Man Crashes Car Into the FBI and the Cal Fire Buildings in Fortuna

Workers already are attempting to repair the doors

Workers already are attempting to repair the doors on the Preston Building which was damaged this morning.
[Photo by Eric Stockwell]

In what appears to be a deliberate act, Eric Naumann, age 41, drove his Honda SUV into two government buildings in Fortuna early this morning. According to Sgt Jason Kadle of the Fortuna Police Department, “We got the first call about 4:49 a.m.”

Kadle said that Naumann “did some damage to the Cal Fire building” and then crashed his SUV into the front doors of the Preston building which contains a branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.) Naumann was not intoxicated nor did he attempt to leave the scene, according to Kadle.

Naumann was arrested and charged with Felony Vandalism due to the amount damage that the buildings incurred.

Repair truck in front of the Preston building in Fortuna

Repair truck in front of the Preston building in Fortuna this morning.
[Photo by
Christina Gallagher]

  • Laytonville Rock


  • uh oh. sounds like a case of domestic terrorism.

    • The “T” word sure gets thrown around allot, maybe he was just pissed off about his parcel tax?

      • if you act like a terrorist over a $130 tax then you are a mentally ill terrorist. it seems we need to do what Mendo is doing a put a mental health tax on the ballot, or better yet just take Measure Z away from the Sheriff, we got lied to anyway on that one.

        • No offense, but I really think you should look up the definition of terrorist before you continue to use words that you don’t know the meaning of.

          • Cabin in the woods

            Agreed. What was the political gain of this heinous crime.

            Unfortunately in our society, people often make up definitions to fit the words they like to use.

        • I watched the selling of Measure Z and the listened to the “safety” sales pitch, then I watched the Board of Supervisors go down the list of Measure Z applicants and check with Sheriff Downey on each one. It was so curious that our civilian panel would feel compelled to do that, after law enforcement utilized civilians to pitch the sale to the public. Estelle Fennel, in particular, was expecting a law enforcement on-site patrol at Fortuna High, had apparently promised the parents, and the Sheriff shot it down because, he said, “I don’t think it’s necessary.” Sheriff Downey home schooled his kids because, he told me, “You got to.” He certainly felt he needed to home school his kids, but was not sensitive to the safety needs of public school kids and their parents. I watched Supervisor Fennell’s face fall when Sheriff Downey nixed the safety measure her constituency voted for. I think it’s wrong for our public officials to show fealty to law enforcement. Their jobs exist to protect the people, not the other way around.

      • Maybe he got busted and is pissed cuz he dumped so much into the year and the feds/cal fire helped cut his plants down… lol

    • Could have been a domestic-something-else. Love triangle? Girls like firemen!

  • That’ll show those meanies at Cal Fire a thing or two.

  • “Mama always said stupid is as stupid does”

  • The perp is just Another common product of the sub-haggard humboldt county public school system who is obviously lacking a critical portion of his brain that other area transplants were gifted with during their formal adolescence. Glad I didn’t grow up here and therefore wasn’t subjected to “humboldt under developmental common sense syndrome”.

    • the perp is a school Principal. there has to be a story to this one. not intoxicated at 4am? he must have been emotionally intoxicated.

    • Sorry but the whole country’s education system is absurdly “haggard” speaking down to others as a whole because they were raised here and thinking you are better then them is testament to that.

      • Jack buddy, it’s “better than him”, not “better then him”.
        Thanks for helping prove my point about the mentally Ungifted humboldt dumb folk. It’s Just an observation and hardly a generalization unfortunately. Like I said before, I’m glad not to be a product of the humboldt county public school system. It really brings out the oafishness so commonly noted in this county.

        • Apparently you can’t read “buddy” I said them not him, really only proves my point, I usually don’t bother correcting spellcheck on my phone. (However I do agree we have way too many idiots)

        • We humboldt oafs are glad you weren’t raised here as well . You see , we have kindness and compassion . We wouldn’t like to be associated with your ilk . From now on you can forgo the pathetic and might I say useless rant about you not being a product of humboldt . You have obviously only been privy to the last 15 years or less . The majority of people that were here prior are very well educated and had to be to make it here . Your assumption that any of the local issues dealing with crime or general stupidity have anything to do with being a product of the humboldt educational system is narrow sighted and misguided . The problems started when know it alls like yourself found it time to get away from the hell you were raised in and spread it as you fled . Please go back

        • William nicholson

          I’m glad not to be …[edit]

    • Yep, It seems there were quite a few students that didn’t get a big enough helping of common sense and brains when they were in the cafeteria line. Should have left the helpings of alcohol and hard drugs alone.

  • What I find interesting……we have FBI offices in Fortuna. I LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS. I feel safer.

  • I got ten bucks that’s says cal fire turned in this dudes grow to the FBI. Or at least that’s what the guy thinks

  • Yikes!!Glad he didn’t go in with guns blazing!

  • Concerned citizen

    A lot of crazy people out and about in Fortuna these days. Yesterday, I watched a silver car trying to wreck a black car on the freeway, the silver car kept throwing things out of their window at the black one, until the black car finally drove on the SIDE of the freeway to get away. Last I saw, the silver car followed the black car down an off ramp. Watched it happen for what seemed like forever. How often does stuff like that happen, and we don’t hear about it?? Also saw some guy seemed high off his mind try to jump in front of a moving truck not long after that over by Safeway

    • Yes Fortuna is getting pretty whacky it used to be better than going to Eureka(less prone to have someone jump in front of you) while driving. Now they stare at you and just walk like they had a crosswalk or something… LOL

  • Were other government agencies in the area advised of this incident? If so, were they advised to take any extra precautions?

  • [edit]

  • How sneaky…The FBI hiding out in the Preston building!!!

  • Thats me working on it ☺

    • Thats cool! Been here 23 yrs, knew FBI was there, never went in the building while Humboldt Beacon was printed.

  • Make America Great Again….


  • We should immediately look into the legality of bumpers ! There was an obvious malicious use of a vehicle here but the front bumper is what enabled it to do the damage it did . Without bumpers we could see less people willing to use their cars as weapons
    Remember it’s not the person behind the wheel , it’s the instrument they use that you should fear

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