Two Injured in Crash on 101 North of Laytonville

chp major injury feature

One person has major injuries and one minor injuries after a silver Toyota pickup and a Ford Escape 4-door wagon collided on Hwy 101 south of Spyrock Road north of Laytonville at approximately 9 p.m. The patient with major injuries was taken to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

The southbound lane was temporarily closed, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. Hwy 101 is open at this time.



  • I saw this accident. Looked bad!

  • I hope they’re going to be ok.sending prayers🙏

  • There is something sinister about Laytonville. Many head on crashes. Maybe it’s that people speed there because the road is straighter and the highway has a lot of cross traffic.

  • The truck was on it’s side and the escape was very smashed air bags had gone off

  • Would appreciate some survival tips since I drive down 101 often. Where should I be most careful?–what
    times of day?–smart driving strategies.

  • >”Hwy 101 south of Spyrock Road north of Laytonville”
    >”Maybe it’s that people speed there because the road is straighter and the highway has a lot of cross traffic.”

    Guessing on the er… ‘screwed-up’ section of road coming down the hill from Spyrock ridge to the creek.
    Last turn at the bottom sends people over the yellow line, with a ‘front wheel’ washout. (Understeer).
    That section of road used to have a passing lane, CT painted it out due to the er… ‘problems’.

    But, who knows. Maybe CalTrans will fix that corner… and finally take out the
    ‘upside-down-chip-truck-bridge’ corner to the north.

    Probably save some lives.

    • There have always been accidents going up rattlesnake summit as well as going down it, passing SpyRock Rd. all the way to the old Mad Creek inn. (Sandhouse) or (hole in the wall, referring to the old swimming hole area….) area. It’s not strait road it’s got alit of uneven road as well as bad area for black ice. I lived up SpyRock rd. For 22 years I used to ride school bus every day to school when I was a kid it gets pretty crazy in winter sometimes.

  • I hear the kid in the Toyota is ok. The driver was the more severely injured. Sounds like another local, repeat offender.

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