letter at the FIRST locked gate the county encounter is sufficient to say “you’ve been served.” Now the COUNTY is working on re-amending their Ordinance adding in some major road condition requirements that will make it all but impossible to bring any “existing” operation into compliance. FOLLOW TO MONEY PEOPLE! I believe this whole chain of events warrants some major investigative reporting….Who really is controlling the Humboldt Cannabis Market? What economic interests do the BOS, PLANNING STAFF, and PLANNING COMMISSION really have in Humboldt’s Cannabis FUTURE? Are there CONFLICTS of Interest at PLAY that constitute TREASON? Are the “FEDS” threatening our COUNTY Gov. if they don’t drop the hammer on the “black Market”? What is going to be the Economic Impact of displacing the vast majority of our Community? ETC….TOO MANY QUESTIONS, NOT ENOUGH ANSWERS. Please KIM HELP! Lets get to the bottom of this….

    • No, it isn’t meant to “wipe out the small growers”. How many small growers are there anyway? I haven’t heard of any small grows that are clean, get in any trouble.

      • Danger Ahead! Beware!

        By NOT allowing for a reasonable “legal” path forward, they ARE essentially regulating the “small growers” out of the market. And by allowing mega farms to skirt the EIR process this county has fastracked the economic collapse that will doom us all. The disposable income in this county has just been eblitterated.

    • tired of all this

      Kym. It ain’t that cryptic.

  • Lots of folks are going to lose their shirts in the coming year or two. There simply isn’t any good reason to grow cannabis in rural Humboldt County except prohibition and the war on drugs, and lots of good reasons not to. State legalization largely undermines the need to conceal grows in back-country, although I’m sure some will argue that federal prohibition might keep cultivation small scale and under wraps for a while longer. But California is already overproducing cannabis by an order of magnitude. Prices are plummeting at the same time compliance with state and local regulations is becoming expensive. I predict lots of land auctions on the courthouse steps in the near future.

    • And a lot of greenhouses, etc on Craigslist.

      • in Washington they allow 3 acres of legal weed per timber parcel. They sell lbs for $500… Humboldt started the weed thing. Sad to see it regulated into the shitter

        • You can give our local government a perfectly good road, pay them taxes to maintain it and itll go to hell. I don’t see why it would be any different with anything else

    • The trimmers are not dealing with the new reality very well.
      You get paid less as prices drop but the bright side is there are more pounds to trim.

      • No more trimmers. Rosin processors. Hopefully fewer workers needed.

        • Consolidating to smallest volume possible was always a good strategy.
          See apple cider, dried fruit, wine,even whiskey.
          Hash was probably invented to fit on camel caravans.
          Nitrogen packing to prevent O2 depredation might be an advantage.

    • Your vision would make many a clean, sober and healthy environment community very happy. The bad actors have ruined it for everyone, as usual.

  • The underlying thread here is the extirpation of a group of people who have found a way to be independent of banks, the “8:00 to 5:00” working for a corporation etc. Government in this country on all levels is an oligarchy masquerading behind the thinnest veil of democracy, justice and fairness. It`s been a government of the poor, by the rich and for the rich. No oligarchy is going to tolerate a significant population being sufficiently independent to have leisure time. This can foster thought, reflection, people gathering together for a common purpose outside of government. The permit process is aimed squarely at eliminating Joe and Susie grower; those who could grow 50 plants or so, be independent and lead a modest, comfortable lifestyle. This has nothing to do with environmental issues. If there were concern about the environment, where were the regulations when the logging companies were stripping out the timber. Where are they for the hundreds of square miles of vineyards?

    I believe the driving out of small growers is part of an additional agenda which is the land is going to be bought up by wealthy individuals. We`re going to see the gentrification of this part of CA as most present land owners are driven out by a combination of destruction of their means of livelihood and inflation of real estate prices.

    • Get em on the treadmill and make a rat race out of it.

    • Regulation is what killed the logger and the fisherman.

      • Exactly and the extortion fees and fines

      • Yeah what a shame that regulations determined the harvest practices of the logging industry! WTF Maybe you’d like unregulated harvesting of timber next to your stream, or your steep hillside. Maybe the roads can wash out when they’re done harvesting and a landslide can envelop your homestead.

        • Going, going, gone

          We would have loved seeing responsible logging voluntarily done. We would love to see responsible voluntary growing as well.
          It is the bad practices that get eyeballed and force draconian regulation.

    • Very well said!! We are seeing a move back to feudal times where there were basically two classes, the rich and the poor. The rich were called lords and the poor, peasants.

    • The gentrification of Eureka will take a Santa Rosa type firestorm. It’s one of the few places I drive through that I roll up my windows and lock the doors of my car for real.

    • “No oligarchy is going to tolerate a significant population being sufficiently independent to have leisure time. This can foster thought, reflection, people gathering together for a common purpose outside of government.” And pray tell the amazing, world changing movements that began with all these enlightened people with lesiure time gathering together? Bred some good weed, built a place for yourselves to party and a radio station to play your favorite tunes, supported restaurants so you could eat there, places to buy art for yourself, etc…all without jobs or a tax bill. It’s all been very hedonistic and self indulgent, which is fine, but let’s be real about it. It was a good run, quit the whining everyone.

  • Buhbye eureka natrl

    Watch the local small and large businesses -unrelated to growing- suffer and fail . The same ppl whining about leniency likely benefit directly or indirectly from the disposable income generated by formerly unrestrained farmers. And the newly formed “legal” operations will be bleeding red for sometime … maybe indefinitely because the impacts of Salinas and Sacramento valleys, Monterey etc gro ops on those pursuing the oppressive and costly compliance parameters in Humboldt are yet to be known.

