[UPDATE 6:03 p.m.] Active Shooter in Clearlake Oaks; Residents Asked to Shelter in Place

Emergency vehicle. Cop car light bar

Stock photo by Oliver Cory

The Lake County Sheriff issued the following statement at 11:52 a.m.:

Everyone near the Clearlake Oaks Post Office should shelter in place. There has been a shooting in the area.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is alerting residents to a dangerous situation.

A shooting has occurred in the vicintity of the Clearlake Oaks Post Office.

Stay indoors and out of sight until further notice

UPDATE 12:08 p.m.: The Post Office is on the north side of Hwy 20. https://www.google.com/maps/place/13280+State+Hwy+20,+Clearlake+Oaks,+CA+95423/@39.0215507,-122.6657376,15.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80838dafe2367bdf:0xd8e97fef98260aa2!8m2!3d39.0266019!4d-122.6618094

UPDATE 12:15 p.m.: The suspect is in custody and a patient has been “turned over to medic…”, according to scanner traffic but there are two wildland fires in the area that firefighters have been not allowed to fight because of the shooting incident. Now they are being released to fight the two seperate incidents that are an acre apart.
UPDATE 12:42 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, a woman, reportedly the girlfriend of the shooter, walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound.
UPDATE 1 p.m.:
Lake County News is reporting that there are two fatalities, according to that County’s Sheriff.
UPDATE 1:34 p.m.: The shelter in place order has been lifted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE 6:03 p.m.: Lake County News has more on the story…https://www.lakeconews.com/index.php/news/52819-sheriff-releases-new-details-on-fatal-clearlake-oaks-shooting-spree



  • Lake county, great…

  • Upper Lake is very nice but the rest of Hwy 20 is the Methampetimine Highway.

    • Are you sure about that? UL has been full of druggies and alkies for generations upon generation!

    • Buckingham is great, but Clear Lake in general is retired poor people, and tweakers and slackers who are scamming another day, somehow… Kinda like Humboldt!

  • Just what they need after the fires, a nut with a gun shooting the sh!t out of everything including people I’m sure if they are unlucky enough, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!! Sad is an understatement for this type of thing!!!

  • When I heard fire, I did not expect gun fire.

  • There was 2 fires! The fire fighters couldnt get to because of gunfire! Its nonsense!


  • Drug users should never be toleraterated, they should move along. But that shooter isn’t local; not some local tweeker; it’s probably someone more sophisticated than that with some agenda; somebody wants Californians out; somebody wants the land; land grab.

    • Conspiracy theory much???

    • Alan Ashmore, 61, of Clearlake Oaks is being held for the shooting. multiple guns used in the shooting. sounds like a local gun nut suffering from mental illness to me.

      • No…just a man. If they don’t get their way, the GF has to die…oh yeah AND her entire family!

        • What is your problem with men? Not all men are bad maybe think before you judge half of the earths population, a pos is a pos regardless of age sex or color, more than likely it will be a man who steps in and helps when a scumbag is beating on his girlfriend.

          • 99.8% of mass shootings in the US are by men. this one is on the list as a mass shooting.

            • So you judge ever man on the planet just for being male? How about addressing the issue and finding a solution rather than pointing fingers. How many men is that out of approx 160million? How many rescuers are male how many great loving fathers and mentors are there? None right because all men are evil? Wtf

              • I try every day not to be evil. most days I fail.

                • Well at least you are trying I guess, personally I don’t have that issue, hope you get the help you need, have a great rest of the day it’s beautiful outside.

            • 100% of men are caused by women.

  • 4 victims not including the shooter. this was a mass shooting. as of yesterday it was 292 for 2017. who knows how many today, at least one.

  • An acre is a measure of area, not distance.
    “Now they are being released to fight the two seperate incidents that are an acre apart.”

  • It is still October and it is therefore still National Domestic Violence Awareness month.

    Please get involved so someday we can commemorate the end to nightmare scenarios like this one.

  • Come on.
    Just because a shooting happens in lake county, some moron has to bring meth into the picture.
    We know nothing yet!
    We know nothing about the shooter except that he is 61 years old.
    Maybe he is from sonoma or mendo county. Maybe he is from out of state.
    I live in the oaks, across the street from one of the crime scenes. Its a wonderful neighborhood, great neighbors.
    Bad rap!
    Get a grip!

  • Leroy Dennings U.S.N.

    another , lazy, anti cop , welfare, liberal nut with guns ,,,lesson never give a liberal a mans gun ,,they just get to emotional .. pray for those involved,, gota give love to the police and CHP,, I saw them all putting there lives at risk today you guys are frickin hero,s ,, and one more thing , liberals they want everyone free from prisons..open border..all free shit for everyone ,,well dumb shits this is what you get in return shit just like this ..grew up in so cal watched as year after year the liberals f//ck up this state and country ….had to move out of my town wasent safe for white people anymore. yea fuck liberal ..now watch the liberals ship all the convicts. all the scum to clearlake ..oh wait they already have been for years that why clearlake is number 10 highest crime rate in the U.S. .

  • We don’t know why. Sheet, probably somebody lost their mind somehow.
    F u judgemental assh*les, spare us yr platitudes!

  • Ticket the Texting Drivers

    If the cops gave a $2 ticket to every texting driver,the cities would be rich!!

  • And the harvest season comes again

  • Clearlake Oaks is not what it used to be. There are plenty of meth heads living on my street. For those of us who don’t actually live there full time, we have to be worried about our homes being broke into or vandalized. It’s gotten to the point people are stealing my water so I have to put a lock box on it. The drug situation has escalated in that area. It’s very sad bc it used to be a nice little lake community.

    As far as the shooting, it is vey sad that one nut job had destroyed others lives. This will surely get the liberals harping about gun restrictions again. Guns don’t kill people, stupid people with guns kill people. You ban guns and the only people that will have them are the criminals. Think about it, that’s like saying cars kill people rather then the driver.

    • Deb M has my sympathy re “Clearlake Oaks is not what it used to be.” But actually NO place is “what it used to be.” Drugs, shootings, homelessness, nut jobs with and without guns …. these are not specific to any particular area. They’re everywhere. They’re in high end neighborhoods, just not as conspicuous because people with money can hide their troubles better.
      When you compare guns with cars, think about this. In order to drive a car legally, a person has to pass a couple of tests and get a license. The car has to be registered. You have to have insurance. You can be asked to show proof of your license, your registration, and your insurance by an officer of the law at any time, for any reason, or none. So why not license people to use guns, support registration of all guns, and require gun users to have insurance specific to gun use. Why not?
      I might add that while cars kill and injure more people than guns do, the vast majority of adults use cars, and use them almost every day. I hope this is not true of guns.

  • this made the Mass Shooting list. as of yesterday its 293 for the year to date. I don’t think we need to focus on a Wall. dementia is up 25% this year.
    October 23, 2017
    Clearlake Oaks
    13000 block of Anchor Village
    View Incident
    View Source

  • I’m grateful for the Concealed Carry person at the 1st gas station. Only hit the shooter’s vehicle, but I’m thinking that this defender saved lives. My daughter lives over there, and I’m thankful for this prepared and quick-thinking citizen.

  • Redhead Blackbelt is referenced and linked in this Heavy article. The shooter claims to be an Army Veteran on his facebook. it says he randomly shot at the CCW holder after he walked into the gas station with his gun in hand to get a soda. this guy is clearly mentally ill.

  • What would we do without you Kym.. thank you!

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