Meet One of the Frogs of Woodley Island

Now that rain fell over Northern California, frogs are croaking and crawling about. The National Weather Service based on Woodley Island in Eureka even tweeted the above video of a frog on a window. Has anyone else caught a good photo or video of these solemn little music makers?

(Also, if you don’t follow the Weather Service on Twitter and Facebook, you are missing out on great information about the weather, the surf, even the roads and…they have great photos.)



  • Frogs and toads belong close to people,without pets.they can eat 10,000 tiger mosquitos a month.

  • Pacific chorus frog

  • I haven’t seen the deer out there lately, come to think of it. Anybody else?

  • Is this my prince??

  • Well we sure have been hearing their very full throated croaking a few calls back and forth but have remained out of view deep in green bushes, their relays got me chanting and yodeling, ya know that’s what they do.

    It would be great to capture audio
    Last year the ponds and creeks here in Fortuna were full jam chorus in the pounding rain pumping jamming… We see little green tree frogs in the garden…

    Is it true the frogs are making babies while they are jamming in chorus in the pouring rain? How romantic!

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