    • Right, there would be no people in Humboldt without the greenery… that’s the point…anti-human agenda

      • There’s HSU and CR. Every year there’s new people. Maybe they’ll decide to stay when the greed rush is over. More than half of that pot cash was spent on coke and out of town on vacations anyways. Humboldt will survive. You think a place as unique as here isn’t bound for better days!? Redwoods, ocean, Victorians and great locals, we can find another way. Every time I talk to a German tourist here they just gush about how lucky we are to have the treasures we have. Maybe we’ll realize it and stop letting greedy brats take our nature. And don’t complain that loggers were worse. Even if that’s true it does not justify the wrongs you’ve done.

  • Glad to see this. Note to illegal industrialist neighbors: pay up, shut up, or give it up!
    Confiscate them all!

    • Looking forward to a mass exodus. Buh Bye, go exploit somewhere else. Take your grow-dozers, greenhouses, loads of soil, fertilizer, work crews and clippers and GTFO. So sick of the greed and bullshit and ruining it for the low key small grower.

  • This is why I voted no,I knew with no rules,no plans at all that we’d be in this battle. They came up with a way to make money off all the growers! Our friends were offered 800.lb.omg.but a month ago it was 1700. Way to many people who “rushed” here to get rich quick screwed EVERYBODY. I know folks who have being growing since the 70’s are now done😣

    • Yeah, it was fun then. Then a high of 4k per in the nineties, good old days. It’s a pain in the ass now, everyone is so fucking talented these days.

  • PotPuffingPeterPan

    You will have to take the watering wand out of my cold dead hands!

  • Dude we live on Humboldt time.
    I would need at least sixty days.

  • Jeff Conner, the code inspector, said notices will be personally served. The county jumped the gun on their legislation. The ordinance is not written in a manner that serves the typical grower. The complaint system is 100% faulted bc anyone can complain about any property. Whether it affects them or not. The permitting system is too expensive and promotes illegal grows bc of high cost. They system needs to be reviewed and revised to reflect the actual growing community. And if the alarmists on both sides would stop meddling and getting everyone upset maybe something productive would happen. Right now it’s he Wild West vs North Korea.

  • I believe that this whole thing is cut and dried (no pun ). Grow your 6 plants in the back yard if you want or if you want to play farmer Joe and make $$ on your crop follow the regulations just like all the other industries. Do you think that loggers, dairy farmers,contractors, small business’s don’t have to pay permit fees every time they turn around? Quit your whining, all you drug dealers have been making bank for a long time.

    • Do they get taxed per gallon or tree as well? Do they get taxed again per sf that the cows occupy or the sf of timber occupies? Do they get a bill to file for water rights every year? Do they have the same road standards? You already know the answer

      • I’m guessing you don’t know much about the regulations and taxes to legitimate farmers.

        • Do beet farmers pay a sf tax? Do they pay a tax based on the weight of beets harvested? Do they pay a water board fee, specific to growing beets? Do they file a discharge plan and fee? Are beet framers required to have class 4 roads? Are beet farmers required to do a cultural survey? Please, enlighten me.

          • beets go for few $/lb

          • Dobeet farmers bulldoze hilltops? Do beet farmers require law enforcement, because of the violent lowlifes who want to rip off beets? Do beet farmers stab and shoot each other, over beets? Do beet farmers divert creeks? Shoot bears? Poison fishers? Enlighten your own self righteous, whiny snowflake ass. Don’t like the regs? Move to beet country.

            • yes farmers with crops divert water

            • Yeah all farmers have pests and deal with them in brutal ways. Just a few hours south of us; have you ever seen a deer in Sonoma or Napa county? Or a deer fence? Hmmm I wonder why 🤔 because they were all killed off YEARS ago. Bears too.
              Do you think all the prime agricultural lands in California were naturally tree – less and totally flat? No, they were cleared and flattened with bulldozers.
              There were wars fought over bat guano sources in the 1800’s. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking marijuana or beets or sugarcane; humans have always torn up the land to make money.

              Truthy you need to get some perspective.

              • You’re claiming there is no deer or bear in Sonoma or Napa Counties ????
                Bwahahaha hahahahahaha

                • Well I didn’t mean there are *none* but I hope you can see my point. There are very few in the agricultural areas, I know that for sure. There are certainly a few in the mountains. But they have mostly all been killed off long ago for agriculture.. talk to any old timer down there they’ll tell you.

              • Emily, you need to get out more. Get off 101, anywhere rural in NorCal, you’ll find deer.
                I have perspective, from living in SoHum for nearly forty years. If you think this land hasn’t been trashed by big growers in that time, then you are obviously one of them.
                So fucking sick of enablers for the mega growers who are destroying this paradise. Fuck you and all your greedy cronies.
                If Sonoma and Napa have killed all the wildlife, then move there!
                Get the fuck out of my neighborhood.

                • Go to loco if you want to be negative. This is where we have discussions. I’m not in favor of killing off wildlife in any way. I make my life here and don’t plan on going anywhere, I’m not selling out like a lot of people. I’m actually looking forward to when a lot of people leave!

            • Your comments give me a good laugh. In case you didn’t know, this is beet country.

      • fuckwalterwhite.com

        Do the other industries have local crime headlines multiple times daily?

      • As a matter of fact, yes they do. There is timber tax to pay. Gas tax, property tax. Tax on their income. Employers tax. yeah its time for everyone to pay up. Let’s see Timber Harvest Plans that were once $1500 are,well when I got out of the logging business in the 90’s, went up to $10,000.

