Lemonade for Dave: Faith in Humanity, Restored (Thank You, 9-Year-Old Amaya)

Press release from Nicole Dahl:

Last Sunday, friends and community members alike came out to support nine-year-old Amaya Diamond in her quest to raise enough money to purchase Ferndale automobile accident victim, Dave Menza, the costly specialized wheelchair he needs.

Amaya Diamond and Tinnley

Amaya and a her friend, Tinnyley, at the “Lemonade for Dave” stand. [all photos provided by Nicole Dahl]

When Amaya approached her mom, Sadie Nilsen, with the idea of setting up a lemonade stand to add funds to her “Dave’s Wheelchair Jar”, neither of them dreamed the response would be as overwhelmingly supportive as it has been. As word of the event, Lemonade for Dave, spread, in came multiple phone calls and emails of support. Offers of encouragement, financial contributions, and specialized equipment donations poured in from all across the country.Knowing her lemonade stand might have a few more customers than anticipated, Amaya requested her mom purchase ten bags of lemons. Before Sadie could even suggest going the Kool-Aid route, Amaya insisted she would only offer quality product. The Ferndale fourth grader spent an entire Saturdayhand-squeezing hundreds of lemons and chopping pounds of strawberries.

Making lemonade

Hannah, Amaya’s aunt, chops while Amaya squeezes lemon juice

With sore hands and a hopeful heart, Amaya woke up the next day, set up her lemonade stand in front of Humboldt Sweets on Main Street, Ferndale, and waited for the people to show up. And show up they did. Local merchants turned up with donations for an impromptu raffle and musician Paul Beatie lent his talent for the afternoon. Throughout the day, hundreds of Humboldt county residents filtered in, paying anywhere from two to two hundred dollars for a glass of lemonade.

That Sunday, the patio of Humboldt Sweets was filled with both laughter and tears, as friends and neighbors shared their favorite Dave encounters. Charismatic and always sporting a friendly smile, he has touched the lives of many in the small farm community.

Lemonade stand

Friends and family gathered to support “Lemonade for Dave”

At the end of the day, Amaya had near reached her goal, an outcome that seemed impossible to the adults in her life. Between Amaya’s limitless faith and the community’s love for Dave, you could truly feel the goodwill in the air.  In a time when our headlines are filled with conflict and violence, it was nice to see firsthand that human nature is still inherently good after all.

Weren’t able to get to Ferndale? You can pitch in by sending money to Humboldt Sweets attn Amaya at P.O. Box 404, Ferndale, CA 95536.



  • We love you Amaya!! So proud of you sweetie! ❤ you’re and inspiration to Teegan and Gemma!!

  • What a sweet thing to do!!You rock girl.your a very special young lady with a BIG HEART💖congratulations mom

  • That little girl is just darling cute you’re an inspiration to the world . Thank you for being you

  • This is the Humboldt that I remember. Love all of you for your goodwill. Hope to share and spread goodwill soon myself.

  • We need more people like Amaya.

  • Have you ever seen a cone from a 300+ foot Redwood tree? They’re not much bigger around than a dime. Small things can become awesomely huge things, given a chance. Amaya rocks, and so does kymkemp.com, for helping to give Amaya’s wish some fertile ground to take root and grow. Thanks Kym, here’s hoping you have lots more stories like this to share soon.

  • Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Thank you Amaya for showing us the Way.

  • It was a great turnout, thank you Amaya! I would also like to thank Humboldt Sweets! Amaya is an awesome person and hope others follow in her lead.

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