[UPDATE 7:20 a.m.] Hwy 36 Impacted by Early Morning Structure Fire

About 4 a.m., Cal Fire responded to a fully involved structure fire at approximately mile marker 7 on Hwy 36 near the intersection with Wilder Road.

The fire is impacting Hwy 36. According to scanner traffic from emergency personnel at scene, “Traffic will be intermittent…” However, traffic is being allowed through in a controlled manner. Prepare for some delays.

Carlotta Fire and Cal Fire responded.

UPDATE 7:20 a.m.: The structure was the old Carlotta market.

fire behind fire engines

[Photo by Pandora Boling]



  • I remember that being open.

  • Don’t mind my inappropriate name, fire is no laughing matter.

  • Wow what a bummer it was,a eye sore somebody burned it im sure .

  • I think its the old store before the firehouse going up 36 .it’s been along time since it was last open it closed before Martin and Shirley store closed

  • It use to be called “JUDYS”

  • I believe this was what used to be Judy’s market way back in the day. Not exactly close to Wilder though

  • Judy’s Market across form Carlotta Fire Dept just before you get in to the tree’s. It has been residential for a long time now. Fortuna fire came out as well. Flames towered over the trees. If this had happened before the rain a few days ago it would taken alot of Carlotta. A woman driving up and down the road honking her horn woke me for this so I want to thank her for potentially saving alot of lives.

  • A great local market when the Maxwell’s and then when Tony and Judy owned it. Current owner hasn’t been around for maybe 8 mo. to a year. Haven’t seen the owners around for 8 mo. to a year; so hope they had nothing they wanted left inside.

    • It was a crazy thing to wake up to this morning! My sister messaged me the news. My parents had Maxwells Market for 4 yrs. Some of the greatest memories of my life came from the store and Carlotta. It just won’t be the same

  • Thank you Lars I was trying to remember what it was called for the life of me I remember now Judy’s Market thank you.

  • My Grandparents bought gas there! We used to get our junk food there when we went swimming 😣

  • Me too they had VHS movies different selection from Martin and Shirley s those were good old days now not so much .

  • I remember it when reopened in 1973? as Country Cousin Market

  • amimissingsomething

    It was the original Murrish Market owned and run by Harold Murrish and wife Lizzey. Then it was called Arnolds, then Judy’s, and then open and closed several times by different people who couldn’t make a go of it. When Harrold was running the store he would get you anything you needed and never ripped you off on the cost. Used to play poker with Harrold on Friday nights back in the day/ He would give you the shirt off his back no questions asked. RIP Harold

    • Amen! Man,ol,man. The good old days.Back when everywhere in HUMBOLDT was paradise 🌄

    • Good history Amims. You forgot when Jim Maxwell & family owned it in the 80’s before Tony and Judy bought it. Probably after Arnolds. Never re-opened and totally went to he_ _ after Tony sold it. That lady’s horn honking woke me up along with others. A great idea to get attention. Kudos to them.

    • The Robbins’ owned it before it was Murrish Market.

  • No more old buildings in old town for an arsonist to burn so he/she/it went to Carlotta. Did a trimagent live there squatting waiting for the trim call? Never saw any activity at that building. Hope all the surrounding homes/buildings were protected.

  • I moved away from Humboldt in 1987, ended up in Modoc County. Met a guy here who owned the Likely Store and Cafe south of Alturas. He said that 30 years before, he ran the Carlotta Store in Humboldt. That would be about 50 years ago now, mid-60s. He died a few years ago, but the Likely Store is still there. Does anyone remember Rob Weed? He also said he was friends with Jim Irons of the Dinsmore Store, back then, as I recall. Or maybe it was Jim Irons who told me this story when I told him I moved to Modoc County.

  • PS: I meant to type Rod Weed.

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