        To hell if the tax payers don’t have to pay for environmental damage! Gee maybe you should become a tax payer then you will know what the hell you are talking about.

      • Farmers are getting fines and regulation all over the country. Here is a raspberry farmer getting big fines over water use. http://www.capitalpress.com/Washington/20171026/raspberry-farmer-agrees-to-pay-80k-for-illegal-watering

    • You might want to stick to giving advice about something you know….like catching crawdads down at the creek Festus.

    they complaining about being fined now
    guess the county paper pushers want more money to waste otherwise they should have been turned over to law enforcement to be raided and thrown in jail and face the courts instead of just a fine

    • And nebraska corn farmers should be fined for growing corn? You anti pot nazis should relocate to Oklahoma… no matter what you lost

      • corn growers , farmers , have to play by the rules also
        get business license and pay taxes like all farmers do with their LEGAL crops grown LEGALLY. why shouldnt pot growers face the same legal regulations on being compliant .

        • My point is that Humco is selling out all of the citizens HARD in favor of a bunch of corporate SCAB growers who are the former greed growers… everyone else (the GOOD ones) are done…

          It’s a schedule one… that means ALL OF THE MONEY IN COUNTY is dirty, including yours, unless you are a trust fund baby.

          It’s not legal, so stop county CARTEL behavior — local control to a bunch of dope dealing supes?

        • Not the same regulations and taxing structure. Very different. A plant is a plant

      • Fuck people who think the word “Nazi” is an insult to be tossed at anyone they disagree with. It doesn’t have a damned thing to do with pot. [edit]

  • >”… maybe indefinitely because the impacts of Salinas and Sacramento valleys, Monterey etc gro ops on those pursuing the oppressive and costly compliance parameters in Humboldt are yet to be known.”

    A few farms in the Central Valley can grow dope for the entire… er… nation.
    Good water, rich soil, good climate. Back woods dope farms will go broke.

    >”Watch the local small and large businesses -unrelated to growing- suffer and fail .”

    Same thing as the end of the gold rush… and logging rush… and the er… ‘sheeping’ rush.
    Fertilizer business, greenhouses, plumbing supplies, and then the ‘other’ businesses that
    rely on back-woods dope farms.

    In the gold rush at the right time, you could make a lot of money, finally, at the end… nothing.

    • Dazeys supply made millions , Costco will take a hit. Electrictic and carpentry. Going to he a crazy ride. Snow ball effect.. could be devastating for the county.

    • Something to consider: I have friends who have for many years panned gold in the summer and lived well the rest of the year…and educated their kids, too. Living happy doesn’t require much.

  • Watch, not one Bulgarian grow will be served. I can hear the bulldozer running right fucking now, clearing more flats for greenhouses. The sheriff is on the take, the planning commission is on the take, the BOS is on the take. Mr [edit] owns this county now. How much did you get paid by the russian mob?

    • The notices are printed up in the Public Notices section in the Times Standard and on their website. I saw many Russian/Bulgarian sounding names, mostly in Panther Gap area. The Russian/Bulgarian mafia that operates here is going to have to move on and exploit something somewhere else. I seriously doubt they all will be putting in for a permit at this point.

    • Yes they are picking on medium/small scale grows just to get fines. There is no path towards permits they are just collecting fines. Kind of like getting pulled over by the federales

  • They should be fined. And, if they don’t pay, confiscate. My industrialist neighbors’ illegal grows are filling the creek with silt. THREE trips in and out, with heavy equipment, not trailered, THIS WEEK. pay up, or give up, greedy, selfish anoles.

  • It’s all Trumps fault for granting privileges to corporations.

  • Where my C.H.U.M.P. at?

  • You won’t find a blog like this anywhere else.

  • Wanna play gotta pay!
    And correct on the trimmers having a hard transition. Have seen many folks from far flung places reeling at the lack of work and lack of wages. In the past when it was.time to go home…the glorious stories of fun and frolic while being.paid handsomely enticed many.
    Now the stories remain but the wages have plummeted. The travelers find 50 dollar a pound offers which if they are a newbie it can take all day to trim one. So wages in that scenario would be around $5 hr.
    Dissipated dreams.
    Organic farmer certifications, Licenses and taxes around 10% of gross income. So million dollar grow the fees sound reasonable. Good luck everyone!

  • So, starting in about December they’re really going to crack down on all the illegal grows they find. Great.

  • MadhousepsychoGrowOp

    Holes are dug! Come on down! Bring your lunches, i will eat them up!

  • A lot of stupid people thought it was a good idea to legalize,now the government is going to run most of the growers out of business because they can’t afford all these fees and compliance must do’s.The next thing that happens is after you spend all this money there is no guarantee that you can sell anything so you go out of business.Then big business takes over because they have the clout to set up like Walmart or how about the tobacco company’s.By the way corporate America runs the government that makes the laws that fuck us.You think you are living in a free country,guess again!

  • Scrolled thru comments and Emily is nowhere to be found…hahahaha

    • What’s your point saucey? Sometimes I’m busy. If you want my opinion, the county is trying to get it’s cut. No problem, it’s the way it works round here. 3rd world politics at its best.

      • Just saying your always posting comments about how fucked everyone going thru permit process is…guess we’ll all be broke together now

        • Haha yeah that’s true.. I still think getting fined a few tens of thousands (which is what they end up being- I’ve talked to these guys) is a lot less than people pay getting their permits? Yeah the black market is facing headwinds. But the legal market more so.

          • And it’s about time. Too easy for too long around here. It brings in the weak kneed green rushers who shit a brick every time the helicopter flys over!

