Whoooo Is Going to Be at the Art Installation in Rio Dell?

Horned Owl [Photo by Dan McCauley]

Horned Owl [Photo provided by Dan McCauley]

On October 24 at 3 p.m.,  Dan McCauley, metal artist, will be installing a giant horned owl taking flight from a burned out tree sculpture in the center divide of Rio Dell’s main street. McCauley, has plans to install three more sculptures soon–a mountain lion pouncing, a bull elk, and a grizzly bear standing in running water with salmon. These metal statues will be displayed on the main street.

“This will be an ongoing evolving art display in the city of Rio Dell, McCauley explained. “They are for purchase. If someone wants to buy a sculpture, I have a little grace period to replace it.” But, he said, “if they aren’t sold one year from the date of installation, they will be replaced with a new sculpture that will stay for another year. Essentially for five years, there will be new sculptures” in Rio Dell.

McCauley’s sculptures are all created from found objects. “Little bits and pieces from here, there, and everywhere,” he explained. “Things that mimic the shapes that I am trying to create—artwork made with simplicity.”

“I’m going to be installing [the owl] about 3 p.m., McCauley said.  The Chamber of Commerence is going to be doing a ribbon cutting event at the same time.

[Photo provided by Dan McCauley]

“The project, called Sculptures on the Avenue, is meant to highlight the strong arts community and to create interest for visitors driving through the area,” said a press release from the City of Rio Dell’s Chamber/Sculpture Committee. “The remaining works will be installed in weeks to come, each depicting themes of the area… The project was undertaken by a committee comprised of community people and city staff, with representation by the Eagle Prairie Arts District, among others.”

More of Dan McCauley’s work can be seen at danscustommetals.com or at @Dan McCauley/ and https://m.facebook.com/daniel.mccauley.923?ref=bookmarks.



  • Dan donated a screech owl sculpture to the KEET televised auction next month! If you win, you’ll have the satisfaction of owning a one-of-a-kind sculpture and supporting local public television. Yay!

  • Dan’s work requires a bit more than a casual glance. Staring at one of his pieces, I found myself pondering; is that an old rusty bottle opener the guy welded on there?! Love art that makes you think. Thanks Dan

    • Take a big fat toke 5 times in a row and hold it in just about till you pass out, get all high as hell than it will all come together and make sensi

  • Wow just what Rio needs, a 5 year plan of shit found on the river bar welded together and put on main street. Only in Rio. At least the tweakers wont steal it i guess…….

    • Wow! Such positivity!

      Proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

      Well Dan, I say good for you and I look forward to seeing them in person.

  • What a wonderful idea. Thank you Chamber. I love the art I see in Rio Dell. I can’t wait to see Dan’s. Please continue with your positive ideas for our area. You certainly have the community’s support.

  • Go Dan! Nice job pal!

  • I’d like those art pieces by Dan in Fortuna as well. Then we can get rid of the pathetic poles agenda being pushed by a token few

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