  • The Rod Deal song
    HELLICOPTERS is due for a re release!!!

  • Feds out of Humboldt County..

    • burnoneinside notoutside

      Comply or die. We started this we will finish it. As soon as lawers do discovery on how many and who and why violators cant come into compliance. Got them “Compliance Blues”
      This info needs to become public info instead of confidenality agrements. They play in the dark and will spend ten million dollars to sue one subdivider.
      We need to be out spoken about how code enforcement reports are subjective and limited in evadence. Solid waste can be described as anything my pile of firewood applies.

      Rember the process of requiring people to agree to drop the 5th and admit crimes than your able to apply. Is that why so many did not apply. They are attacking everyone not just growers. Or why applications are incompleate. Has any one sued to limit what they can ask or require.

      If you put it inside what ever it is an old car? put a building around it now it dont exist as a violation.

      We have a housing crisis for midle income people in the state not just low income people and sonoma will head north to raise rents and take more housing off the market.

      Ps. Butane does not evaporate up into the air, it sinks so dont do it inside.

      Friends dont let friends do butane dont buy into it.

  • 10 days gives NO time to do anything!! Some of us only get our mail once a week!! There is no way to do this in that amount of time and they know it!! that is why the fines — its about money that’s the bottom line otherwise they would allow more time to set up a meet then comply within 30 days

    • Those in the permit process don’t have to worry. At this point, it appears that merely reaching out and attempting to meet with the Planning Department is good enough. Also, many of the letters are also being posted on gates.

      • No Kym, they are levying steep fines in addition to making people permit all buildings and get grading permits retroactively. Even when people contact them in the time period, and comply with what they want. It’s usually about 40k in fines from what I’ve heard from these guys who are getting the letters.
        They are being pressured into signing compliance contracts with the county with no legal recourse. I’m sure a lawsuit against the county will be coming soon.

        • Listen to Emily, good people. The worst of it is that so far they are not allowing the growers they fine apply for permits next year. So, they are not trying to get them into the system, they are trying to get them out of the system. People will resume growing where you can’t see it from the air, do you think?

          • At this point, they can’t legally allow them, right, Ed? I thought that there were no new permits allowed.

            • I think his point is that they are systematically getting rid of the competition for corporations. If this holds then it is a shut down- not a negotiation. The BOS may not even be completely aware of what they are doing. They may just be shortsighted and manipulated by very big money. They have never seemed to think things through completely, but seem to go which ever way the wind (money) goes.

              • Enough with the BOS conspiracy crap. They’re not working to undermine you for big bad corporations. If the industry leaves it’s because we are not in the best climate for production. It’s here because it was hidden in the hills, not because of the climate or usable infrastructure. Everything in ag is the same, you grow it in the appropriate climate then ship it elsewhere; much cheaper. It’s why people in the Midwest buy CA produce in the winter instead of heating greenhouses. It’s the industry standard, and this will be no different. Legal rec weed is a completely new industry, so of course there will be hiccups at the planning department. It’s always been partly about who you know in this world, so of course some people who are connected to the supes or other govt employees will get permits, maybe sooner than those not connected, but they still have to be in compliance and follow the laws. Let me remind you there are over 135,000 residents in this county and according to this 8,500 grows on their radar. Maybe, just maybe, they’re more concerned with the pressure the majority of their voters are putting on them to get the garbage out of the hills. You chose to be in a black market, you chose to build unpermitted and not even up to code homes even though those codes are public record, you chose to be in an illegal industry making tons of cash and not pay taxes while your neighbors got fed up while working hard at a legal job and paying their taxes (and they will continue to vote Yes on mj taxes because this went on for decades and that’s a long time to be frustrated), you chose to spend money on what pleases you while our schools, roads, and medical care has crumbled (imagine if growers gave as much to the local elderly as they did to Maui just last year). These were your choices. This is long overdue. There’s endless talk on here about how the black market has more appealing margins, about the unfair competition that results to those trying to follow the new law, human trafficking, and sooooo much talk about how dangerous it is with the mafia/Bulgs/Russian etc…so should we send code inspectors or LEOs to confront these seemingly dangerous people one by one? They have Google Earth to take that risk off of them a bit, they should use it. Hopefully violent and mafia connected criminals will get these notices and leave and we can avoid the bloodbath that would result from the inevitable alternative, neighbors turning on neighbors. This seems like a great solution to all these complaints. Do you think pirates cried about how they were just mom and pop pirates when they got caught? So many years of puffed up chests acting like outlaws. Guess what? That’s what happens to outlaws! Regardless of how messed up the process is or whether you saved enough money to comply with it, this was all your decision. You’re responsible for it and the resulting repercussions. You bad ass outlaws are sure sound pathetic when the hammer comes down.

                • TLTR and no paragraghs, lol. They’ll be doing the same elsewhere eventually. That’s just what they do. Same old. Cut out competition. Not just with pot either.

                  What’s your problem? Did you invest in marijuana stocks?

              • Reminds me of a line from outlaw josey wales…

                First the silver ran out then the whiskey ran out… then the people ran out….

                That’s the agenda 21 scam playbook

            • No new cultivation permits are being issued. Y’all can thank the HUMMAP lawsuit for that. If, and when the new CCLUO (Ordinance 2.0) is approved (and if it is not litigated by FOER), then there may be a path forward for existing growers to get compliant, and cultivate legally. Until then the only pathway forward is to stop and remediate, or face significant fines.

        • Rumors have wings

          The wording of the letters suggests the 10k/day per infraction starts ticking if land owner doesn’t notify planning within 10days.

          So that mandatory $30k-40k number that’s being tossed about doesn’t sound logical.

          • After you contact them, they come out and fine you 10k (exactly) for each infraction. A grey water pipe going onto the ground is an illegal septic (10k fine) a little dirt pushed around to make a flat (anything for than 50 yards) is illegal grading (10k fine), unpermitted building; 10k fine. So after the visit you get a compliance agreement, you have two days to come in and sign it, or the 10k / day fines begin. You have an option to request a hearing, but I heard from my friend who had this happen, that the guy in charge said that if you request a hearing, it would be considered a middle finger to the planning dept and they could make things worse for you. Basically people are being allowed to harvest and trim as long as the fines are paid promptly.
            It smells like extortion, and complicity as long as you pay up. The fines being exactly 10k for every infraction probably won’t hold up legally, if they are challenged.
            I think most people are happy to pay up and keep harvesting for now though… pretty good racket Humboldt !

            • Im all for the outlaw lifestyle, but it is a game. Why do people start crying when the game gets a bit real and they get caught and asked to be held accountable? I don’t get the stick the middle finger to the man, but when the man comes knocking, people start crying how unfair the system is. You win some, you lose some. You make 6-7 figures one year and then pay fines the next. Big fucking deal. Its all an average. You talk about people “shitting bricks” when helicopters fly and then cry about enforcement. Put your big girl panties on and join the party

              • Like I said before I think it’s pretty clever. Just prob not legal.. and definitely third worldy.. but that’s where we live right!? Another part that I don’t like is how it is pitting the ‘legal’ neighbors against the unpermitted neighbors. That is problematic for neighborhoods.
                I think even with this happening the people who signed up for permits are ending up paying a helluva lot more and getting more shafted in the end. We’ll see in ten years time.

                • It might not take 10 years to see the fallout of this new era of legalization. I haven’t heard of or dealt with any problems with neighbors pertaining to being legal or not.

                • Emily, you and I are closer to being on the same team, then not. I just don’t get when outlaws cry about enforcement. That’s all. I hate when people bitch about getting busted. What the fuck do people think is going to happen. It’s not a one way street. Ebb and flow, up and down, win some, lose some.

        • According to John Ford at the meeting I attended they give the person the chance to talk with them and come into compliance before they levy any fines. If the people do nothing they will eventually lose the property but how many own the property free and clear. The county is not just choosing certain properties to cite, they are using a map with all of the grows and the ones that are compliant have a dot and the ones without dots are considered non compliant and are posted. They actually try to contact the owners but are usually unable to personally serve them because of locked gates.

          • If only 100 permits have been issued means there is on excess of 2000 in the works – which is a tedious and costly venture that many already have confessed that they have “applied” but have no intention of following thru.

            So technically barely 1% are actually “compliant.”

            Like another person said, these abatement demands will be challenged legally because the standard is not applied equally across the board.

          • Nope that’s not true. People are getting fined and then they also have to do the retroactive permitting. But not allowed to get cultivation permits bc those aren’t available at the moment.

            • Sifting the smalls out

              What’s not true?? 1%compliance? 2000 in process many of who are bluffing to deflect the radar?

              U sound little bit know it all-y

              These letters have only begun going out, we shall see how it sorts out once folks lawyer up.

              • I wasn’t replying to you so relax. I was replying to the commenter above who said Dave Ford is not fining people who come forward and speak with him after they receive letters. That is not true.

            • No cannabis permit is available right now

  • You little shit you’re in it now
    I hope they throw away the key
    You should have talked to me more often
    Than you did, but no
    You had to go
    Your own way, have you broken any
    Homes up lately?
    Just five minutes, Worm your honor
    Him and me, alone

  • Our mountains were never prime agricultural land. Historically, sheep and cattle were tried, but went bust here.
    Because these mountains cannot support large-scale livestock operations.
    We ”hippies” came to Humboldt in the 70’s, in order to own a piece of affordable land, and raise our kids in the country.
    We purchased our 40 acres from Bob Mckee, who had subdivided a former (and failed) sheep ranch.
    In the process, we grew a few plants here and there under incredibly restrained, and paranoid circumstances.
    These little grows had absolutely no impact on the environment.
    Our creeks cascaded, and our springs burbled as best they could, given the damage done to the mountains by the decades of rapacious logging/clearcutting that had just recently ceased.

    Over time, a culture of marijuana cultivation (excellence) was established here in Humboldt that drew the attention of the outside world.
    Because of our geographic isolation–”Behind the redwood curtain”– the culture flourished.
    No one ever—in those days– ”WENT BIG”, and terraformed the mountaintops and stream beds.
    That came later…

    So, only because of affordable land prices, geographical isolation, and a uniquely developed special expertise (a culture of cultivation, unique to this area), did quality weed become synonymous with Humboldt County .But it was historically grown, as I said, in a restrained manner that did not impact the watersheds.
    These mountains do not have the carrying capacity for large scale commercial agricultural operations.
    Therefore, I feel strongly that these mega grows should not be permitted, because there are much better places to grow acres and acres of industrial scale agricultural production.

    Coasting on the cachet of ”Humboldt Grown” does not make for incredible weed…
    The pioneers own that part.
    Go elsewhere.

  • So As i understand it, the county has begun the abatement process on all these illegal grows levying fines of 10k bucks a day until any violations are put into compliance. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the growers refuse to pay these fines, a tax lien will be issued on the property meaning the county will not receive their fees until after the property changes hands and is sold to another prospective buyer. So if the growers refuse to pay the fines and refuse to sell their land the county gets nothing (for now), right?
    Sounds like a loophole for the commercial grower to continue growing and pumping out bulk, albeit their properties would lose almost their entire value in the meantime as the owner continues to absorb the 10k per day fine. Sounds kinda foolish that somebody would choose this avenue of “firing back” against the county but this is humboldt and many folks around here are only blessed with tiny brains capable of extremely dumb and financially impulsive behavior.

    My neighbors in cutten were served multiple county code enforcement violations for maintaining a junk yard, not disposing human waste properly, etc. (public record shows a residence located on 6100 block of walnut drive for those interested). They ignored all of the county’s threats and were eventually greeted by new life service company who cleaned the entire property for them at the temporary cost of the county. A lien was put on my neighbors property for over 20k(also public record) for the clean up efforts.

    Fast forward 6 months and the trashy strewn junkyard was already back in full force and you guessed it, my neighbors are still there and haven’t paid a dime of their fines and never intend to. They don’t seem to give a shit about the lien and will probably live there until they die. Only then when the estate title changes hands will the county collect on the lien. Now who’s the real winner here?

    • I think it’s similar to a tax levy, where after a certain amount of time the property is forfeited and put up to auction.

      • And if they declare the property a public nuisance or health hazard, the county can move through the process to auction it for taxes sooner. Many of the counties are using online auction sites such as Bid4assets to sell tax defaulted properties now.

  • So,

    Read everyone’s comments…

    Anyone know if the county is using Public or Private Nuisance Law for the abatement?

    • Public. And a public nuisance is anything the Supervisors say is a public nuisance. It’s one of the most dangerous legal concepts of government because it gives them the power to ruin you and seize your land and you have very little recourse – being busted by the Sheriff is much better than Abatement.

  • This will never happen on so many levels. We have not been, as far as I know, offered a definition of “non-compliance.” Since they have stated that there will be no more grow permits issued then that cannot be the standard. So is it old logging roads that were there when we bought our land 35 years ago? Or our old trucks sitting by the house. This county is going to inspect every parcel and tell us what to do to be “compliant?” Not going to happen. These Regs are going to be locked in court so long…I’ll be dead before they apologize.

    Oh! Maybe they want to make sure our rural houses are identical to the cookie cutter houses in the more populated areas? 🤗 Define non-compliant please.

    • I believe they mean not in the permit process and having grown marijuana this year.

      • That will be a difficult case if they only have photos of plants being grown on a property. Many people lease or rent their land and don’t care what is done there. Governent can most likely demand that it not get worse or continue, but ten days to do what?
        Planning Department was speaking in the present tense-encouraging people to get in compliance before they were served. The statement from Ford is “we want to get people into compliance that are not in compliance.” Then he went on to say that no more permits would be issued. Being permitted or in the permit process is their definition of compliance. So what is he referring to?
        Definition of compliance please.

        • This is B.S… they are looking for fines and that is all. It is a shakedown. How can they say they are getting people into compliance? It’s all about the money. If they can put a notice on someone’s gate and end up with 40k in the general fund, well they will keep doing that til they get a lawsuit. It’s a pretty smart and efficient way to shut people down, to be honest. Not that I’m in favor of it:)

          • Emily I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your knowledgeable comments. Thank you.

          • In compliance with all the laws all the rest of us follow. If things in the past like logging roads weren’t “permitted” it’s because that wasn’t part of the law then. You comply with the laws present at the time you build. When I do grading or construction, production and selling of a product, I get permitted and follow codes! If you or your friends didn’t, that was your decision to break the law. Period.

          • Going, going, gone

            8,500 × $10,000= $8.5MILLION A DAY

        • Lands that were graded without permits, streams diverted etc.

          • Much land around here was graded w/o a permit. Old logging roads, landings, old gyppo mill sites. How about that “grading” that CalFire does when they are clearing firebreaks or setting up water drops in a wildfire? I’ve seen many greenhouses and grows utilize these kind of “unpermitted graded flats”. But since the county makes it a CIVIL violation instead of a CRIMINAL violation they don’t have to prove your graded flat is new. The burden of proof is on the accused. Guilty until proven innocent (at great expense!) This goes against everything that is fair. It is government overreach and confiscation of peoples’ homes. I guess we will now see if people still have the guts to stand up and fight a corrupt government.

            • I might buy this argument but what I’m seeing is some growers mowing down hillsides of trees, bringing in multiple water tankers a day, and not covering their greenhouses–there doesn’t seem to be the kind of enforcement against these folks that you are describing and they seem like pretty low hanging fruit.

              • Ok. But those trees and hillsides are their trees and hillsides. Demanding that they live monastical lives of ordinance imposed poverty is a civil rights issue. Just cause you live on a rural parcel doesn’t make you a slave… they are picking winners and losers aka fascist.

                Get the trespass cartelians maybe but not a 1 acre when the law allows 3 acre conversions 2 be exempt from the Nazi party… …the new mom and pop.. yes nazis were technically socialists… taking your civil rights 4 nature is a theme… save the public lands, don’t bother land OWNERS

                • If you mow down the hills and your soil slides into the creek flowing through my property, kills the fish that my family used to feed itself with, then isn’t it my business?

                • Again, mum, no one is talking about the eel or redwoods (which are still being legally mowed down)… that should be different… plus too close to bohemian grove exit 66%…and all…aka Nazi hq

              • Eating squaw fish apparently

                Mighty wild scenario here “kills the fish that my family used to feed itself with, ” srrsly .

                • Really? You don’t know of any creeks that are experiencing silting and drying up directly related to people grading and mistreating their land? If that’s happening, then either the fish are as a result dying or they can’t heal from earlier issues and fish can’t come back. In either case, the grower is harming the environment and his neighbor.

                • Eating spaghetti and meatballs from town more likely

                  Silting is one (alleged) thing (likely most damage done by extreme logging decades ago , but ok.) And the low water flows are also well documented. But taking food out of your mouth and those of your children is another issue entirely! Please cite one instance where an individual is relying on the (for the most part non-existent) fish out of the salmon creek, miller creek, Blue Slide, Eel, China Creek or the Mattole so his/her family can use them to “feed itself. ”
                  It just sounds so dramatic. And to me statements like that highlight the pitting of neighbor against neighbor, “policing” others for any flimsy or perceived slight or “infraction,” that is becoming more and more commonplace in our formerly aligned community.

              • I must reconsider myself. I have done some additional grading on top of what was an old logging landing. I made it really (what I thought) big and stuck a big 20×100 greenhouse there. I probably moved 20-30 yards of material. So yes- 50 yards is a reasonable cutoff. I’ve seen people just carve 100s of yards out of slopes to put up their greedhouses. Of course now they are getting permitted and so they win, I guess that’s what we voted for. They are using the $$$ they made pumping out of a blue-line creek during the historic drought to be “legal” and “compliant”- a luxury neither I nor any of my long-term neighbors can afford. How Trump-like! Ha ha, right?

  • Fed up with this County's BS

    I really wish that everyone knew how corrupt it really is. First off the County’s 2016 budget is completely off kilter reporting that only a minimal amount of funds actually came in through the Department. Unless of course the funds are hiding somewhere they shouldn’t be. Now it is quite curious that the County wants to levy astronomical fines against real property so then they can auction the levies and force people to sell out. Some of these properties don’t even hold a real market value in comparison to the fines that can be accrued. And what’s in a name after all? Is it so coincidental that the same name John Ford has come to run a different kind of scam on the people of Humboldt? How did he get that job after all? He supposedly left Monterey Planning to come to lil ol’ Humboldt, but why? I am not buying the I fell in love with a woman story and I fell in love with Humboldt long ago. Utter bologna. I am so disgusted with this County and the people that represented this as a rainbows and unicorns program only to change the tone on everyone midstream. Thankfully for me I haven’t ever been one to be swooned by rainbows and unicorns. I don’t trust one single person working for this program because they are all hiding doodoo behind their teeth. They all know what is going on and letting it happen. To top it all off trusting people who have admittedly embezzled money from former employers to give them a word of advice and clearly have a very sefish agenda for the future of Humboldt County. Like all things the bubble will burst and it just takes one person to pop it. Right here right now. I call bullshit on this whole game. These poor people going through this process are scared shitless and rightfully so. There is no relief for the poor folks that have burdened this process for over a year now, some over several years. It is all about who you know and how annoying they are willing to be for you. There are good people here from here or not or have the best interests of the community in mind and are tired of the corruption taking place. It is disgustingly evident that if you aren’t in the know you won’t get anywhere. All I have to say is if you are naive enough to believe the shit you have been spoonfed than likely you should not be an elected or appointed official working for the best interest of this County and the people who have built it this far and continue to maintain it.

    • |He supposedly left Monterey Planning

      That tells us a lot.

    • “These poor people going through this process are scared shitless and rightfully so. There is no relief for the poor folks that have burdened this process for over a year now, some over several years.” Lol what a joke. Oh, those poor millionaires, I’m just so sad for them to have to finally live in reality and deal with the government and their pesky codes and laws. It’s really tragic.

  • Fight fire with fire

    Check out this article on black market grows. Even after close to 3 years of legalization in Oregon.


    I guess this a precursor for what’s to come here. All for nothing. A nice life here changed overnight.
    This imposing threat of fines is going to bring growers to their lowest levels of hate imaginable. From mom and pops to the elite. I foresee many new crimes and fires popping up, just for vengeance. Don’t these people know who they’re dealing with? Growers can hire a hundred tweakers to reak havoc on this place. Half the county will just short sale their properties. Humboldts’ dust.

  • Back in the day we weren’t lazy,we trimmed our own shit.why be lazy,save money do it yourself. Then you don’t lose any money,pretty simple. And I hated the trimming machine it took off all the cyrstle’s,BOOO

    • With you there on the trim machine
      G-MAS. Know so many folks sitting on trim machined 2016, and now 2017. Turned all brown and the crystals are gone. Lay it on the table with a hand trimmed pound the machine processed never sells. Makes great compost though!

    • tired of all this

      And we dug our holes by hand, with shovels. Sort of self limiting….

  • Corrupt to the core

  • Colonel Ludlow: Screw’m! Screw’m all! Screw the gov’m’nt!
    -legends of the fall

    • All time BEST family entertainment movie made! One to watch whenever I’m feeling out-numbered. Could be now… Thanks for the reminder.

  • Where to begin. Many of the comments point fingers, because that’s fashionable these days. Blame the county. Blame the sheriff. Blame Prop. 64. It diverts attention away from the core issues … and yet those core issues remain.

    1. Too many growers. Check that … way, way, way too many growers on parcels large and small. Not all of them inhabit good farmland. Not all of them have water rights or good environmental practices. A lot of folks have engaged in “recreational bulldozing” and damaged streams and water crossings. This is a real problem, and it needs to be addressed. Starting right now.

    2. Laws are changing. Too many growers want to live in denial, or shake their fists at the unfairness of this or that law. That debate is so 2015, and I’ll be honest: I didn’t see a whole lot of growers engaging in that debate. The Legislature passed the MMRSA in 2015. Voters approved Prop. 64 in 2016. This year has seen a flurry of state and local activity as new regulations and ordinances are passed. Growers who express surprise and dismay at enforcement either haven’t been paying attention or are living in denial. The carrot is state licensing of commercial cannabis activity. The stick is increased enforcement, not just this year but in all the years to come, funded in part by cannabis tax revenues. Deal with it.

    3. What to do. Those who sought the first county permits were wise to do so. For those who are just now seeing the light, lobbying for another registration window might be in order. Whether the Board of Supervisors would entertain such a request would hinge on whether they think growers are actually interested in state licensing. Some of the people cited had county permits, apparently, but it’s one thing to pull a permit and quite another to keep it. This will be true at the county permitting level, and it most definitely will be true at the state licensing level. Pulling a permit is not a one-and-done event, after which growers can go back to their old bad habits. It’s a lifestyle change, an opportunity to do better, and a red flag warning to the old guard stuck in their old ways. Time to stand up or stand down.

  • The county gov’t is going to accomplish what CAMP could not, eliminating pot from Humboldt county. Instead of trying to help and keep a potential industry here they are doing everything they can to ruin it and send it to areas that are looking for business.
    Also just wait till our free trade agreement allows the import of cannabis products from foreign countries.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of business!

  • So….this will mean that it’s time to blow up scenes on other peoples’ property again? Gardens on logging land are looking good and profitable again! How about that big ranch- pop a couple hundred on there just under the edge of the treeline? Yes. The price is going up and you know it’s the right time to get back to the roots- guerilla style if you have the gusto!

  • I wonder how many growers are going to transition to making meth and other serious drugs? Not Joe and Susie on their 10 acres who`ve made a modest but comfortable living; put their children through college. It will be the big – time growers who are purely businessmen. It seems it will be ideal — remote areas where small drug factories can be well concealed.

    Not to worry, they`ll most likely be excellent neighbors. Their interest is in making the product, moving it out and not attracting attention. Approached nicely, they may even contribute to road maintenance. Please don`t get any ideas about ripping them off, though. These boys shoot real bullets and they have back hoes.

  • Going, going, gone

    This feels confiscatory to me. Sort of a sideways asset forfeiture scheme.
    $10,000 a day is $4 MILLION a year. Think about it. If 400 people get the letter, it is $4 MILLION A DAY to the county. Aren’t there supposedly 2000 people or more out of compliance, and not in the permit pipeline?
    2000 x 10,000 is 20 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY

  • 222 + 1 comments. Nice!

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    The Times-Standard notices pictured are Oct 7th. It’s been over 10 days. Any update on the grows listed in the article photo?
    Did “3 K’s” pay-up or get seized yet?

    • Sweet. Back to deisal grows in camo buildings again. Adapt n change. Adapt n change

    • Everyone in the original notices, according to Ford–at least to the best of my memory, began speaking to the Planning Department and were not facing fines as of two weeks ago as they were entering into a plan to fix up their property.

      • They still got fines, Kym I know for sure, I saw the paperwork. They went in the next day, did everything they were supposed to, and still got fined to the tune of between 30-40 k, as well as having to dismantle grow structures and permit buildings and skeptics, with no path toward getting a permit. 10k exactly per violation, and a contract to fix the problems. That is if you play ball with them and contact them in the ten day window. That is how it’s being handled. I’m not saying it’s fair or unfair, but those are the facts.

  • Stole the words out of my mouth. Anyone got a 300k whisperwatt for sale?

  • The only way to stop the black market is to make the Cannabis on the legal market cheaper than what is available on the black market. Alcohol prohibition and relegalization proved this. All this action will do is increase illegal guerilla outdoor and indoor cultivation. Enforcement cannot stop the black market, the drug war is a perfect example. The County must give the growers a second opportunity to get permitted. Many growers didn’t apply because of their past experience with being lied to by our government. Most of us have had our medical paperwork ignored and our crops destroyed in the past. We have a lot of battle scars on us and the County must understand this fact. Don’t they realize that they are going to destroy our taxbase and bankrupt the County if they run off 2/3 of the population? This is very short sighted on their part, not to mention, potentially catastrophic.

  • The fun has only just begun. Wait until the non-growers find fines in their mailboxes for interfering with the (modern interpretations) commerce laws. The cards are stacked against ya, better get back in bed. Or… or understand the original intent of the constitution and fight for it. It’s your call, of course.

  • Just wait until some injuried trimmer files for worker’s comp that you haven’t got. Or unemployment, SDI , FICA for employees. Or back pay and benefits under the Fair Labor Act. Or IRS or the Franchise Board comes along for back taxes or because you didn’t file your quarterly report or 1099s. Commercial truck license? Business property tax?

    Or when your accountant tries to manipulate the law by declaring everyone an independent contractor and someone finds it to their disadvantage so sues. Hello lawyer’s fees. Can you say ADA, that money mill for attorneys.

    Welcome to the real world. You haven’t scratched the surface of what real businessmen deal with.

  • This year after a reputable sohum business taxed us we received 730$ a lb for clean product. God knows how much all the middle man made. I’ve been in the industry since I was 17. This was the worst year I have ever seen. I mostly blame it on locals but more of the problems come from out of Towners. Fuck all the middle man. Cali you sure fucked up on this one.

  • Make it $30,000 per day….

    You all think you are major entrepreneurs…..so pay up. this is how businesses stay compliant. Rules.

  • Gunssavelives.com

    Not a single,cent collected on this fine so far, its just a reminder to start thinking about compliance. Seasons over.everythings out of the ground, come on up if you want to take a gander. At your own risk of course.

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